Saving And Printing Trading Data In The Cloud

It happens all the time. You find yourself browsing the Internet searching for a specific topic and find a very interesting article that you would like to save but you don’t want to crowd your hard drive. Why not use cloud storage instead?

There are multiple ways to save your favorite websites and downloads by using cloud storage and the Chrome browser. Using Chrome and a free extension will even allow you to edit the articles and delete a picture or paragraphs after the information has been saved. You can even save web based charts directly to a PDF from your trading computer’s browser for later reference.

 “CleanSave” is a free extension on Chrome Store that can be installed on the Google Chrome browser and Chrome Desktop. This extension will allow you to save and edit pages and you can save those pages as PDF on your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud services. You can even print them by using cloud print.

If you have Chrome with CleanSave, here are the steps to save files:

–          Using Chrome open any webpage

–          Go to Menu items and click on print or do Ctrl+P

–          Click on Destination. There will be a printer selected by default. From the list under Destination select Save as PDF. Here you even have the option to save it in Google drive directly

–          Click on Save and select the path and location to save it as a PDF file in your computer

It is a very helpful feature when you make an online payment or transfer funds between brokerage accounts and want to save a copy of the online receipt from your trading computer.

“CleanSave” has very dynamic features making it flexible for users to customize and tailor the content they choose to print or save. CleanSave will automatically detect the content to be printed. If you notice that any content is left out, you can use the feature called “ShowMore” which will allow you to add more content that might have been left out by the extension.

When using Cloud storage, you can save files as text files or PDFs. You also have other options like email, print and even sending it to a kindle. But what about printing these documents?

It is easy enough to print documents from your computer, but it is really handy to be able to print them directly from your Android device. Google’s Play store has apps that will help you with that as well. One of the most popular ones is called “Cloud Print” but there are many others.

–          Go to Google Play and get the printing app

–          After installation choose the Gmail account where you will configure cloud print

–          Allow access and choose the printer type

–          Go to menu and select Share.

–          Select “Cloud Print” and voila!

Now you will never be without access to those important documents even while trading on the go.

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