How to Manage Files and Folders on Your Trading Computer

Folder structure

Managing your files and folders could make a big difference when trying to find the file or folder you are looking for on Trading Computer.  Here are a few ideas to help you manage your storage more efficiently:

1.- Use Documents or My Documents

Windows has a cool feature called “The Library.”  Here, you can organize your documents, pictures and even music.  Here you can also customize your files and create groups from any location on your computer without moving them.  Using the libraries will allow you to find your files easily.  When looking for a specific file, you can use the search feature from the start button or go to the library, search it and find it that way.

It is also important to try to keep programs and files separate.  One of the main reasons to do this is to avoid accidentally deleting your documents when installing or upgrading programs.  Many trading computer users have made this mistake

2.- Be consistent when naming files and folders

It is important to create a method of naming your files and folders on your trading computer.  Develop a naming system and stick to it.  Also, try to keep the names short.  A good way of doing this is by creating a good folder structure so you don’t have to give your files long and descriptive names.

3.- Create shortcuts instead of copies

When you need to get to a particular file all the time, create shortcuts instead of copies.  A shortcut is a link to the file and it is represented by icons with an arrow in the lower-left corner.  Creating a shortcut is simple, just right click the file and then click Create Shortcut.  The great thing about the shortcuts is that you can drag them to other locations.  This way, you are not moving the file or folder itself, you are only creating a faster way to access it.

4.- Get to the files you use every day quickly

Windows 7 offers jump lists which allow you to go to the files, folder or websites that you use the most.   You can also pin favorites to a jump list.  To see these lists, right click the program button on the task bar.  You will be able to find the latest documents you have been working on and the most visited sites.

5.- Storing Documents online

If you and your co-workers have to share the same files and folders, a good alternative is to store them online.  You can use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 site or Windows Live SkyDrive. Another advantage of storing them online is that you can access from anywhere.

Organization is a key element to be efficient.  For more information on trading computers, make sure to get the free buyer’s guide.