Best Laptop Processors For Traders

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Don’t forget that as a trader, you never want to skimp on processing power and speed.

The processor is the engine of the computer. And if you’re running around in a four-cylinder engine, you’re going to have problems accelerating onto the highway.

For people trading on laptops these days, the supercharged processors for trading come from both Intel and AMD. As of this video, the absolute minimum mobile processor for trading is the Intel core i7-i7-12700H processor. This beast benchmarks at a whopping 27,554. It’s perfect for traders on the go.

Now, if you want even more power and speed in your laptop, we can build you a very special high-end model that uses a desktop processor in a laptop body.

That’s right, a powerful desktop processor in a laptop body.

We’ve dubbed this machine The Voyager. The Voyager features the Intel Core i9-12700K desktop processor. This thing benchmarks at an unbelievable 41,315. This makes it the fastest laptop on the planet!!!

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