Get The Most From Your Laptop Trading Computer Investment

Laptop in Fire and Water

Today’s specialized laptops are fast enough for even the most demanding traders and are great for trading on the road. In some cases, traders are even retiring their desktops and relying more on mobile technology. Let’s examine several tips and tweaks that will help your laptop to get a bit more speed, maximize battery life, and also protect your investment.

First and foremost – Always carry your laptop in a padded bag or hard sided case designed to fit your device. If you try to stuff a 17.3” laptop into a bag made for a 15” you will lose any of the protection afforded by the cushioning and may end up cracking your screen in the process. Most accidental damage occurs from dropping your device – even something as simple as a neoprene sleeve would help you keep your grip and prevent gravity from claiming another victim.

While traveling, never leave your trading computer in the car – not even locked in your trunk. The extreme temperature swings can damage internal components, cook the battery, and can even warp the case. Leaving your device in your car may also lead to a broken window. Mobile electronics and purses are the two most reported “smash and grab” targets for thieves.

When you do not have access to an outlet, dim the screen to its lowest setting and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to maximize the battery run time. Even dimming your display by only 50% will increase battery life considerably. When you have access to external power, keep your laptop plugged in. Your battery will be kept at a constant charge level and the smart-charge feature will keep your trading computer’s battery in a protected state so there is no need to worry about overcharging or damaging the battery. While some people claim staying plugged in will damage a laptop battery, modern charging systems are designed to maximize battery life.

Avoid using your laptop computer on a bed pillow or couch cushion to prevent heat buildup. Your laptop requires a certain amount of air circulation so try to keep it on a table or use a lap desk to let the air move around the vents. If you use your laptop for more than a few hours at a time, you may also want to invest in a USB powered laptop-cooling pad to keep the temperatures down and your pant legs intact.

Just like your desktop trading computer the laptop needs to be cleaned and dusted. Blow out or vacuum the fans and vents to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated. It not only keeps your computer from possibly overheating but it will cut down on the noise created by a dirty fan. Don’t forget to also vacuum your keyboard to remove any dirt or crumbs that may have been caught between the keys. Do not use compressed air as it may jam some junk under the keyboard and render some keys inoperable. Also clean your screen with products specifically designed for monitors or televisions – harsh chemicals can eat away at your display.

While these are simple things to do – common sense should also come in to play such as do not drink or eat while using your laptop. Electronics hate coffee and doughnuts.

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