7 Chrome Extensions to Level Up Trading Day Productivity

7 Chrome Extensions to Level Up Trading Day Productivity

We can all use a little help getting through our busy trading days. There are a ton of free Chrome extensions available to make your trading day productive.

In fact, so many browser extensions are available it’s hard to pick out the best Chrome extension for trading. The Chrome Store has thousands of extensions in categories like productivity, accessibility, communications, and more.

Today we spotlight a few of the apps most likely to be valuable to you as a trader. I think you’ll find at least one thing here to level up your trading day productivity.

What Are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small software programs that add capabilities to the Chrome browser on your trading computer. Google allows both external and internal developers to create these programs.

As a Google Chrome user, you can go to the Chrome Web Store, search the store for the extension you need, and use the Add to Chrome button to start using it.

To manage your Chrome extensions, click on the three vertical dots (aka the kebab) in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome window. Navigate to More Tools —> Extensions. Click on the Details button to see all the options for any given extension, including removal and toggling on/off.

Here are some 7 Chrome extensions to level up trading day productivity:

1. Chrono Download Manager

As you know, when you download a document, PDF, or image to your trading computer, a small bar appears in the bottom left corner of the Chrome browser. Once the download is complete, you can click on the bar to open the file. However, if you try to find the file later, you have to search for it in Windows Explorer.

Chrome has a default download manager. But it’s hidden under the kebab on the upper right side of the browser.

The Chrono Download Manager provides a more visual interface using a browser tab. This interface makes it super easy to keep track of your downloads.

Alternatively, you can search your downloaded files directly from the handy Chrono Download Manager drop-down menu.

2. Sortd for Gmail

Sortd for Gmail is an extension for better organizing your Gmail. You can visually arrange your emails into lists and put them into priority order.

It’s basically a mash-up of email and a personal Kanban board.

Sortd allows you to create a board of columns with your own custom titles. For example, you might have these columns: To Do, Follow Up, Read Later.

Sortd lets you drag and drop emails into these columns. You can see what’s important for your trading business at a glance. It will save you time and effort in both your business and personal communication.

3. Last Pass

Traders deal with sensitive financial information all day and website logins. With each login and password, you have to pull out your passwords folder or you are unsafely using the same password for each website.

A more secure alternative is to use the LastPass extension which provides saves your login and password for each website that you use. After you have it saved and you go back to a frequented website, it will autofill that information for you, saving you so much time.

It suggests a secure and unique password for new websites or websites that you have to update the password periodically. This will make your passwords very hard to remember, but you only have to remember one password to get into LastPass.

4. Speedtest by Ookla

As a trader, I’m sure you’re very sensitive to the speed of your internet communications. You’ll quickly notice a slowdown on your trading laptop or desktop.

But you won’t know the cause. Is it your internet provider or a computer issue that’s causing the problem?

The Speedtest extension can help you answer that question. It will test and report your ping, download, and upload speeds. This makes it easy to spot a problem with your internet connection.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great service that allows you to upload documents to its website to pinpoint and correct writing mistakes. If you are a regular Grammarly user, you’ll be happy to know you can install their extension directly on your Chrome browser for real-time feedback.

The Grammarly extension will improve the quality of your communications. No more sending emails with spelling mistakes or careless grammar errors!

6. Save to Google Drive

For Google Drive users, the Save to Google Drive extension saves time.

Without this extension, if you want to put a file or folder on your Google Drive, you must use the Save As button and find the local folder connected to the cloud storage service.

This extension adds browser actions and a right-click context menu to help you save audio, video, and even page links directly to Google Drive. It’s particularly handy for saving PDF documents from the web.

7. Click&Clean

Since you are using sensitive and financial data websites, you might be clearing your cache and browser history frequently.

The use of Click&Clean, allows you to do 1-click options for clearing cache and browsing history, and an additional feature of a privacy test for security.

Keeping your browser clean can also clean up some space and speed things back up if your browsing seems slower.

Final Word

I hope the above information helps you start your journey with Chrome extensions. Try one or two and see if they make life easier. If not, you can always delete them.

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