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Thank You for Registering for the Webinar

Attend for a chance to win a FREE trading computer. We are going to giving away a FREE EZ Trading Computer to 1 lucky trader who attends the live event!


Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

  • COMPUTER ENGINE HORSEPOWER RATING - Watch a live demo that shows you if your computer fails the horsepower test.
  • BENCHMARK SCORE - Learn how to figure out your computer’s benchmark score and whether it is up to par (if it’s not it could mean you are eating major slippage).
  • INTERNET CONNECTION GAUGE - Discover your Internet connection’s true speed and how it might impact your trade execution.

Can't make the date and time of the event?

Good news! Because you've already registered, I will email you a recording plus receive a bonus trading computer buyer’s guide at no cost. Please keep in mind only those who attend live will be eligible for a chance to win a free trading computer.