Use Your Trading Computer From Afar? There’s An App For That

Mobile apps

Mobile technology is great. It lets us check our email and keep in touch when on the road or even while flying above it. Sometimes it would be rather convenient if we could access and use our trading computers from afar – but who wants to pack everything up and drag them along for the trip. But if you have a smartphone or tablet you actually can do it all remotely.

Whether you are sitting on the deck of your house or the deck of a cruise ship, you can have full remote control over your trading system. Several applications, which are available for both Android and iOS, can bridge the connection to bring your remote desktop right to your device. Now you can work on your tan and work on your portfolio without so much as missing a single trade. There are many remote desktop applications to choose from but the easiest one to use may already be installed on your trading system.

Every EZ Trading Computer comes preloaded with a program known as TeamViewer. While we use this application for off-site diagnostics and remote technical support, it can also be used as a remote controlled desktop by any user who happens to be away from their computer. Using an Android phone or tablet, you would be able to access all of your data and run all of your software just as if you were in front of the keyboard. What you see on your desktop computer is exactly what you will see on your portable device. I know you are probably thinking “Sounds great but it must be expensive” but it is actually completely free. “TeamViewer for Remote Control” can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store and there are no usage fees or strings attached for its use in a non-commercial environment.

To access your desktop you first have to run the TeamViewer application on your trading computer. Upon launching the program it will present you will an ID number and password. No one can access your system without that information so it is safe to let it run while you are on vacation or out about town. After downloading and installing the Android app you just need to enter the ID and password of your desktop computer to be able to control it remotely. It really is just that simple. But please remember that unless your smartphone or tablet happens to have 8 screens like your trading computer you will only be able to view the primary desktop display. You can now print, run programs, send emails, and even reboot or shutdown your computer just as if you were standing in front of it.

Navigation on a touch screen will take some getting used to. However, the good folks that wrote TeamViewer added a very handy set of instructions for using the gesture controls when you first log in. They are not very complicated and use simple easy to remember methods to navigate and access your programs. Movements such as dragging your finger around will move your desktop’s mouse pointer, and you can pinch to zoom in and out just like other standard Android interface. However, some gestures like a single click to simulate a “left” mouse button and a double click to simulate a “right” may take some getting used to.

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