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EZ Trading Computers multi-monitor display

Cutting Edge Computers Optimized for Traders

EZ Trading Computers Multi-Monitors
EZ Trading Computers provide power for stock traders
EZ Trading Computers has a system optimized for you

power for Stock Traders

Stock & Options Traders NEED Power

Stock and Options traders require powerful processing to handle literally dozens of symbols, options chains and charts in a multitude of timeframes. The more indicators you add to those charts, the more power you need. Whether you use Tradestation, Think or Swim, Interactive Brokers, Options Express or any other trading platform you’ll have the power you need.

EZ Trading Computers has a system optimized for you.
 EZ Trading Computers allow for custom indicators in real time
Real Time for Futures Traders
Real time for Futures traders

Futures Traders Need Custom Indicators in Real Time

Many futures traders rely on custom indicators written by professional traders and coders. This type of market analysis requires massive power in order to display these indicators precisely in real time. With our trading computers you’ll easily power custom indictors whether you trade the S&P 500 futures, Oil or Gold; or you use NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Mirus, Amp or any other futures trading application.

EZ Trading Computers has a complete system expertly designed for you.
EZ Trading Computers provide speed and ultra reliability
24/7 Forex Trading

Forex Traders Need Reliability 24/7

Forex traders are watching the markets 24 hours a day. Many count on custom indicators and automated trading algos to take advantage of news and overnight markets. Traders count on a high degree of leverage so trade execution must be spot on. Forex traders demand speed and ultra reliability. Our trading computers are lightning fast no matter what you’re using–MetaTrader or any other Forex Platform.

EZ Trading Computers has the speed and reliability required for Forex Trading success.
EZ Trading Computers multi-monitors and powerful systems make it easy to multi-task online webinars, teleconferences and live trading rooms
Ideal for Learning to Trade
IDEAL FOR Learning to Trade

Learning to Trade?

Our surveys show that the vast majority of traders spend time educating themselves in online webinars, teleconferences and live trading rooms. Services like GotoWebinar and Omnovia can be a big drain on computer resources. EZ Trading Computer’s builds can easily handle these resource hogs while simultaneously running your trading applications. With our builds, the sky is the limit!

EZ Trading Computers are built to run your trading and your training smoothly.