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Can an Older Trading Computer Benefit from an M.2 Drive?

Years ago, I used to discourage traders from trading on a laptop on a daily basis. They were acceptable while on the road, but just not powerful enough for everyday trading. That’s no longer the case.

Nowadays many traders are using laptops as their main trading computer. But laptops have a more compact design than desktop machines, so the components have to be smaller.

M.2 (m-dot-2) solid-state drives (SSDs) have become an essential ingredient for designing these thin laptops. M.2 SSDs have two primary benefits. Not only are they smaller in size, they offer better performance (speed) than traditional hard drives or even older SSDs.

For traders, the speed advantage of M.2 SSDs impacts key tasks such as file transfers and data compression/decompression.

These and other benefits have made them a must-have for trading desktops as well.

So does this mean it’s a good idea to upgrade your older trading computer (whether desktop or laptop) by switching to an M.2 SSD drive? When does upgrading to an M.2 make sense?

Well, that depends.


Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading


Portability vs. Ability Many traders turn to laptop trading computers in order to have a reliable machine that you can trade on whether you are in your home office or in a remote location. This multi-function approach raises a couple fair questions; -Is portability or ability your main priority in a laptop? -Can you have […]

5 Trading Computer Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Have you ever mistaken a myth for the truth? We all have. For example, everyone thinks bulls hate the color red. That’s a myth. Bulls are color blind. It’s impossible for them to hate red since they can’t see it. Another myth you may have heard is the Stock Market is only for rich people. If you believe that to be the truth, you’d surely miss out. Don’t believe all the whining about the markets being rigged. Being a trader and believing in myths don’t match. If we’re not careful we may get caught believing an idea that later turns out to be false. In this post I want to address a few common myths I hear from phone calls I get about trading computers. (more…)

Trading Computers – Should You Switch To Windows 8?

Should you wait to buy a computer for Windows 8 to come out? Day and swing traders need to keep their computers current and fast. Are all the features really necessary for a trading computer in Windows 8? You may not want to delay your computer upgrade while you wait. In this video Eddie Z talks about
  • How Windows 8 isn’t really optimized for traders.
  • Results of his tests with boot up times for hist trading computer.
  • Microsoft’s announcement about discounted upgrades for existing customers

Is Your TV Watching You Trade? Wear Pants Just In Case.

Family watching tv

It sounds like Big Brother but it appears to be a consequence of Big Advertising and some faulty software that no one was supposed to notice. Not only are the dates and times of the shows being watched being uploaded to a central server but they also manage to pull out the names of all the media stored on your private local network too. For some reason they felt the need to know the names of your personal photos as well even if you turned off the data reporting options on the TV.

Political Donations and Equities Trading in Bitcoins Coming?


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no central bank, no oversight, and seems to be gaining acceptance worldwide. The Media is buzzing about Bitcoins and the FEC and Congress are trying to figure out how to deal with them. Investors are talking about them too as they have risen in value from a few dollars to over $700 a Bitcoin in recent weeks. However, virtual currencies such as Bitcoins, just like their real-world cash equivalents, are completely anonymous which makes the regulators nervous.

Your Trading Computer’s Internet Speed May Be Too Slow

For many of us, a high speed always on Internet connection is the key to high performance trading. With so many providers and several types of connections available sifting the wheat from the chaff is more of an art than a science. What you pay for and what you actually receive poses yet another dilemma.

Google Goes Water and Sails To Impress Traders and Consumers

Google floating data center

Apple has over 400 retail brick and mortar stores in 13 countries to go along with their on-line store and have annual sales figures in the $16 Billion dollar range. With numbers like those, it is no surprise to see other formally Internet only companies looking to break ground at a shopping mall near you. Not one to be left out in the cold is Google – the search engine, android marketing, do everything it can to make a dollar company that is already floating down the coasts of the US.

A Company With No Sales Shocks Traders – Turns Down Billions


Facebook has been on a buying spree. Flush with cash from their IPO, and their further gain in stock valuation, has created a bit of a tech hungry juggernaut. They already bought up Instagram for a billion dollars, picked up Onovo for a cool $150 Million and there are even whispers they were in talks to buy out both BlackBerry and Twitter. But when they came knocking with a $3 Billion Dollar offer to pick up a company who has no income and has never made a single sale – the company said no.

Virtualization On a Trading Computer Can Save Your Software

Before you rush out and buy new software for your Windows 7 trading system check to see if your existing software can run in XP mode. Older financial management programs such as Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro 2007 and even contact managers like ACT! 2000 can be run successfully through virtualization. The prices to upgrade existing software from an older system to your new machine can be very costly – but the fix can free.