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Test Your Computer Speed

Is Your Computer Fast Enough to Trade With?

Hi everybody. Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers. Let me ask you a quick question. Is your computer fast enough to trade with? Have you ever really thought about that? Maybe a better question is, what happens if you try to trade with an under-powered old or slow computer? Well, the biggest risk you […]

How to Protect Your Trading Business from Online Scammers

young female trader at laptop with credit card

The online world provides great financial opportunities for traders. But it’s also a world full of scams and fraud. And new scams are being released daily.

Scammers and fraudsters are plotting to get your personal information, infect your trading computer with viruses or malware, hold your data for ransom, and inflict other harm. Be sure you know how to protect yourself and your trading business from attack.

Here are some tips to help you avoid scams and frauds while navigating the sometimes-dangerous waters of the Internet.


3 Ways to Make All-Day Trading Easier on Your Eyes

Do your eyes get tired after a long day of staring at your 4 to 8 computer screens?

Does all the visual busyness make it harder for you to focus on what’s happening in the market?

Day trading is a very visually intensive business. So any changes you adopt to make trading easier on your eyes will translate to an easier day, and maybe even a more profitable day.

Here are 3 things you can do to give your eyes a break and help you focus:


Can an Older Trading Computer Benefit from an M.2 Drive?

Years ago, I used to discourage traders from trading on a laptop on a daily basis. They were acceptable while on the road, but just not powerful enough for everyday trading. That’s no longer the case.

Nowadays many traders are using laptops as their main trading computer. But laptops have a more compact design than desktop machines, so the components have to be smaller.

M.2 (m-dot-2) solid-state drives (SSDs) have become an essential ingredient for designing these thin laptops. M.2 SSDs have two primary benefits. Not only are they smaller in size, they offer better performance (speed) than traditional hard drives or even older SSDs.

For traders, the speed advantage of M.2 SSDs impacts key tasks such as file transfers and data compression/decompression.

These and other benefits have made them a must-have for trading desktops as well.

So does this mean it’s a good idea to upgrade your older trading computer (whether desktop or laptop) by switching to an M.2 SSD drive? When does upgrading to an M.2 make sense?

Well, that depends.


How to Never Miss An Important Email Again

How to Never Miss An Important Email Again

[Updated September 23, 2020] Ten minutes passed. I was still waiting, but nothing arrived in my Gmail inbox. My day got busy, and I forgot all about that urgent email. At 4:00 pm it dawned on me. I still didn’t have it. Fed up, I decided to check my spam folder. Sure enough! I received it […]

Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading


Portability vs. Ability Many traders turn to laptop trading computers in order to have a reliable machine that you can trade on whether you are in your home office or in a remote location. This multi-function approach raises a couple fair questions; -Is portability or ability your main priority in a laptop? -Can you have […]

Why You Should Upgrade To Multi-Monitors – Right Now

Let’s face it; one of the most difficult things to do in today’s “Digital Age” is focus. Unregulated distractions, email, news, text messages, social media…the list goes on, are constantly nagging at your time and your trading day.

A good friend of mine still uses a flip phone. Of course, friends and family scoff at him and nag him to finally upgrade to a smartphone. They call him old fashioned and to “get with the times.” His answer is always the same to these types of comments, ”It has to offer me a clear advantage that doesn’t complicate and distract my life.”

The answer was simple and to the point. It inhibits his ability to focus. Despite the ridicule he receives, he chooses not to invite that distraction into his work. In fact, I thought immediately to my own technology gadget purchases that didn’t exactly make life easier.

Every once and a while, I get this same type of trepidation from my clients when it comes to switching from a single monitor to a multiple monitor setup. The question always seems to be the same…is it a distraction or a focus booster?

From my experience, multi-monitors add a tremendous amount of ability and focus to my trading. It’s worth your investment to upgrade to multiple monitors.


How to Rename Files On Your Trading Computer

Imagine this scenario: You spent hours creating the ultimate profit/loss spreadsheet for trading last August. You’re super proud of it. There’s great promise of saving time analyzing your trades each quarter. Nearly a year later you go to look for it, but you can’t find it. After about an hour of searching your cluttered Documents folder, you locate it. Whew! Disaster averted. Flash forward. The third quarter rolls around. Once again you find yourself on a scavenger hunt for that same silly file.

How do you avoid this dilemma? There are three simple tricks to finding files fast.

1. Knowing how to search for files on your computer. We covered how to search for files on your trading computer in a past video.

2. Learning to rename files. Rename files that have hard-to-remember names, or make it difficult to use the Windows Start Menu search function.

3. Naming your files in a consistent way. You should leave yourself “clues” in the way you name your files.

Knowing how to rename files on your computer can save you a lot of time. Besides just knowing how rename your files, you should also have a method (otherwise known as a “convention”) for naming files. If you stay consistent in naming your files, you can easily find them using the Windows Start Menu search function later on.

You’ll never have to go on a scavenger hunt again, or search for more than a few seconds for a file. The trick to a stress-free computer is staying organized.

In today’s Quick Tip Video Series I’ll show you an easy, step-by-step way to rename your files and tips for how to keep your trading computer organized. (Note: Today’s video was recorded on Windows 7. However, the steps are similar on all operating system versions, such as Windows 8, 8.1, and 10).


3 Emerging Technologies That We Love

Technology traders may use someday

There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t get asked about the latest technology. Makes sense, I’m a computer geek after all. The main reason traders ask me about technology is to figure out whether they should jump on the band wagon. Should you buy the latest technology? New gadgets come out every day. […]