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I am going to share with you a resource that you can use to figure out how to know when earnings are coming out for a company, what the projections

How to Know When Earnings Are Coming Out [Whisper Number]

Do you make this trading mistake of not knowing when economic releases come out? Learn what free tool can help you in just about any market. Huge Trading Mistake One

Do You Make This Trading Mistake?

Imagine you’re working in your office, and you are about to make the trade of your life. Suddenly, the power goes off and your computer shuts down. It’s a nightmare

Keep Your Trading Business Safe with a UPS Battery Backup

Today’s traders demand extreme performance and reliability from their trading computers. We share how to choose a power supply unit to make sure your trading computer will be getting the

How to Choose a Power Supply Unit for Your Trading Computer

Test Your Computer’s Speed Here Hi everybody. Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers. Let me ask you a quick question. Is your computer fast enough to trade with? Have

Test Your Computer's Speed

As a trader either in the office or at a home office, you may want to try some Dropbox alternatives for sharing trading-related files. For years, many of us in

7 Dropbox Alternatives for Sharing Trading-Related Files

For years, I have insisted traders use a wired connection. An Ethernet cable plugged directly into a modem or router is the best, most secure connection for trading. Don’t trade

How to Pick the Best Wireless Router For You

Do you belong to a trading group that discusses trading strategies? Do you have family members you’re teaching how to trade? Would it be convenient to have a video reminder

Top 4 Apps to Record Your Trading Computer Screen

We are going to learn how to set up and use the Windows Explorer Favorites (aka File Explorer Favorites) and Quick Access sections. Quickly find the right folder when retrieving

How to Use Windows Explorer Favorites

Even people who are careful about avoiding computer viruses can still get fooled. Here is a great tool to give you another layer of safety. Unfortunately, one of the most

Neat Tool Helps Prevent Computer Viruses

We can all use a little help getting through our busy trading days. There are a ton of free Chrome extensions available to make your trading day productive. In fact,

7 Chrome Extensions to Level Up Trading Day Productivity

Keeping your trading computer’s exterior surfaces clean can be just as important as keeping your hard drive clean. It’s obvious that keeping the inner (data storage) workings clean will improve

Spring Cleaning Your Trading Computer's Exterior Surfaces

If you’re like me, you use your trading computer for hours every day. Maybe you even leave it on constantly. As technology improves, trading computers have become more energy efficient.

Can a New Trading Computer Reduce Your Electric Bill?

If you’re a trader looking to improve your productivity and profitability, Google Chrome features can help you achieve your goals. According to PC Magazine’s article on the best browsers for

9 Chrome Features for an Easier Trading Day

Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy trading environment by safely cleaning your trading computer keyboard. When you are a trader, cleaning your keyboard is probably the last thing

How to Safely Clean Your Trading Computer Keyboard

Next time you’re shopping for a trading computer, you are sure to come across the terms SSD vs HDD. In this post, we’ll take a look at what these terms

Trading Computer File Storage Trade-offs: SSD vs HDD

If you have a hard time viewing small fonts on your computer, you’re not alone. Let us show you how to increase default font size. As traders, we spend the

Trading Computers How To Increase Default Font Size

A sort of hidden Google feature – Google Alerts can be an important part of your trader’s toolbox to keep track of stock news and more. What’s up everybody? It’s

Hidden Google Feature - Google Alerts!

Eye strain from the computer? Smart traders understand that healthy eyes are a crucial component of successful trading. Did you know optometrists can take a picture of the inside of

3 Ways Traders Can Eliminate Eye Strain from Computers

In today’s post, I’ll show you the top 7 fears of traders. Then I’ll show you how to break the grip of these fears in order to become a more

Top 7 Fears of Traders

Check out the How To Trade It podcast with Casey Stubbs titled Preventing “Slippage.” EddieZ shares the need-to-know for the non-computer nerd trader. Listen to this segment or read the

Need-To-Know For The Non-Computer Nerd Trader

Check out the How To Trade It podcast with Casey Stubbs titled Preventing “Slippage.” Casey and EddieZ discuss how to know if your CPU is overloaded. Listen to this segment

How To Know If My CPU Is Overloaded

Do you know what parts and components are in YOUR computer? The brand, model, and serial number? Let me show you an easy way to find out! What’s up everybody?

What Parts and Components are in YOUR Computer?

If you’re just now switching to Windows 10 (because of Windows 7 end-of-life), you might not yet have discovered some of its coolest features. In fact, even if you’ve been

Microsoft has announced the end of life for Windows 7 will be January 14, 2020. You probably already received one or more notifications about this change from Microsoft. If your

Chalkboard with writing 'update' and clock at 11:55

The online world provides great financial opportunities for traders. But it’s also a world full of scams and fraud. And new scams are being released daily. Scammers and fraudsters are

young female trader at laptop with credit card

Do your eyes get tired after a long day of staring at your 4 to 8 computer screens? Does all the visual busyness make it harder for you to focus

Do the fans on your trading computer cycle on and off frequently during your trading day? If your fans start to run too often, or if the fan noise becomes

As I mentioned in a recent post, now is a good time to upgrade to Windows 10 if you haven’t already. Whether you’re upgrading to Windows 10, getting a new

Close-up of red door with PRIVATE sign above mail slot

If you’re like me, you sometimes like to listen to music while you’re watching the market on your trading computer. In this post, we’ll look at some of the better

Young man sitting at computer with speaker visible on desk

Years ago, I used to discourage traders from trading on a laptop on a daily basis. They were acceptable while on the road, but just not powerful enough for everyday

On July 19, 2019, Capital One announced that unauthorized access of its systems had exposed personal information about both account applicants and card holders. If your data was among the

These days, there is an app for practically anything you want to do. Maybe even multiple apps. Problem is, sometimes we get so used to doing something a certain way

Man Wearing Eyeglasses Facing Computer

Although I spend a lot of time talking about cutting-edge computer technology, I haven’t discussed voice technology that much, except for a couple of articles about getting help with general

Although it’s not a trader’s favorite thing to do, every so often you’re going to have to take an update to Windows 10. Microsoft is always updating its software products

Number 10 formed from bicycle chain links

Keeping your trading computer secure is a frequent topic of mine, and for good reason. For traders, having your trading desktop or laptop hacked isn’t just inconvenient. It can cause

Couple embrace; woman is holding keys.

If you’re trading on Firefox, installing these top Firefox add-ons can speed up your trading research and improve security. In a previous post, I highlighted 7 Chrome extensions that can

7 Firefox Add-ons for Trading Research & Improved Security

If you’ve worked for a big company any time recently, and wanted to connect to the company’s computer system from home, you probably had to make that connection via a

Young woman using laptop in a coffee shop

Believe it or not, it has already been 5 years since Windows 10 came out (in 2015). Understandably, many traders decided to stick with tried-and-true Windows 7 for their trading

Most traders have tried incognito mode (aka private browsing) on their trading computer at some time. It sounds neat and makes you feel protected. But just how protected are you?

Dog in fake nose and glasses

For many traders, a mobile device is an essential business tool. Traders carry their mobile phones everywhere to stay in touch with the market. But depending on the situation, sometimes

Smiling Shopper Gets Market Update on Smart Phone

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any time at all, you already understand the importance of regular back-ups. In fact, if you’ve just been using a personal

If you’re a trader who loves to travel, like I do, you know how critical your laptop battery can be to the success of your trading while on the road.

If you own a computer customized for trading, you own a device designed with security and reliability in mind. You already know about the importance of anti-malware apps to keep

Mobile phones and tablets are great. However, if you’re like most traders, entering text can be considerably more challenging than typing at your trading computer. Particularly, when you are writing

Traders today totally rely on the software and data on their trading computers. Would you be able to operate your trading business if you were suddenly locked out of your

Nowadays, when trading is your business, you need the best hardware and software to support your daily activity. But you also need some key high-end services, such as a great

More than a third of all online scam attacks involve phishing emails or malicious attachments. As traders, we’re already aware of best practices for protecting our trading and financial data

If you are in the trading business, I know you already try your best to keep your business and personal information separate. However, from time to time, you might still

If you’re like most traders, you’re using social media on your trading computer and mobile devices without giving it a second thought. But today’s social media is fraught with scammers

When you’re online hours a day, especially when you’re dealing with financial trades every day, it’s super important to stay vigilant about scams. A key part of being vigilant is

In a previous article, we talked about avoiding tech support scams. If you own a computer, you’re liable to be a target of those scammers. But that’s just the tip

Most of my customers are great at trading, but not so great at knowing what to do when their trading computer has a hardware or software problem. Unfortunately, there are

Trading is all about the bottom line. And getting the best possible equipment for your trading setup has a direct affect on your bottom line. In my last post, I

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and noticed how much faster their Wi-Fi connection is than yours? If you find this happening, first make sure you are comparing

Like most traders, you probably spend your days and nights staring at computer monitors. It makes sense to find out if you are using the right kind of display and

tKnowing even a little bit about video ports can make a big difference when swapping out monitors or buying a new trading computer. If you’re like me, you probably use

Computer Video Ports: What's the Difference?

A big bottleneck for processing trading activity on a modern trading computer is the speed of the hard drive. Even with a high-speed CPU, if your hard drive is slow,

As traders, we’re always concerned about the security of the information on our trading computers. If you are using Windows 10, there are a lot of security-related options in the

As a trader, you know privacy is an important issue. But do you also know that Microsoft (via Windows 10) is a likely suspect for invading that privacy? Windows in

Number 10 fastened to a brick wall

Traders are always dealing with financially sensitive information. So privacy and security are always key concerns in any trading business. In a previous article, I discussed the importance of Facebook

For many of us, connecting on social networks is part of the trading business. And Facebook is one of the networks traders are mostly likely to use. Facebook has been

Every so often, I survey my customers to find out their biggest concerns related to trading and trading computers. Every time, they say one of their top concerns is staying

Over the years, I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why traders hesitate to update or upgrade their slightly older trading computers. One big reason is the headache of data migration.

Windows 10 has been out long enough now that most traders are using it rather than our former favorite, Windows 7. And if you’re following this blog, you’ll know I’ve

I’ll be the first to admit that updates are no fun most of the time. Or, at least, they’re a distraction, if not a downright disruption. You might get a

As a trader, nothing destroys your productivity more than when your trading computer slows down. The symptoms can vary. The movements of your mouse might be sluggish. When you open

If you spend your whole day in front of your trading computer, you are probably living an unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us recognize that marathon gaming can be hard on

A trader’s very livelihood hinges on their trading computer staying at peak performance. Increased slippage due to a slower computer can cost you big bucks. If you’ve noticed Google Chrome

Today with cloud computing backups, if your trading computer goes down, it isn’t as disastrous as it once was. But it’s still inconvenient. Starting with a new trading computer can

When you are trading on your trading computer, you need to have every part of your system working at peak performance in order to avoid slippage and consequent loss of

I’ve noticed lately more traders are using laptops as their trading computers. And why not? It’s convenient. It’s freeing. You can easily take it on a business trip or to

A new trading computer runs like a Ferrari. But after you’ve been using it a while, programs and data start to accumulate. These accumulated files gradually degrade the performance of

Your trading computer holds your most valuable business assets. These include trading software, notes, market research, and more. So you need to protect your computer against disaster. Regular backups of

Imagine starting your trading computer and seeing a message that your files are gone and you can get them back only if you pay. That’s how ransomware conducts business. Ransomware

When you are traveling from city to city, you need a reliable trading laptop. Finding power outlets is always an inconvenience, and sometimes you just can’t plug in. Lots of

When you are working as a trader, you want a lean and mean working computer. But when you are a parent, you want something that is easy-to-use and safe. Microsoft

As a trader, you are dependent on your computer. Your trading computer holds all the pertinent information about your business. No matter what the operating system, you need to back

If you are a trader with an interest in cryptocurrency and you suddenly start noticing your trading computer is running slow, you should be suspicious. There is a new crime

Although traders don’t need as much graphics power as gamers, we still need above-average graphics cards to display our many trading charts. So even if you’re not a gamer, if

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time on simple tasks and stay focused on my trading. Here are 10 Google Search Shortcuts I recently learned

I shudder every time a new Windows update comes out. Especially if it’s recently released. You’d think Microsoft was a big enough company to get it right the first time.

12 Reasons Traders Should Take Creator Update, Part 1

The more things change, the more they stay the same. About 15 years ago, one of my team members was in the convenience store business. One day she found an

I don’t know about you, but I am shopping more than ever online. One thing that drives me crazy is that I have had my credit card ‘hacked’ at least

Houses over 4,000 square feet drive me nuts. I’d rather rent houses as I travel the world than get the life sucked out of me trying to maintain more ‘stuff.’

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season puts retailers like Walmart, Target, and Macy’s in a frenzy. Many retailers must hit their holiday sales goals or they’ll miss out on 40% of

Skype is an amazing tool! Many of my blog readers and customers already know about Skype. They often use it to video chat with long-distance family. However, there’s so much

The target of my devotion is clear. I love trading. And, I love trading from my home office computer most of all. The target of my hatred is clear as

Life Lesson: If you’re going to be off the grid, always carry a backup battery bank for your phone. It’s a simple thing, but it could save your life. I

“I love it when a plan comes together.” If you remember watching the TV show (or movie) The A-Team, you’ll recognize that as the catchphrase of the team’s leader, Colonel

Most guys love talking about sports cars. But talking about cars and taking an engine apart are two different things. I’d be in trouble if I had to put a

Business coaches love to say “fail big or go home!” That statement drips of motivation, but it’s not practical in the trading world. Failing big means losing $10,000, $20,000 or

When I first started helping other people improve their trading (many years ago now), the people who came to me were already experienced traders. In fact, most of my customers

To be a great trader, you must be healthy. Healthy traders are more focused and are better decision makers. And to be healthy, you must have healthy habits. Here’s the

Some of us traders spend 8 to 10 hours a day at our computer. Believe me when I say I want to decrease time at my computer, not increase it.

  As I was searching through my book shelves this week, I stumbled on a classic: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I love learning about how to be

There are some computer systems you just never want to lose. Take NASA’s systems for example. You just don’t want to lose connection to your astronauts. Traders aren’t usually in

Nothing beats trading from the beach for 3 hours when you’re on vacation. A computer, internet access, and a trading account: that’s all it takes to be a trader these

Selling computers and consumer electronics can attract some interesting characters. I own and operate an online e-commerce business selling computers (EZ Trading Computers), so I’ve been exposed to the many

I’ve been trading for nearly 30 years. I can remember a time when good trading tools were few and far between. In the old days, stockbrokers used Quotron and Bloomberg

I’ve taken thousands of calls from traders about computers. A lot of those callers ask the same questions about what should be “under the hood” in a good trading computer.

It’s not your imagination if you think we are fast approaching the world of George Orwell’s 1984. Just to be safe, today we’re going to talk about how to put

Windows 10: How to Keep Cortana Out of Your Business

There’s a big difference between busy work and meaningful work. While it feels good to complete tasks and conquer the day, just checking off busy-work items has a way of

Baskin-Robbins is famous for their 31 flavors of ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s has 60 of their own flavors. You know what!? It’s still all ice cream. The same is

I’m wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but some of the changes in Windows 10 make me want to line my room with tin foil and go read my disaster

Ten minutes passed. I was still waiting, but nothing arrived in my Gmail inbox. My day got busy, and I forgot all about that urgent email. At 4:00 pm it dawned

How to Never Miss An Important Email Again

I’ve been a trader for 30 years. I’ve watched as trading technology has changed by leaps and bounds. Remember getting stock quotes with Quotron? I do. I used it as

In an earlier post, I showed you how to use Favorites in File Explorer to quickly find files. (‘Favorites’ are now called ‘Quick access’ in Windows 10, but they work

If you used to be a Windows 8 user, like me, you probably hated that “swipe in from the right” thing you had to do to change settings and run

If you’re like most traders, you like to keep your information close to the vest. And you studiously avoid anything that smacks of big brother. So you probably already have

If you’re a trader like me, you know that trading, more than almost any other career, demands complete focus for many hours a day. And to really be successful, you

Most computer users nowadays realize the importance of backing up their data. Just about everybody has had a hard drive failure, or at least knows someone who went through that

If you’re like most traders, you spend a lot of your time thinking about how to improve your trading results and, ultimately, your life. You’re dreaming up new strategies, thinking

We talk a lot here at EZ Trading Computers about making sure your computer system is as fast as possible. But what about your own personal speed—the speed of your

If you’ve ever been organized in any aspect of your life, you’ve probably used a cheatsheet or checklist. Cheatsheets are available for tasks ranging from military operations to baby sitting.

Remember back when you only had one monitor? Remember how frustrating it was to have a bunch of windows all jumbled on top of each other so you had to

Have you been getting the super-annoying Windows 10 pop-up over and over again? Well, we have, too.  But now we have a simple solution to get rid of it forever!

Have you ever sent an email or a text with a horribly misspelled word? Or worse, your phone’s autocorrect created an embarrassing situation for you–a text sent with a completely

Trading Computer Panic Lost File

As a fellow trader, you, like myself, might have a tendency to deep-dive focus on whatever is in front of you at the moment. This can be equally good and

stock trading focus

When I log on to my trading computer, it’s always with the objective to make money – either in my daily trading or in my businesses. If you are like

trading computer keyboard

I got a text from my buddy the other day. He had a question about his computer and thought I could help. It’s unusual for him to reach out about

New York Clock Time

At EZ Trading Computers, we tell you all the time to backup your trading computer data (Most often I say it more like this – backup, backup, backup – to

I love the word customize. It implies that all of your preferences are met. I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all, off the shelf mentality. Customization, custom trading computers – yup,

At the start of the business day, you are trying to log into your account at Investors Business Daily – same browser and credentials as always. Yet, you are getting an


Although there are millions of websites on the Internet, as a trader you probably only use a dozen (maybe even less) per day. These websites are your go-to sites. If

Have you recently visited a website only to see some of the content was blocked? Even if you were on or you may have received a message about

Addressing risk up front, before something happens,  is simple. Addressing risk in motion, during or after an adverse event,  is messy & complicated. Our mantra at EZ Trading Computers is

Risk ahead sign

Have you ever had your computer get sluggish? You’re not alone. We all have. There’s really nothing worse than looking at an hour glass on your monitor while you wait

Imagine this scenario: You spent hours creating the ultimate profit/loss spreadsheet for trading last August. You’re super proud of it. There’s great promise of saving time analyzing your trades each

We’re all digital hoarders, aren’t we? We have more photos on our computers than we could ever print. If you’re anything like me you have at least 10 years worth

Have you ever been late for an appointment only to discover you can’t find your car keys? Panic sets in. Soon you’re frantically running around the house. You ask your