Navigate Your Trading Computer Faster with Shortcuts

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Hi Everybody, Eddie Z here.  The purpose of these articles is to help users of Trading Computers become more knowledgeable and more efficient.  Do you want to be a little more productive and save time when working on your trading   computer? One way to become faster is by memorizing and using shortcuts.  I know it is hard to remember them all, but it is worth knowing a few you can use on a daily basis.

Here are a few shortcuts or hot-keys that will work with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

1.- Ctrl + P: This command will allow you to print including printing to PDF.  You will have for example the option to save to PDF right away when shopping online, making reservations or performing a bank transaction.

2.- Space Bar and Shift + Space Bar: Using the Space bar will allow you to move down a page at a time.  Shift and Space-bar will reverse this.  Most of the time the Shift key will allow you to reverse a keyboard shortcut.

3.- Tab and Shift + Tab: This shortcut will let you jump from one input field or text box to the next by using the Tab key.  You can move backwards by holding the Shift+Tab key at the same time.  I love to use this shortcut when filling out long online forms.

4.- Ctrl + F:  This handy shortcut will help you find a word and/or specific number on a page.  Let’s say for example you are reading an article that talks about the “vitamins found on vegetables” and you want to specifically know what vitamins do tomatoes have, so then you click Ctrl + f  and type “tomatoes.”  This function will find the exact word you are looking for.   If there are more pages containing the same word, you can click find next and it will take you to the next match.

5.- F5: This shortcut will refresh the page.  Whenever a page is not loading properly, hit F5 for it to reload and to refresh social media pages.

6.- Ctrl+W: Want to close a tab really quick?  This is the shortcut for it.  It is very useful when you have loaded a music video and want to close it really fast as soon as your boss comes into your office.  I am not promoting watching videos at work, but it could teach you a lesson before getting fired.

7.- Ctrl + T:  This is one of my favorites.  When wanting to open a page really fast this is a great one.  In some browsers you can also hit Ctrl + Shift +T to open recently closed tabs.

Consider this article the first of many on keyboard shortcuts.  Sometimes it’s easier to learn just a few at a time.  But take it from me, shortcuts can make your life a lot easier.   The mouse is not always the fastest way to navigate.

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