Trading Computers – Should You Switch To Windows 8?

Should you wait to buy a computer for Windows 8 to come out? Day and swing traders need to keep their computers current and fast. Are all the features really necessary for a trading computer in Windows 8? You may not want to delay your computer upgrade while you wait.

In this video Eddie Z talks about

  • How Windows 8 isn’t really optimized for traders.
  • Results of his tests with boot up times for hist trading computer.
  • Microsoft’s announcement about discounted upgrades for existing customers

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You don’t need to wait to buy a computer because Windows 8 is coming out. All that’s different is the layout. They changed the desktop to a mobile interface. the interface mimics their mobile applications.  It’s like a mobile version of Windows 7 and it has buttons missing.

Mobile devices are designed for miniaturization, not power and speed. Windows 8 doesn’t further improve what you and I need for our trading computer.

Trading computers need to have large screen real estate, via multiple monitors. It also needs to be super-powerful and fast. Traders don’t need a seamless experience between their mobile device and their desktops. Traditional features you’re getting with Windows 7 is fine for trading computers.

As a trader myself, I don’t really care about the mobile experience showing up on my trading computer. The truth is, Windows 8 doesn’t improve your trading. But, Microsoft does have upgrades available for customers who purchase Windows 7 after June 2, 2012. They can buy version 8 at discount later.

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