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How to Manage Multiple Monitors with Aero Snap

Remember back when you only had one monitor? Remember how frustrating it was to have a bunch of windows all jumbled on top of each other so you had to dig for the one you wanted? Unfortunately, that can still happen even if you have 8 monitors like I do. I’ve learned to be careful […]

How to Use Windows/File Explorer Favorites

If you’ve been creating new files on your computer for any time at all, chances are the folder you need to pull files from and save new files to while you’re working today is five or six layers down in the navigation map in Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer). Before I figured out today’s tip, every time […]

Trading Computers How To Recover A File In Your Computer’s Recycle Bin

Trading Computer Panic Lost File

Have you ever sent an email or a text with a horribly misspelled word? Or worse, your phone’s autocorrect created an embarrassing situation for you–a text sent with a completely wrong word?

A buddy of mine texted me last week. His text to me had a horrible autocorrect. I’ll admit we had a good laugh over it. But, it reminded me of that panicked feeling you get when you send a text or an important business email with an error, or delete something by accident on your trading computer.

I’ve learned to check and recheck before hitting send. A healthy amount of nervousness and pause has saved me a time or two from making a mistake.


Hidden Feature To Minimize Open Windows In One Step

stock trading focus

As a fellow trader, you, like myself, might have a tendency to deep-dive focus on whatever is in front of you at the moment. This can be equally good and bad. For me, I have to work carefully. If I put the wrong task in front of myself, I’ll end up spending too much time […]

Trading Computers How To: Customize Your Start Menu Panel

trading computer keyboard

When I log on to my trading computer, it’s always with the objective to make money – either in my daily trading or in my businesses. If you are like me, you don’t want anything to get in the way of that objective.

Usually, it’s pretty cut and dry. I’ve been trading long enough to know what works. I have a mental preparation routine, a process to keep distractions to a minimum – no watching the news, the ringer switched to off on my cell phone, and my office door closed; these are all things I do to keep my path to making profits clear.


Trading Computers How To: Change Default Time Zone

New York Clock Time

I got a text from my buddy the other day. He had a question about his computer and thought I could help.

It’s unusual for him to reach out about with computer questions –  he’s a pretty tech savvy guy.

With his permission, here is his text:

“Seriously. I’m at my wits end here man. Why are all the trades in my log stamped with the wrong time?? I’ve looked everywhere in the settings and nothing. Commodities I know. Learning day trading is rough right now. LOL. help!”

If you’re like me, and my buddy, we often overlook simple fixes in our rush to quickly solve issues and get back to work.

In the case of my buddy’s time stamp issue, adjusting his computer’s clock to eastern time solves the issue.

Maybe you have experienced this issue before in your trading software or other applications, I’ve made a short video to demonstrate this quick change.


Trading Computers How To: Increase Default Font Size

Trading Computer Eye Strain

As traders, we spend the majority of our time in front of computer screens. While this might not effect some traders, most of us feel the pain of needing to sit in front of our machines all day.  I used to walk away from my computer at the end of the trading day with a massive headache.

I realized, during the market hours when I was concentrating on my trades, I was straining to see what was on my computer screen despite having a nice monitor setup. I made several changes like adjusting the height and distance of my monitors, taking short breaks throughout the day, and adjusting the font size of my computer. Right away I noticed a difference. These few adjustments really made an impact.


How To Safely Eject USB Devices From Your Trading Computer

At EZ Trading Computers, we tell you all the time to backup your trading computer data (Most often I say it more like this – backup, backup, backup – to emphasize how crucial it is). While I am confident you are following this advice, we often get asked why sometimes those files on backup flash drives or USB hard drives become corrupted. The number one culprit is not disconnecting the device correctly from your computer. This step, seemingly small, can completely ruin your effort of backing up all together by making the files useless.

Think about it like this: Have you ever unplugged a lamp from a light socket without turning off the lamp or, in some cases, flipping the switch? If you have, you noticed that there was a small noise or spark as you pulled the plug from the socket. There was still an electricity loop happening while you attempted to disconnect the light.

This same concept happens if you disconnect a USB data storage device from your computer without telling the computer to essentially “turn off the charge to that outlet.” By telling your computer that you would like to disconnect your device, you’re telling it to stop communicating with that USB port and discontinue any temporary file storage. Once the computer stops these two actions is when it is the only safe time to remove your device. To avoid any damage to the data stored on the USB device, this step MUST be completed.