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In this article, I am going to share 22 tips to improve trading focus by organizing. Have you ever been on a nice, long walk, and suddenly there’s a pebble

22 Tips to Improve Trading Focus by Organizing

In this article, we discuss what is cloud storage and which services are the best cloud storage for your trading computer and data. Are you worried about losing the data on

Best Cloud Storage For Your Trading Computer and Data

This article provides tips on how to use “Have I Been Pwned.” As a trader, you can take precautions to keep your trading data secure. A data breach is a

Tips On How To Use "Have I Been Pwned"

We’re going to discuss the top six things you can do to extend your laptop battery’s life when you’re traveling and running exclusively on battery power. Let me ask you…

Double Your Laptop Battery's Life with These Hacks

We can all use a little help getting through our busy trading days. There are a ton of free Chrome extensions available to make your trading day productive. In fact,

7 Chrome Extensions to Level Up Trading Day Productivity

Keeping your trading computer’s exterior surfaces clean can be just as important as keeping your hard drive clean. It’s obvious that keeping the inner (data storage) workings clean will improve

Spring Cleaning Your Trading Computer's Exterior Surfaces

If you want to learn more about how to become a peak performer at trading, you will want to check out some of the best books for traders. I will

Best Books For Traders

Whether you are trading from home or your office, this article will show you how to ensure a better WiFi signal for your trading computer. You do not want to

How To Ensure A Better WiFi Signal For Your Trading Computer

Do you trade stocks? If so, you’ll want to take a look at my favorite trading tools. They help me find winning trades each and every day. What’s up everybody?

These Trading Tools Point to Winning Trades

What’s up, everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets. If you are a trader, then you are also a computer Power User.

THIS Trader Misconception Can Cost You Big Time

If you’re a trader looking to improve your productivity and profitability, Google Chrome features can help you achieve your goals. According to PC Magazine’s article on the best browsers for

9 Chrome Features for an Easier Trading Day

Have you noticed your trading computer getting sluggish? Learn about CCleaner, a cool tool to speed up your trading computer. What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading

Cool Tool to Speed Up Your Trading Computer

Hi there. This is Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Eddie Z’s Tools, Tips and Tricks. In this series, I will show you cool online tools for

Cool Trading Website -

What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets. * * * * * * In this video, I’m going to show

Keyboard Shortcuts to Extend Your Life

Trading over Wi-Fi connection carries a higher risk of data loss. Learn best practices for using a wireless connection for trading stock. Have you seen the ads lately for wireless

Top 3 Best Practices When Trading Over Wi-Fi

Eye strain from the computer? Smart traders understand that healthy eyes are a crucial component of successful trading. Did you know optometrists can take a picture of the inside of

3 Ways Traders Can Eliminate Eye Strain from Computers

In today’s post, I’ll show you the top 7 fears of traders. Then I’ll show you how to break the grip of these fears in order to become a more

Top 7 Fears of Traders

Following our three productivity tips for multi-monitor trading computers can make a big difference in your trading focus and results. When you think of a trading computer, you probably imagine

3 Productivity Tips for Multi-Monitor Trading Computers

When you spend long hours in front of your computer, your mouse is an important component of trading productivity. It’s important to make sure you have quality hardware that makes

Can a Wireless Mouse Improve Your Trading Productivity?

What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets. You’ll want to check out these cool quick Google tips and tricks that

Google Tips and Tricks for Traders

…And why you’re inviting risk into your trading. Me: “Where are my jeans?” My Significant Other: “I threw them out. Wear the new ones I put in your drawer.” I

3 Reasons You Are Hesitating To Upgrade Your Trading Computer

When dealing with many traders and clients, you need a convenient and reliable way to share information from your trading computer. A file-sharing service is a tool that you can

Best File Sharing Services For Your Trading Business

As a trader, you’re no doubt already aware of the nightmare that could hit your business should your trading computer be attacked by a virus or ransomware. But the question

Man in suit sitting a trading laptop in a dark office

If you’re just now switching to Windows 10 (because of Windows 7 end-of-life), you might not yet have discovered some of its coolest features. In fact, even if you’ve been

Do your eyes get tired after a long day of staring at your 4 to 8 computer screens? Does all the visual busyness make it harder for you to focus

These days, there is an app for practically anything you want to do. Maybe even multiple apps. Problem is, sometimes we get so used to doing something a certain way

Man Wearing Eyeglasses Facing Computer

In a previous post, I highlighted 7 Chrome extensions that can make your trading day easier and more productive. But plenty of traders aren’t using the Chrome browser. So this

Sleeping Red Fox

For years now, many of us in the trading community have relied on Dropbox to make it easy to share files. Dropbox was one of the early pioneers in file

File Sharing Helps Collaboration in Your Trading Business

For many traders, a mobile device is an essential business tool. Traders carry their mobile phones everywhere to stay in touch with the market. But depending on the situation, sometimes

Smiling Shopper Gets Market Update on Smart Phone

When you are working in a fast-paced trading environment, keyboard shortcuts (aka hotkeys) can be extremely helpful. They can save you time and make you a more efficient trader. However,

Most traders nowadays have multi-monitor trading computer systems. Our customers typically have at least 4 monitors, but we sell plenty of 6- and 8-monitor systems as well. Despite the prevalence

Bluetooth is an often-overlooked resource for improving efficiency in any trading business. For example, traders can connect Bluetooth devices like headsets and cameras to their trading computers. This can transform

Most stock traders spend a lot of time online. In the course of your internet meanderings, you’ve probably come across the term ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT. But you might

In the past, when you bought computer for trading, you never worried about the mouse. A wired mouse came as part of the package. But things have changed. Often the

Google Assistant is making a big impact in the digital assistant market. In a previous post, I talked about how Google Assistant can help make your trading day more efficient.

Digital personal assistants are still not skilled enough to replace human beings (fortunately). You still need human help to keep your trading business running smoothly. But digital personal assistants can

If you’re a heavy Gmail user (of the online version and not Outlook), you’re probably already aware Google has given Gmail a facelift. Whether you use Gmail for personal use

Windows 10 has been out long enough now that most traders are using it rather than our former favorite, Windows 7. And if you’re following this blog, you’ll know I’ve

As a trader, nothing destroys your productivity more than when your trading computer slows down. The symptoms can vary. The movements of your mouse might be sluggish. When you open

The last time you bought a new trading computer, I’m sure you were totally focused on hardware factors like speed and memory capacity. But once you’ve acquired the best hardware

If you spend your whole day in front of your trading computer, you are probably living an unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us recognize that marathon gaming can be hard on

If you’re like most traders, you tend to get into a rut in terms of the apps (software applications) you depend on to get through your day. You can be

I don’t know about you, but updating the operating system on my trading computer is more likely to cause me to groan than to cheer. First, there’s the aggravating part

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time on simple tasks and stay focused on my trading. Here are 10 Google Search Shortcuts I recently learned

Houses over 4,000 square feet drive me nuts. I’d rather rent houses as I travel the world than get the life sucked out of me trying to maintain more ‘stuff.’

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season puts retailers like Walmart, Target, and Macy’s in a frenzy. Many retailers must hit their holiday sales goals or they’ll miss out on 40% of

Skype is an amazing tool! Many of my blog readers and customers already know about Skype. They often use it to video chat with long-distance family. However, there’s so much

The target of my devotion is clear. I love trading. And, I love trading from my home office computer most of all. The target of my hatred is clear as

“I love it when a plan comes together.” If you remember watching the TV show (or movie) The A-Team, you’ll recognize that as the catchphrase of the team’s leader, Colonel

Business coaches love to say “fail big or go home!” That statement drips of motivation, but it’s not practical in the trading world. Failing big means losing $10,000, $20,000 or

When I first started helping other people improve their trading (many years ago now), the people who came to me were already experienced traders. In fact, most of my customers

To be a great trader, you must be healthy. Healthy traders are more focused and are better decision makers. And to be healthy, you must have healthy habits. Here’s the

For years, I have insisted traders use a wired connection. An Ethernet cable plugged directly into a modem or router is the best, most secure connection for trading. Don’t trade

Some of us traders spend 8 to 10 hours a day at our computer. Believe me when I say I want to decrease time at my computer, not increase it.

  As I was searching through my book shelves this week, I stumbled on a classic: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I love learning about how to be

There’s a big difference between busy work and meaningful work. While it feels good to complete tasks and conquer the day, just checking off busy-work items has a way of

Ten minutes passed. I was still waiting, but nothing arrived in my Gmail inbox. My day got busy, and I forgot all about that urgent email. At 4:00 pm it dawned

How to Never Miss An Important Email Again

In an earlier post, I showed you how to use Favorites in File Explorer to quickly find files. (‘Favorites’ are now called ‘Quick access’ in Windows 10, but they work

If you used to be a Windows 8 user, like me, you probably hated that “swipe in from the right” thing you had to do to change settings and run

If you’re like most traders, you like to keep your information close to the vest. And you studiously avoid anything that smacks of big brother. So you probably already have

If you’re a trader like me, you know that trading, more than almost any other career, demands complete focus for many hours a day. And to really be successful, you

Lots of traders skipped Windows 8/8.1, going straight from 7 to 10. A big reason for that was because the Start Menu disappeared in Windows 8. It came back partially

Microsoft and Google have been fighting over your Internet surfing grounds for years. With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has upped their game with the new Edge browser. (Edge

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Cortana. It works like Siri or Ok Google. Basically, it’s a voice-activated interface that can perform a host of tasks like searching your computer

If you’re like most of our customers, when you upgrade to Windows 10, you will have skipped Windows 8 entirely. Lucky you! Seriously. You may have heard about how the

Most computer users nowadays realize the importance of backing up their data. Just about everybody has had a hard drive failure, or at least knows someone who went through that

I just recently got back from a great vacation overseas. Do you think I took a laptop to trade while I was gone? You bet I did! In the process


If you’re like most traders, you spend a lot of your time thinking about how to improve your trading results and, ultimately, your life. You’re dreaming up new strategies, thinking

We talk a lot here at EZ Trading Computers about making sure your computer system is as fast as possible. But what about your own personal speed—the speed of your

If you’ve ever been organized in any aspect of your life, you’ve probably used a cheatsheet or checklist. Cheatsheets are available for tasks ranging from military operations to baby sitting.

If this didn’t happen to you yet, it’s likely it will soon. First, you should understand what is going on with Microsoft. The intention behind Windows 10 is very different

The #1 question I get asked whether it’s a desktop or a laptop is, “Which trading computer is the best option for how I intend to use it?” This is what


Portability vs. Ability Many traders turn to laptop trading computers in order to have a reliable machine that you can trade on whether you are in your home office or


Mac or PC for Traders First, we need to get something out of the way. We have to address the age-old discussion – should you use a Mac or PC laptop


Your trading computer setup can often be drastically changed by upgrading your accessories. If your like me, your trading computer workstation comfort and efficiency is super important. I’ve found some


I’ve spent most of my career boiling down my trading to a few simple indicators that almost always produce winning trades. In fact, I believe there are only 4 chart

trading computer winning result profits

Morgan Freeman died twice this year, according to the Internet. In reality, Freeman’s very much alive and well. He was a victim of the all too common celebrity death hoax stories that

Trading Computer Virus Detected

You’ve no doubt heard of the television sitcom Seinfeld. We’ve all at least seen one episode, haven’t we? If you are a Seinfeld fan like myself, you remember the episode

Windows 10 Trading Computer

I just recently converted part of my basement into a home theater. In the process of getting everything dialed in, I decided to run through all the adjustments on my

Trading Computer RAM

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Which of the EZ Trading Computers should I buy?” It makes sense that, during your process of deciding what computer

trading computers purchasing

Getting a computer virus can be a nightmare. Odds are you wouldn’t want your trading to be interrupted, even haulted, by having to deal with a virus on your trading

Virus Detected

I recently went with my buddy to help him buy a new flat screen TV. He knew what he wanted – an HD LED TV with a screen size of

word value

I upgraded my trading platform software on my computer easily enough. Installation was pretty straight forward. Confident that I was ready for next day’s trading session, I closed up shop

Data Feed and Data Lag

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were 25 hours in a day instead of 24? If you’re like me, you have a long list of things to do and


At the start of the business day, you are trying to log into your account at Investors Business Daily – same browser and credentials as always. Yet, you are getting an


Microsoft Windows update: On July 29, 2015 Windows 10 Operating System will be released to the public. We’ve been getting calls on our sales and support lines about Windows 10


What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets. * * * * * * A lot of people ask me, Eddie,


It’s no secret that laptops don’t offer the same level of power and speed that you’re desktop trading computer delivers you. I get lots of questions from my clients about

A lot of people may disagree, but for me Windows 8 is a distraction. There are no significant performance benefits. The interface and workflow are too different. It gets in