How Trading Computer Users Can Fix Their Email Overload

Many of us are overwhelmed with the vast amounts of email that we receive every day and we all know how hectic it is to sort and prioritize your responses. Studies show that the average employee wastes a total of 73 days a year doing just that. Some of us even get so much spam that eventually we have no other choice other than to close the email account and start all over again. But how many times can we do that?

There is hope and a potential way to fix this problem. For example, if you use Gmail you can use the Priority Inbox feature. This tells Gmail to separate your email into three categories: Important and unread, Starred, and Everything else. The emails are still in your inbox but automatically sorted with the important messages on top. If you are a user of Yahoo Mail you can also use your contact list to sort your messages by priority. But remember that we do not recommend checking your email directly from your trading computer. All it takes is one malicious virus infected email to ruin your day.

If you want to go one step further, you can use a web-based app called “SaneBox.” This app scans your inbox and based on your reading habits, it decides what messages are important and which ones are not and puts them on a separate folder. The more you the app the more you train it to learn your behavior. SaneBox has other features that could be also very useful. One of them is called SaneBlackHole that will help you unsubscribe form email lists by blacklisting the email addresses. SaneBox works with major email services like Gmail and Yahoo. Once installed you simply access your email as you normally do. When you run the application for the first time, the filtering folders will be created automatically.

Like anything new, you will need to get in the habit of checking the SaneLater folder, otherwise you might miss important information. If you do choose to check email from your trading computer system you might want to place it on a separate monitor to keep message alerts away from your order entry screen – otherwise you may miss something a bit more important than an email.

Unfortunately, SaneBox is not free and they charge for each email account added – with one email account starting at $2.04 per month. With the one account option it will let you send five messages to a “RemindMe” folder and send up to five email attachments to your Dropbox account as well. For $5.79 per month SaneBox will manage up to two email accounts and would allow you to send 250 “RemindeMe” messages per month and send up to 250 attachments to Dropbox. There is also a $19.54 per month option that will manage up to three email accounts and will allow you to send an unlimited amount of RemindMe’s and will send unlimited attachments to your Dropbox account.

Whether you decide to pay for this app or use your current email programs features, it makes sense to prioritize where you place your attention. We all know how valuable our time is, so make it a worthwhile investment.

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