LED Backlit vs LCD Monitors

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Tom, WI writes: Thanks Eddie, for the excellent computer you provided me with! It made a BIG difference in my trading. At first, I thought my old Dell computers where still sufficient; however I felt the need to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. That’s why I decided to order my first EZ Trading computer. To my surprise, the new computer made huge difference in my trading screen’s stability and speed. That’s why 3 weeks after receiving my first EZ Trading computer, I decided to add some more screens and purchase a second computer from you. What I liked best about my purchases from you was the fact that I was able to customize my computers. I got precisely what I wanted – right down to the computer tower cases, power supply, DVD drives, software, etc.. I loved the fact that while I was waiting for my computers to arrive, I was sent (via email) several video links on how to set them up, fire them up and maintain them. Another thing I really liked was the fact that I didn’t have all the junk software, and all those so called ‘free programs’ loaded onto my new hard drive (like Dell and many others do on their computers). All these programs do is bog things down. Now, whenever I click to open a browser, or make a trade, BANG… it happens right now – INSTANTLY! I checked around and your computers are priced well below your competitors and your service and attention to detail is excellent. I’m sure my new computers will pay for themselves in short order. Thanks Eddie for everything! Tom bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer and customized it