Why Traders Need the Power of a Full Size Desktop Computer

The new trend in computers is to be small, thin, & light. All these things come at a cost. The smaller a computer or laptop becomes, the more you have to sacrifice in capability to be micro-sized and power efficient. A number of PC makers have been marketing all-in-one systems that stuff a small motherboard inside of a touch screen monitor in the hopes that a more pleasant aesthetic layout will push sales. The days of large bulky desktop computers and file servers have passed – or so they tell us. The trade off in size is their weak performance. It is no wonder that recent PC sales have been slipping.

How Laptops are Advancing, but Not Competing with Trader’s Desktop Computers

Until very recently even laptop computers were nowhere fast enough for traders. The recent introduction of Intel’s Mobile i7 Haswell series managed to shift the focus to small but fast systems – but a full sized desktop computer will always be faster than an “equally equipped” laptop. The reason lies in the hardware itself. Mobile computer components and mobile CPU chips are optimized for battery life while sacrificing speed and power to achieve longer run times. Laptops are configured to efficiently use every drop.

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What You Need to Know Netbooks & Tablets

The “netbook” category, which uses even smaller parts and less powerful processors, as they are designed specifically for long battery life and basic computer uses and will likely never see CPU’s fast enough for trading. Tablets such as an iPad and pen-pads would also fall into this miniaturized ultra-portable netbook category when it comes to trading.

Why Traders Should Stay Away from Mini-PC’s

There are also Mini-PC computers that come in various sizes, but are usually less than 4 inches tall by 12 inches square, and contain specialized motherboards. Internal real estate is very valuable on these pint-sized machines and contains limited hardware components with an external power supply to save space. These mini machines serve a special purpose in the world of computing and can be configured for applications such as a home theater PC and a video server. These micro machines can be custom built with some of the latest Intel i7 Haswell processors and an SSD drive making them ideal for traders needing a small but powerful system – but the same caveat about laptops versus desktops applies. With limited expandability and limited component capacity, a full sized desktop computer is the best bang for the buck for a trading computer. In the world of power users smaller is definitely not better.