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Trading mistakes or success hinge more on mastering trading psychology than the best tools, high capital, or expensive training courses. Business coaches love to say “fail big or go home!”

3 Trading Mistakes Successful Traders Avoid

Learn quick tips on how to diagnose and fix what is causing your trading computer price data lag so you can just focus on trading! This is an issue a

Tips To Fix Trading Computer Price Data Lag

Hi there. This is Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Eddie Z’s Tools, Tips and Tricks. In this series, I will show you cool online tools for

Cool Trading Website -

If you’re trading on Firefox, installing these top Firefox add-ons can speed up your trading research and improve security. In a previous post, I highlighted 7 Chrome extensions that can

7 Firefox Add-ons for Trading Research & Improved Security

Traders, use these keyboard shortcuts to save you a ton of time and speed up your computing experience. Everyone will learn one new shortcut! I’m going to show you some

Use These Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You A Ton of Time

I get lots of questions from my clients about what kind of power you can fit in a trading laptop for travel. It’s no secret that laptops don’t offer the

What Kind Of Power Can You Fit In A Trading Laptop for Travel?

If you are trading on a Windows computer, now is a good time to take a look at using Windows Defender for trading computer security. As a trader, you’re no

Windows Defender for Trading Computer Security

As a trader either in the office or at a home office, you may want to try some Dropbox alternatives for sharing trading-related files. For years, many of us in

7 Dropbox Alternatives for Sharing Trading-Related Files

I just recently got back from vacation. Do you think I took a laptop to trade while I was gone? You bet I did! In the process of making sure

Top 5 Best Practices for Trading on a Laptop

…And why you’re inviting risk into your trading. Me: “Where are my jeans?” My Significant Other: “I threw them out. Wear the new ones I put in your drawer.” I

3 Reasons You Are Hesitating To Upgrade Your Trading Computer