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A sort of hidden Google feature – Google Alerts can be an important part of your trader’s toolbox to keep track of stock news and more. What’s up everybody? It’s

Hidden Google Feature - Google Alerts!

Trading mistakes or success hinge more on mastering trading psychology than the best tools, high capital, or expensive training courses. Business coaches love to say “fail big or go home!”

3 Trading Mistakes Successful Traders Avoid

Going incognito or private mode is a powerful tool that should be in every trader’s toolbox. Most people have tried incognito mode on their computer at some time. It sounds

Going Incognito on Your Trading Computer? What, When and How

Traders are risking significant loss not having a secondary internet service provider when their primary connection goes down. There are some computer systems you just never want to lose. Take

5 Ways to Never Be Without Internet Service

Knowing even a little bit about video ports can make a big difference when swapping out monitors or buying a new trading computer. If you’re like me, you probably use

Computer Video Ports: What's the Difference?

If you’re trading on Firefox, installing these top Firefox add-ons can speed up your trading research and improve security. In a previous post, I highlighted 7 Chrome extensions that can

7 Firefox Add-ons for Trading Research & Improved Security

I am going to share with you a resource that you can use to figure out how to know when earnings are coming out for a company, what the projections

How to Know When Earnings Are Coming Out [Whisper Number]

Do you make this trading mistake of not knowing when economic releases come out? Learn what free tool can help you in just about any market. Huge Trading Mistake One

Do You Make This Trading Mistake?

Imagine you’re working in your office, and you are about to make the trade of your life. Suddenly, the power goes off and your computer shuts down. It’s a nightmare

Keep Your Trading Business Safe with a UPS Battery Backup

Today’s traders demand extreme performance and reliability from their trading computers. We share how to choose a power supply unit to make sure your trading computer will be getting the

How to Choose a Power Supply Unit for Your Trading Computer