Why Traders Should Still Favor Windows 7 over Windows 8

Windows 8 seems to be gaining a greater market share already in 2014.

The increase is the result of new systems purchased in the post-Thanksgiving holiday rush of Black Friday sales. Time will tell if those “new” systems that came preloaded with Windows 8 will be reinstalled with Windows 7.

Windows XP users are also foregoing Windows 8 in favor of the familiar and easier to navigate Windows 7, which also saw a gain in market share as XP declined.

What Traders Need to Know About Windows  

Windows 8 was designed for mobile phones and no matter how they try and dress it up and attempt to change the obvious, it makes your new computer look like a hand held touchscreen smartphone.

Yet, The overwhelming majority of Windows users still simply prefer a mouse and keyboard to a touch screen.

Windows 8 was initially designed without a START button on the desktop which they claimed would increase productivity, much to the detriment of long time Windows users.

Interface and usability issues still continue to plague Windows 8.1 and there does not appear to be any relief in sight.

Windows 7 versus Windows 8

Why Traders Are Avoiding Windows 8

Another important factor keeping users away from Windows 8 involve the complete re-write of the underlying programming code.

Applications that were designed for Windows 7 may not function properly under Windows 8.

We have already heard some horror stories from customers who are finding their charts are not refreshing when running Windows 8.

This type of problem is not an easy fix either as it requires programmers to rewrite their software from the ground up to be Windows 8 compliant. That means all new versions of your trading software with all new bugs to work out.

Why Traders Are Saying Goodbye to Windows XP and Upgrading to Windows 7

As traders, we require consistency and instinctual workflow, so stick to the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and make the move from Windows XP.

Believe me I know how much people love Windows XP – I had to be pulled kicking and screaming away from it.

Over the past few years, I have found Windows 7 works even better than XP and makes multiple improvements in the way hardware and software performs.

XP based trading computers would see a bit of speed improvement just from upgrading. Behind the scenes, Windows 7 improved support for multi-core processors, SSD drives, and support for multiple video cards.

There is even a “Windows XP Mode” that will run your older software just in case Windows 7 proves to be too “new” for them.

Once Microsoft makes good on their promise to cease updating the security flaws in XP it is going to be an open market for hackers to exploit.

April 2014 is fast approaching so the time to upgrade is now.