Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the 5 models on the Trading Computers page?

The Interceptor The NEW AMD Ryzen processor is the new minimum processor of choice for traders. Very fast system includes an SSD, perfect for new traders or traders on a budget.
Thunderbolt GT The 7th Generation Intel Core i7 7700 processor is the the minimum processor for traders who would prefer Intel. Very fast system includes an SSD. Perfect for traders on a budget.
Supernova ZXR 48% Faster and more powerful than the Interceptor. Independently certified military grade motherboard is designed to withstand extreme conditions & comes with 5 year warranty. Includes liquid processor cooling (liquid cooling requires no maintenance and is completely self contained).
Viper V3 New Intel 6 Core i7-6850K is the 2nd fastest consumer processor we have ever tested. The Viper at 4.2 GHZ is 52% Faster than the Thunderbolt GT. 6 Cores and massive speed will extend the useful life of this machine.
Radical X5 New Intel 12 Core i9-7920X is the World’s Fastest Trading Computer period. The Radical X5 at 4.4 GHZ is 137% Faster than the Interceptor.


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Another Trading Computer builder is offering reimbursement for the cost of the machine by opening a new account with TradeStation. Do you offer the same thing?

Yes! Click Here for details.


I’ve heard that an Intel i5 Processor is actually better for programs like NinjaTrader & TradeStation. Is this true?

This is FALSE. This misinformation is circulated because there are still a few trading programs left that utilize only one single thread of 1 core of the processor.  Single threaded trading applications cannot take advantage of a process built onto the Intel i7 called ”Hyper Threading” (click here for an explanation).  The argument is that if you are running  this single core/thread trading software, that Hyper Threading will actually reduce resources available to the trading platform .  This indeed maybe true is some instances.  If a trader is concerned about this, Hyper Threading can simply be turned off. The i7 with Hyper Threading off is still faster than the i5. As time goes on all trading applications will be multi-core and multi threaded. Additionally the all new TradeStation 9.1 fully unlocks the power of the Intel i7 with Multi-Core processing (click here to see!). Soon all trading platforms will be multi-core and traders stuck with an i5 will be left out! Please don’t consider an i5 processor just to save $100.


Do you install software upgrades like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)?

Yes! We can customize to any specifications you want! Software, media card readers, multiple hard drives, cases, etc.. We can accommodate just about any request. See this page or Just call, click chat or email us.


Do you offer financing?

  1. If you checkout via our Shopping Cart you will be offered PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” option.  A PayPal account is required for this service and they do not offer it to everyone.   Once logged into PayPal click the link for the “Bill Me Later” program.  Currently Bill Me Later is offering 6 months interest free.
  2. We now have another option – click here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship just about anywhere in the world.  Shipping rates vary from country to country.  All International payments MUST be made via wire transfer.  Please Click Here for more info.


I am not really a “techie”.  How do I set up my trading computer and what happens if I need help?

Our computers come “Plug n Trade”.   They are simple to set up and you will be up and running very quickly.  To help you we have created several “Quickstart” videos to walk you through the setup process.  Additionally, our expert technical support people, who are based in the US, are here to help you!

How long does it take you to build & ship my computer?

We ship 90% of systems within 2-5 business days! The worst case scenario is that you will have your computer within 2 weeks.   Also please note that we use FedEx & UPS, and that a signature will be required for your system to be delivered.


Are you are member of the Better Business Bureau?

Surprising, we are not.  When we were first contacted by the BBB to become an “accredited member” something seemed fishy.  This 20/20 report confirmed our belief: