Cloud Storage

What can we learn from this video:

1.  Even though it wasn’t mentioned directly, free web resources like Dropbox are a pure way to use the “cloud” to your advantage.

2.  The term “cloud” computing simply means that your data and programs (computing resources) are not stored on your computer.  Even email accounts like gmail and hotmail represent the purest versions of the cloud.

3.  Dropbox is great way to share files but its also a great place to store your trading workspaces, desktops and layouts as well as other important files off site.  The best part is that is free.

  Chuck, SC writes: Recently I decided to purchase a new currency and day trading computer system.  After doing research on the Internet and talking to Eddie Z I purchased a custom built system from EZ Trading Computers.   The computer, monitors, stand and accessories arrived separately in a few days.  They were surprisingly easy to assemble and set up.  When I had a problem setting up my computer with my new high speed ISP I called support and the EZ tech was able to solve my problem immediately.  My new system is incredibly fast!  I typically run three streaming Forex charts, three streaming equities charts, an EOD chart program, several Excel spreadsheets that connect interactively to Yahoo Financial data, email, several Word documents and other applications with no problems.  I cannot say enough about EZ Trading Computers.  They provide super-fast custom built systems, knowledgeable sales and tech support, and the best prices available. (Chuck bought a Radical Extreme EZ Trading Computer)