A Personal Message From Eddie Z

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Eddie’s Direct Line: 954-848-1957
  Mauro, West Vancouver Canada writes: I just want to compliment EZ Trading Computers for their prompt response and advice on everything. After trading with a Windows XP and one monitor and getting very frustrated with how slow everything was, I decided to upgrade to a dedicated trading computer.  I looked at other companies on the web but I just was not convinced and eventually I contacted Eddie Z. I was looking at getting the Viper and after talking to Eddie, he convinced me that the ZR-1 would be sufficient for me.  I ordered the ZR-1 with 6 monitor support, 256GB solid state hard drive with a 1TB for backup and the 6 monitor stand. Well I could not believe how fast the computer and stand got to me, just fantastic service .This machine with 6 monitors, 2 charts per monitor in real time is so fast, it still blows me away when I work with it, it’s an absolute dream come true.  I am extremely happy with EZ Trading Computers that I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you again (Mauro bought a customized ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)