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Willam, MI writes:  I am all smiles with my EZ Trading Computer.  It is very quick and stable.  I have 32 open stock charts at all times with live updates.  I have 70 additional charts in the background with 50 being continually updated.  I have about 2,000 stocks updating on various watch lists.  I predominately run 2?, 5? and 15? charts.   The first 5 minutes of the market open can be extremely volatile with tremendous transaction activity.  I am very pleased that I am now able to quickly trade the opening minutes.  Of course, the 16GB of memory is a big plus.  The 3 front USB ports plus the regular rear USBs make adding peripherals very easy.  For service I was impressed when you researched potential solutions to hooking my parallel port laser printer.  Thanks for all your help and a great PC product configuration. William bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer