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Reviews & Testimonials

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced that you going to absolutely love your new EZ Trading Computer that we GUARANTEE it! In fact, if you don’t find your EZ Trading Computer to be the fastest, highest quality computer you have ever owned, we will give you a 100% refund plus WE WILL PAY THE COST OF SHIPPING BOTH WAYS within the first 14 days from the delivery date. There is no risk to you whatsoever. Scroll down and read what real traders like you think of us. .

Jeff McAllister, Vice President of Education at OptionsANIMAL:

“In addition to my role at OptionsANIMAL as an educator, I am an avid trader. Options are my vehicle of choice. With the increasing sophistication of web based trading platforms, my computing needs soon exceeded my computing capacity…..” (read the complete testimonial)

….” To say that this computer fulfills my needs is a stark understatement. Using my old computing system, the trading platform would partially freeze. The processing power simply wasn’t there to handle the complexities of today’s trading platform. With my EZ Trading Computer, there has never been an issue with latency. I have, in fact, had three different trading platforms open simultaneously, all running real-time data with no issues what so ever.

I would highly encourage you to take a close look at EZ Trading Computers. In my opinion, they are absolutely the best value for your money and without a doubt, the best choice. When it’s once again time for me to upgrade my system, it will be another from Eddie and EZ Trading Computers.”

Trading Psychology Coach Kenneth Reid, PhD: “I just got Tradestation (Mar 2011) installed on my new ZR1 and did a restore operation to transfer all indicators, workspaces, etc. from the old computer. It took less than 2 minutes and I was done……..The first thing I noticed was a big difference in resource usage. When I moved my mouse over the charts on my ‘old’ HP (just 1 year old) with the 930 processor and 8gb ram, I would be using 10-15% of the CPU just for orchart.exe. On this machine, the CPU idled at 1%-2%. Quite impressive. At the gap up open today in the ES, CPU usage was never more than 15% and there was no delay in plotting. As a trading coach and psychologist, I reiterate to my clients the importance of not get emotionally triggered while trading. Having an underpowered computer can easily lead to this kind of frustration trigger and in turn, a series of bad decisions and trades. I encourage everyone to have the most up to date trading tools available. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs . Thanks Eddie for this most awesome trading tool. This is amazing. I’ve finally found the trading computer of my dreams! I am a believer! Dr. Kenneth Reid is a practicing psychotherapist, trading coach and trader. He also works as a Senior Analyst and Editor for three national stock market newsletters with thousands of subscribers. He has appeared on CNBC and written for and

Reviews & Testimonials:

Sam T, MI: My experience with EZ Trading computers was Excellent! When I called to ask questions, Eddie answered the phone and I ordered my computer on the spot. Fastest computer I’ve ever owned! Thank again Eddie!

Rudy S, Iowa: I recently purchased an EZ Trading Computer and am extremely satisfied. It was easy to put together as per instructions and was online without any problems. I would never be without this computer. Without a trading computer, you would be bringing a knife to a gunfight! Thank You Eddie Z

Ken, Chicago: I am very pleased with my purchase of a complete trading system. The desktop and monitors are performing extremely well and the price was fantastic.

Ray, PA: I bought a trading computer from Eddie at EZ, laptop version, this year and I am very happy with the speed and use of the computer. Eddie was very helpful and I have not had any problems with the computer. I am a happy customer.

Jack, GA Thank you for such a fantastic computer. Jeff McAlister (Options Animal Instructor) was absolutely right on with his description and recommendation. Contrary to many products, this one operated flawlessly right out of the box. Now for the criticism. I would not have known about these fantastic machines if it wasn’t for Jeff. I may not have investigated further because of the “Trading Computer” emphasis. If truth be known, this is one of the finest, if not the finest business computers on the market. My son looked it over and commented on the gaming possibilities. A feature story in Stocks and Commodities, would sure hit your target also. Thanks Eddie.

Bob, CA: This new trading computer has exceeded my expectations. It boots up lickety-split and execution of NinjaTrader and Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation is so much better than my old Dell. The four screens allow me to see everything at once so I don’t have to swap windows all the time. The five-year parts and labor warranty gives me peace of mind. Thanks for providing such an awesome machine.

Ron A, FL writes: Just a few words to let you know how pleased I am with your trading computers. As you know, I have two four screen computers, one for my home and one for my office. Dealing with you and your tech support people made the installation immediately operational. They were good to go right out of the box. Frankly I was amazed that I could begin using them within a forty five minutes of opening the box, and that included putting together the 4 screen stand and all hook ups. I was truly afraid to buy the first computer. To buy something with no brand name that could have been built in a garage with bastardized parts, is a scary proposition. I guess that is why I was doubly happy in dealing with you. Not only did I get a great computer, but it is so well made and good looking as well. It is unfortunate that your future customers don’t know how honest you are. You may remember, I was willing to buy a much more expensive computer from you and you took the time to show me why that would be a big waste on my part. Unfortunately, those things never get to the potential customer. You build a great product at a great price. What could be better? Thanks for your quality and service. (Ron bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

David P, TX writes: I now have all the tools I need to successfully make money in the stock market thanks to EZBreakouts stock picks and my 4 monitor EZ Trading Computer. A fantastic combination! (David bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Don J, NC writes: I have been using an EZ Trading Computer system for about six months and could not be more happy. The computer operates without a hitch. If I did not know better I would think it’s a Mac computer. I operate four screens and multiple programs at the same time and they work flawlessly. (Don bought a Radical Extreme EZ Trading Computer)

Brian Burke, BABCO Trading writes: Recently, my business partner and I opened a trading and brokerage company. I knew from the beginning I did not want to buy the computers from a big box store given the demands we would be placing on the systems. I began to search the internet for trading computer options and decided within a week that EZ Trading computers was going to be our choice. I am extremely glad we made that decision. From the beginning, when the owner “Eddie” himself answered the phone, the experience was great. I was particularly pleased with the lifetime support and warranty offered by EZ Trading Computers and the fact that everyone I talked to was knowledgeable and spoke clear English was a big plus. You will not find better prices. Trust me, I did my homework… Our office is now equipped with 4 EZ Trading computers 20 monitors in total and most all peripherals coming from EZ Trading Computers. I can assure you as our business grows we will be buying more computers from EZ Trading Computers. (Brian bought several EZ Trading Computers for his office)

Warren & Maxine, Australia write: I can say I was apprehensive about purchasing stuff online let alone a computer from overseas. However the service and products you provided went well beyond my expectations and we are thoroughly delighted with your company.

  1. You were patient with our lack of knowledge and apprehension.
  2. You took the time to understand our needs and matched it to the correct product for us.
  3. The products you recommended suited our current needs and future needs.
  4. The products were delivered quickly, without fuss and they were well packaged.
  5. The delivery time, delivery method and customs process was fully communicated by you throughout the entire process. This was most comforting.
  6. Your computers were cheaper with superior components by a substantial margin then several other companies I got quotes from.
  7. I always got quick responses with clear and concise communications.

Your knowledge/advice and more importantly your ability to deliver “computer jargon” in an understandable, non-condescending layman’s format was key for me. Then you back up that sale with constant communication through the whole sale to delivery process and beyond providing us with continued service and knowledge via educational videos etc without blocking up my inbox. You totally ROCK Eddie!!! I have recommended you to anyone who is looking to buy a computer even if it’s not for trading. I felt I bought more than just a computer from you because we got a whole lot more from the experience. THANK YOU (Warren & Maxine bought a Radical Viper EZ Trading Computer)

Michael, UK writes: Having used a competing (and more expensive) company for my prior trading PCs I decided to change for my next one following a series of support issues and component failures that raised stability issues in my mind. I was impressed by the marketing from EZ Trading Computers and was delighted when my questions were answered online within a matter of minutes from someone who UNDERSTOOD what I was talking about and why. I had a particular set up in mind based on a machine already featured on the website with several questions for components and I was steered away from some and towards others with solid rationale for a bullet-proof and reliable system – my main aim – and the ordering process was seamless. I was kept informed during the fast build process and my machine arrived ahead of the scheduled time. There was also follow up to make sure that all was OK. It is a flawless system and thus far with zero issues. Worked perfectly straight out of the box as I wanted it and has created a seriously satisfied customer as a result. Can’t ask for more than that! (Michael bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Matt, NC writes: EZ Trading was a pleasure to work with; Eddie answered all of my questions and walked me through his trading computer recommendations helping me select a system that best fit my needs. I will definitely be a return customer and would highly recommend EZ Trading. (Matt bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Josh, OR writes: I can confirm that I am quite satisfied with the computer you built for us. Everything has been as you initially represented it to be. Thank you for that. It is a statement that cannot be said for most businesses in the “trading, investing” world. I wish I could find software, or purveyor of a trading methodology that could deliver on half the claims they make to lure in customers. Thanks to you, I have no trading hardware problems. Now, if I could just figure out a way to make money with it….. (Matt bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Darryl, IL writes: Eddie ,just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am with the computer I bought from you .I have been a market maker 20 years for larger groups until 6 months ago ,I started my own group .I have 2 computers at the moment one is a dell , one is from you . Our tech dept from our clearing was iffy at first about us ordering from you only cause he never heard of you. After our install on the floor he was so impressed that he is now recommending yours over dell. Not only is it cheaper but it’s so much more powerful .the ordering process is less than the dell , and since its built from you ,you know what traders need .Honestly, I don’t know what to order on a computer , so when it came to ordering yours it was so easy , all the ordering options are done for you! It took days just going thru the list for the dell because it’s for general use ! Again I appreciate everything and the next computer I order is for sure coming from you! Even my next home computer .cause I know what I’m getting ! A no bs system .. Thx again CBOE/CBOT market maker… (Darryl bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)

Tim, MA writes: In the past 10-15 years I’ve been involved with purchasing a lot of personal computers; many were for myself to upgrade previous models and others were for family members and friends buying new. The last few were trading computers, and honestly I may have learned a lot about purchasing computers in general but not a trading computer system specifically. Working with Eddie was not only my best computer purchasing experience overall, but I also learned a lot about trading computers in the process. This is very important to me as I want to understand better before spending; then I have no regrets and feel like I got the best bang for my buck. Eddie’s training videos were very key as I watched all of them and many of them multiple times before making a final decision. In the last week before pulling the trigger I exchanged a lot of emails and phone calls with Eddie looking for answers about which model was right for me. In many cases Eddie answered the phone when I called and gave me as much time as I needed; if I had to leave a message he returned my call promptly. Emails were answered quickly too. Honestly, this type of customer care is priceless !!! This personalized shopping experience was unprecedented and to tell you the truth it blew me away ..all from the comfort of my home!! Eddie is very good; I would say ‘the best’ at what he does. I am extremely grateful that I found him and that I have an expert in my corner in the area of computer trading systems. In the end I purchased a ZR-1 system; I haven’t had any problems with it at all’s super fast! My older ‘non trading computer’ systems were completely inadequate for what I was doing; I was dealing with slow response time and freezing on a regular basis; how frustrating!!! Oh and I almost forgot, my trading has improved significantly, because now I trust my new ‘robust’ system to keep up the demand of trade execution; I simply don’t have to worry about that any more. Thanks Eddie; I’ll see you for an upgrade in a few years (Tim bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Russ, CA writes: I am a Programmer / Trader who has been buying high end custom machines for over 20 years. I was initially impressed with Eddie’s knowledge of the high end PC market demonstrated in his videos. I recently bought 3 machines from EZ Trading Computers and I had over 3 pages (single spaced) of custom requirements. Eddie and his team breezed through all my special needs and got me what I needed quickly, professionally and at very competitive prices. It’s nice doing business with someone who is competent that you actually enjoy working with. If you are buying high end machines (especially ‘custom fit’ as opposed to ‘off the rack’, you really need to call Eddie Z. (Russ bought several EZ Trading Computers)

David, GA writes: First there was the excellent pre-sales advice. Eddie was very straight forward and upfront as we discussed which computer (or in my case computers) would best serve my needs and requirements. Eddie was also very helpful in weighing the cost/benefit of each system under consideration. Second was the service. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about ordering a computer system online. Would it be what I wanted? Would it perform? What if something was not right? I needn’t bothered…My order was managed very professionally, even a last minute modification was handled with care. The system arrived on time and just as expected. Setup was a breeze and both computers are running flawlessly. I could not have been more satisfied with the entire experience. But finally I must note, Eddie has answered every question I have posed well after the sale, albeit not many were required, with prompt attention and a warm tone. In fact, I felt like I was talking with a close friend or co-worker as we discussed a networking requirement that came up. If anyone is looking for a computer system, whether it be for trading or other high priority needs, I would recommend no one more aggressively than Eddie and EZ Computers. (David bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer & a customized 17.3″ EZ Laptop)

Gordon, NJ writes: The Service Staff worked relentlessly to satisfy a slight the technical problem, even through the weekend. Highly recommend the product and the support staff. (Gordon bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer)

Dean, MN writes: I was an absolute beginner concerning trading computers and what was required. You took a lot of time to walk me through the basics and what I would need. Besides our phone conversations we exchanged many emails. When I decided on a system you had it in my hands within the week and it has been working flawlessly. Your easy access to system information, tech people, and to you personally has been stunning. I would recommend both you and your computers to all who are looking to get into serious trading. Thank you so very much.. (Dean bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Kunal, writes: For years I traded on a standard retail desktop. It always seemed I was 1 second behind everything. When I talked to Eddie he showed me what his computers could do. I recently had just dumped 2500 bucks on a MAC and even that didn’t have enough power as I am a fulltime trader and run a trading business. With Eddie’s Firebird desktop I got a computer that was 2/3 of the price of my apple with 3x the horsepower. I see everything quicker. Get my data quicker and also can run multiple monitors and dozens of applications with no slow down in speed. And did I mention the customer service?!! Eddie is very easy to get a hold and either he or one his guys will personally walk you through any issue from actual computer issues to even how to setup virus software (im not very computer proficient). The service alone is worth the buy. I will never trade without one of these computers again. (Kunal bought an upgraded version of the Firebird EZ Trading Computer)

Matt, LA writes: I subscribed to Eddies website for about a year & found the information that was presented very helpful. I decided to purchase new laptop & called Eddie. He answered the phone himself & within a few minutes he had found a laptop that exceeded my expectations! Great communication, quick shipping & quality service! If you’re looking for a high end system this site is all that you need. (Matt bought a 17.3″ Customized EZ Laptop)

Jack, FL writes: In a world of hustlers and rip off artists, it’s refreshing to find a regular guy delivering the goods with no fanfare or hype. It’s also nice to know someone that can keep up with the fast advancing technology world. I’m very happy with my 6 screen system and will be buying my next laptop from you. Thanks for making the transition so easy. (Jack bought a Mega XL EZ Trading Computer)

Jim, OH writes: Good Evening….. I am conducting my routine review of my trading day and beginning my research for my trading day on Friday. While looking through my transactions I came to realize how effective I have been at executing my trades (entries and exits). After further thought I believe that success is due in large part to the trading computer system your firm has provided me. The through put of data and fast video processing of 4 – 25″ screens allows me to keep a close handle on my targets without any delay. I follow and trade Russell futures and have that on one screen with 4 studies on a chart devoted to that. On a second screen I have 9 charts of currencies, gold and oil and the E-minis. My watch list, tweet deck, scanner, 2 chat rooms and my trading system function on the other monitors…… all without any hesitation. I suspect the Firebird computer could easily handle 8 monitors but that would mean a bigger desk. Not a bad thought. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your help at the beginning of the year when I was making my purchase decision. It was nice to talk to the “man” and have a clear understanding of not only what I would receive, but what the expected performance would be and that you stood behind your product. Keep up the good work. (Jim bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)

William, UT writes: I ordered my trading computer and received promptly as promised. Set-up was a snap and tech support was very helpful. I only needed to place one call regarding cables to buy for my new 6 monitor system. I have never had 1 problem with it. It handles the real-time data in crude oil just fine …even when there is an economic report which cause significant volume spikes. My old computer use to freeze up. I am happy to say I have never experienced that with my computer from EZ Trading Computers. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious trader who wants top quality at the best possible price. (William bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer)

Tim, MN writes: Hi Eddie, Just a note to say thanks and I am very happy with my new computer set up. You and your tech support have been great to work with. Thanks again. (Tim bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Dan, CO write: I was very impressed with the service I received from EZ Trading computers. Eddie has an incredible knowledge of what computer set ups are needed by serious traders. He goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or upgrade their trading computer system. (Dan bought an Iroc EZ Trading Computer)

Ken, AZ Writes: Thanks Eddie, I have really enjoyed my new multiple monitor computer. For those looking into a new computer, I got the ZR-1 with 4 monitor support. It has a Intel i7- 2600 K @ 4.6 GHz with Turbo boost. The speed is off the charts, everything arrived ahead of schedule, set-up was easy and smooth….Great trading computer. Handles 4 screens with 10 charts if I want, tick charts for emini, Advance-Decline issues, and lets me multi tasks on other things at the same time. EZ Trading Computers worked with me to get what I wanted, which couldn’t be found retail, and matched pricing on local monitors, and service has been good when I have called, but I haven’t needed anything so will just enjoy my computer. Thanks guys. Ken, Scottsdale, AZ (Ken bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Mike, Northern Marianas Islands writes: I bought a computer from Eddie about 6 months ago. It shipped in about 3 days and I received it in another 15 – in the Northern Marianas Islands. It was well packed, and performed perfectly out of the box. With the quad core liquid cooled processor it has the power to run all my trading programs simultaneously, together with music on windows media player and a spreadsheet and maybe a YouTube video – and all without exceeding about 5-8% of processor capacity. The build didn’t have the trash programs on it that an HP, Dell or other low end computer has, and that helps it go fast. (Mike bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Gian, TX writes: Trading today I was short gold at $1661. It had been consolidating sideways for a couple and was starting to break down when out of nowhere price shot down nearly $20 in literally less than a minute. Because I was trading on my EZ trading computer, I was able to kill my trade with instant execution getting out at $1646 with a very nice profit. If I had been trading on my old machine there is no way I would have been able to get out so fast at such a good price. As a professional trader, it is crucial that I have a professional trading computer that can trade as fast as I do; that is exactly what I have with my EZ trading computer. -Gian from Dallas (Gian bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)

Ross, TX writes: I am a satisfied customer of Eddie – he personally helped me select the correct computer and even answered a question about one of my older computers – above and beyond. Thanks Eddie (Ross bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer)

Lars, CA writes: Your Buying a Trading Computer tutorials and info are great. The system I bought works great, shipping was good, set tutorials were great. When I had a problem, Tech Support got the job done. I liked the first system so much, I bought a second one for back up, nothing like 8 monitors! (Lars bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Cheong, TX writes: Your service and personal attention given to my order has been top-rated. Also, the quality and price of the grade of trading computer I got, no doubt, is the best value available. (Cheong bought an Ultra II)

Flamur, AK writes: One of the best customer service ever!! Eddie Z made it very easy for me to chose my computer. there customer service is A++. fast shipping, grate product, the best customer service. (Flamur bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Mauro, West Vancouver Canada writes: I just want to compliment EZ Trading Computers for their prompt response and advice on everything. After trading with a Windows XP and one monitor and getting very frustrated with how slow everything was, I decided to upgrade to a dedicated trading computer. I looked at other companies on the web but I just was not convinced and eventually I contacted Eddie Z. I was looking at getting the Viper and after talking to Eddie, he convinced me that the ZR-1 would be sufficient for me. I ordered the ZR-1 with 6 monitor support, 256GB solid state hard drive with a 1TB for backup and the 6 monitor stand. Well I could not believe how fast the computer and stand got to me, just fantastic service .This machine with 6 monitors, 2 charts per monitor in real time is so fast, it still blows me away when I work with it, it’s an absolute dream come true. I am extremely happy with EZ Trading Computers that I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you again (Mauro bought a customized ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Simon, OH writes I spent quite some time researching about trading computers. I started from Best Buy, Amazon, …, until I stumbled on, better known as EZ Trading Computers. Wow! What a value for a trading computer I found. I bought ULTRA II EZ Trading computer with 16 GB and 8 monitor capability back in Nov-12. The computer arrived on time via Fedex. Eddie had already emailed to me all the necessary instructions to configure the monitors in a video clip (nice). The setup is a breeze. The computer runs so cool that I barely notice a maximum of 3 C temperature rise at any time. I have at least 14 charts at any given time during market hours. With the best value for a computer of this caliber and extremely easy customer support access, not mentioning 3 year Limited Warranty plan, it’s the best bang for the buck. Thank you, Eddie. (Simon bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Derek. NC writes: I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the Ultra II trading computer I purchased from you 6 months ago. I had never owned a trading computer before and I didn’t really know how much better it would perform than an off the shelf computer. It really is an eye opener to see what speed and reliability have done to my trading performance. I had my 4 monitors up and running within 20 minutes of opening the box and have not looked back since. Thanks again for the great product, I will definitely do business with you again (Derek bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Don, NJ writes: The computer I ordered came as promised. The build/delivery was fast. The communication was great throughout the ordering process. Eddie was always available to help via email or phone. When I received it, I had a few questions setting it up and the tech support line was extremely helpful in resolving any issues I had. So far, I’m very happy with Eddie’s computer (Don bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer)

John, VA writes: My experience dealing with Eddie at EZ Trading was beyond my expectations. The computer hardware was to spec and the monitors as ordered. What I really appreciated with dealing with him, was when there was an issue, there were no excuses from this company. They simply remedied the issues. That speaks volumes about their customer service. There is an online video instruction on how to setup the computer and multiple monitors which is to the step correct which made it extremely easy and practical. I have no hesitation in referring anyone that needs trading computers to Eddie and his company EZ Trading. (John bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Jung, LV writes: I have been using the 4 monitor system with ups battery backup. I am not computer guy but Eddie Z trading computer delivers what they promise. For example-they are fast and dependable and also help to set up. In no time you’re are in action. Since I got four monitor system, my efficiency has improved. It also give me peace of mind with UPS system they provide. Their software support is best I have experienced. Since I got the computer, I called Eddie Z and associates for 6-8 times with problems and they fixed all my problems in time-rapid response. I like the team viewer system to take over my screen and fix it for me. It has been heaven sent for me. I am recommending my son to get this system if he wants to trade, especially day trading. I am so happy I got this system to trade. I recommend to anyone who is interested in day trading. Thanks you Eddie Z for providing the computers system to trade and software support. (Jung bought a Iroc EZ Trading Computer)

Chuck, SC writes: Recently I decided to purchase a new currency and day trading computer system. After doing research on the Internet and talking to Eddie Z I purchased a custom built system from EZ Trading Computers. The computer, monitors, stand and accessories arrived separately in a few days. They were surprisingly easy to assemble and set up. When I had a problem setting up my computer with my new high speed ISP I called support and the EZ tech was able to solve my problem immediately. My new system is incredibly fast! I typically run three streaming Forex charts, three streaming equities charts, an EOD chart program, several Excel spreadsheets that connect interactively to Yahoo Financial data, email, several Word documents and other applications with no problems. I cannot say enough about EZ Trading Computers. They provide super-fast custom built systems, knowledgeable sales and tech support, and the best prices available. (Chuck bought a Radical Extreme EZ Trading Computer)

Valerie, AZ writes: It is all that I hoped for in a computer. I am a trader and reliability is very important to me. I can say my computer has given me piece of mind and it is key to have a computer I can count on.. Also thank you for your timely responses to all my questions. Your customer service is A++. Thank you so much (Valerie bought a 17.3″ Customized EZ Trading Computer)

Brent, Alberta BC Canada writes: Unbelievable. Phoned, and Eddie Z himself answers! He had to convince me that it really was him! Very courteous, very professional, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. Told him what my problems and needs were in a computer. Eddie did not try to oversell me. I trade the spikes in oil futures, and I need for my computer to ‘not’ lock up in a spike! Eddie recommended the Ultra 2. Received my Ultra 2 in less than a week. Very impressed with setup, and super-impressed with this very scary machine! Even more impressed with Eddie! I would recommend my own Mother to do business with this man! I’m not kidding! Thanks Eddie..I will be ordering all my computer needs only from your business from now on.. (Brent bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

George, NJ writes: Eddie couldn’t have made the process easier for me. After much comparison shopping, I chose EZ Trading Computers. I spoke with Eddie who customized a machine to fit my needs and budget. I received the machine quickly and it was easy to set up. I’m thrilled with mypurchase. Thanks Eddie! (George bought an Ultra II Trading Computer)

Alex P, MN writes: I purchased a ZR1 with 2 ASUS 24 inch monitors and upright stand from EZ Trading computers. What a beauty this computer is and what a joy not only for trading, but for other projects as well, since I run some online ventures. I had a Pentium 4 Dell prior to this, kept 2 of my monitors, and now have a 4 monitor set up. It is so nice to be able to use all 5 of my monitors (also have a 27 inch iMac) for trading or when developing projects. The computer is fast, quiet, and attractive as well with the pretty blue lights in the front. Eddie was also very helpful and always available. Support is great and was very helpful when on initial start up, I had a driver issue and that was resolved quickly and efficiently. You will not be sorry purchasing an EZ trading computer. I would never go back to a stock computer now as far as PCs go..…….. The prices are great and Eddie understands what traders need in a high quality, fast computing platform. Alex bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Ace, OH writes: After much research and input from a well respected IT guru I use in the office and at home, I concluded Eddie Z was the way to go for my trading computer! You can’t beat the price and the system is awesome! Just what I needed! The system was shipped and delivered quickly, I was up and running in a few days. Great job Eddie!! Ace bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Pete J, CA writes: First of all, for those who might not be aware, there is no factory-made, mass produced computer available in a retail store like Best buy, or online at Amazon, whether it be for trading, gaming, or massive data crunching that remotely compares to the performance of a high-end, custom built rig. If you can’t or don’t want to build it yourself, you need to find the right people to build one for you. There’s lots of custom builders out there, particularly for trading and/or gaming, but after a lot of research, and a great conversation with Eddie on the phone, I settled on EZ Trading Computers and couldn’t be happier. I bought one of the Radicals, and the thing is a (surprisingly quiet) tank – a solid, super-fast beast, built with the highest quality components, as opposed to the cheapest parts provided by the lowest bidder approach to mass-market computer construction – and with a price that’s much better than other custom builders like Falcon, Mulitplex, Digital Tigers, or Cobra. But what really sets EZ Trading Computers apart is the service. From my initial and follow-up conversations with Eddie before purchasing, to tech-support after purchasing, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Anywhere! It’s unbelievable. You call up with a question, or a problem (I had a few software glitches – Windows related, nothing to do with the way the computer was built) and a person answers the phone. A friendly, knowledgeable person who is not reading from a fake-politeness script but who really listens to your issue and knows how to fix it. There is no directive to check out their 300 page online “knowledge base” while you’re on hold for half an hour. You call, they answer. And English is their first language. The whole experience, from buying to using to tech support is like flying first class. After you’ve been there there’s no going back to coach. Pete bought a Radical EZ Trading Computer

Dan, MA writes: Hi Eddie, I’m enjoying my new trading computer very much (my first one from EZ Trading Computers). There is one thing I can say for sure after working with Eddie and EZ Trading Computers is that they care about their clients and want to get it right. Thanks for everything! Dan bought a Radical GT EZ Trading Computer

Willam, MI writes: I am all smiles with my EZ Trading Computer. It is very quick and stable. I have 32 open stock charts at all times with live updates. I have 70 additional charts in the background with 50 being continually updated. I have about 2,000 stocks updating on various watch lists. I predominately run 2″, 5″ and 15″ charts. The first 5 minutes of the market open can be extremely volatile with tremendous transaction activity. I am very pleased that I am now able to quickly trade the opening minutes. Of course, the 16GB of memory is a big plus. The 3 front USB ports plus the regular rear USBs make adding peripherals very easy. For service I was impressed when you researched potential solutions to hooking my parallel port laser printer. Thanks for all your help and a great PC product configuration. William bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Paul, TX writes: Eddie, I couldn’t be happier with my new 8 screen EZ Trading Computer set up. With the assistance of your staff I have been able to create my own “Trading Room” environment which allows me to easily monitor my existing trades while simultaneously executing trading strategies quickly and efficiently. They have been a major contributor to my trading success and have allowed me to become much more efficient in my trading activity. Also, you and your staff have been very responsive in providing assistance when needed and I always find you are available to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise. The expeditious and efficient response has been outstanding in assisting when my lack of computer knowledge and know-how have left me without viable solutions. Thanks again Eddie for all your help. Paul bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Kip, CA writes: My previous “off the shelf” computer system couldn’t handle the enormous data crunching and chart builds on multiple screens that I demanded of it. “100% CPU Usage” messages and computer lock ups were common occurrences each day. In search of the best trading computer on the market I found Eddie Z. Since purchasing the computer system Eddie Z recommended to me, I can say that I no longer have any computer problems and I can now focus on making money with my trading. I have recommend my system to every trader I know. Kip bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Eloy Fenocchi, Market writes: It’s rare to find both dollar and substantive value when it comes to this type of technology, finding EZ Trading Computers was terrific and all that they promised was immediately delivered on. My trading desk is now on fire! Thanks again. Eloy bought a Radical GT EZ Trading Computer

Craig, MD writes: I just wanted to drop you a quick line about your computers. These are the best I have found. They are everything you claimed to be. Order and build time is excellent. All advice on what I needed was correct. Best of all your response time to any type of questions was quick an accurate. Tech support is the greatest. I could keep adding things to say but its not necessary. I will let my invoice say how I feel. I purchased one workstation was so impressed I purchased another and then a laptop. With that said I wished I would have found you sooner. I trade futures these computers. They keep up with data in the most volatile of times. Time and sales and charts are accurate all the time and no data lag or lock ups. This is running 8 x 24 inch inch monitors on each workstation and 4 x 24 inch on laptop. Craig bought 2 Radical EZ Trading Computers & a Laptop

Ted, TX writes: Eddie Z is truly a computer geek and trader, and with lots of zeal he shares his expertise in both areas with his customers. His How to Buy a Trading Computer and Save Thousands E book, provides the reader with everything a trader needs to know.. The information is up-to-date and informs the reader about what components he needs and why. To follow that up, Eddie is easily accessible, enthusiastic and answers any questions, however elementary, you might ask about trading equipment. Eddie offers the equipment he recommends at fair prices and surprised the heck out of me when he told me the shipping time is 7-14 days and my computer showed up at my doorstep in 3 days from the time the order was placed! Eddie and staff take trading computers quite seriously. Ted bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer

Max. ID writes: I explained my needs to Eddie as to what I needed; lots of calculating capacity to power my extensive use of TradeStation RadarScreens. He recommended a system using the I7 2600 chip. Not only did it work as promised, it was considerably priced lower than the local computer store that I have been working with for years. But even more important, Eddie provided me with a “work-around” solution to a software problem I have encountered for over two years. No one at TradeStation, or anyone else, was able to identify the problem let alone to provide a solution. For this I am very appreciative and highly recommend EZ Trading Computers. Max bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Todd, NJ writes: I just wanted to tell you how cool it is to have purchased my awesome computer system from you, and how totally pleased I am. You not only know computers, but it was extremely good that you also know trading (like “really” know trading). The perfect combination. All this and the best pricing of anybody else I talked to. I won’t mention any names, but, the most comparable system I found from another company, would have cost me another grand (ouch)…and the specs weren’t as good….so…no contest. Thanks again. Keep up the great work. (Todd bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Dr Tina, PA writes: I do want to thank you for your fast, efficient tech service. After I purchased a trading computer from you in July, I needed support and you and your guys were Johnny on the spot to assist. And when I’m on my laptop now, I realize exactly how fast the trading computer really is. Thanks for the great equipment, my slippage is much less now and downloads are much more efficient. I spend more quality time on the computer now instead of waiting time .Keep up the great work. (Dr Tina bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Jason, WI writes: My new PC for trading really changed my results for the better! The website I run,, now gets more traffic and page views since I can much more easily put together trading videos for my clients as well. The ability to have as many platforms, news feeds, and charts open at the same time really helps me get in rhythm with my trading and just flat out make more money. I put a LOT of time in working on this new computer and it handles it like a dream! Two thumbs up for the great support as well, Eddie really made sure everything was exactly what I wanted and followed up to make sure it was all working perfectly! (Jason bought an IROC EZ Trading Computer)

Katrina, OK writes: As a novice getting ready to get more serious about my trading, Eddie was great to work with. I told him what type of trading I did, and he suggested two or three setups that might be good for me. I really appreciated the way he kept in touch along the way, and the simple setup instructions that came with my system. Sure enough, I was up and running right away. I can’t say enough about how truly “EZ” Eddie makes the whole process. (Katrina bought a Radical GT EZ Trading Computer)

Thomas, London writes: I am based in London and after examining all the various options available, I purchased a six screen Trading Computer from EZ Trading Computers. The purchasing experience was second to none. The staff took time to discuss my particular needs and we arrived at a bespoke solution that was exactly what I wanted. As a non-technical guy, installation was easy and the computer has been absolutely flawless. (Thomas bought a customized Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Charles, CA writes: I am new to trading and knew I needed a trading computer but didn’t know exactly what I needed and where to turn. A friend told me about EZ Trading Computers and Eddie Z. After doing a bunch of research I liked everything that Eddie had to say and liked the products he offered. I thought I might need one of his more expensive computers, but after discussing my needs with Eddie he advised me that I didn’t need a more expensive model and showed me which model I needed. That saved me about $1,000 and I really appreciated his honesty. So I’m sold on him and his company – one that stands behind it’s product and puts out a high quality affordable system. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and purchase from him. I look forward to a long relationship and will buy from him again when the need arrises. (Charles bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

Dave aka “Rooster”, TX writes: I have had my EZ trading computer now for a few months and could not be happier with the computer or their support services. The 1st thing that amazed me when I found out about EZ Trading Computer was how inexpensive Eddie’s computers were, especially for what hardware and software you were receiving when compared to some of the other trading computer companies. With Eddie you get the higher end components for what some of the other companies were charging for their lower end components. Huge difference. Then when I received the computer and saw the quality of the components and how well it was put together, I was delighted and of course, the speed and efficiency has been great. The words “charts freezing” are not in my computer’s vocabulary. I have called their tech support two or three times and they have been extremely helpful. Just knowing they are there for hardware or software issues is a great peace of mind. So the bottom line is when you can get more computer, great lifetime tech support and quality service for a “lot less” money, that’s a winning combination that you will want to tell your other trader friends about. (Rooster bought an Ultra (similar to IROC) EZ Trading Computer)

Barry, FL writes: When it comes to computers I know just enough to be dangerous, but when I spoke with Eddie concerning upgrading to a trading computer I was very pleased, Eddie gave me the pros and cons of each model I was interested in with no pressure what so ever and the computer was delivered as promised on time ready to go, I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a trading computer talk to Eddie first! (Barry bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer)

Robert, NY writes: Eddie, I am very happy with my trading computer. It is quick, quiet and I have had no issues since putting it in service. It is everything you said it would be and see no reason not to purchase from you again in the future. Thanks for your honesty. Robert bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Kelly, FL writes: I was lucky to learn about EZ trading computers. I was only a few days away from purchasing a system from another company that was recommended to me by another trader. However, upon visiting the EZ site, I realized how very little I knew about trading systems and how much I would’ve regretted buying my system from the other company. I would have paid more money for an outdated system, without even knowing it. In addition, the EZ website is super informative, even for a computer layman like me. Eddie is knowledgeable, straightforward, and he provides great customer service. For these reasons and more, I would recommend EZ Trading Computers. Kelly bought a Mega EZ Trading Computers

Florian, Canada writes: I found the EZ Trading Computers trough our connection to the futures trading in Chicago. One day we decided to phone and order a computer. A few days later it was delivered to our door as promised. We are very happy with the performance and also with the 4 monitors we use to display the needed charts for trading. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested to have a professional workstation for trading supported by an impressive warranty. Thank you Ed. When will need another computer we will contact EZ Trading Computers for sure. Keep up the good quality work and service. Florian bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Bill B, VA writes: Eddie Z provides an extraordinary amount of information about trading computer requirements, component parts and systems to educate potential buyers, and continues with in-depth setup instructions and responsive technical support after purchase. My system (the ZR-1 with quad monitor array) arrived promptly, as specified, and completely turn-key. It is incredibly fast and reliable, and a clear winner from a price/performance perspective.

Don G, IL writes: I love my computer it has been everything Eddie said it would be and the best is, when you have a problem they bend over backwards to get it fixed and make you happy and they speak English. Thanks Eddie for such good service and product Don bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer

John, WI writes: My computer and monitors were easy to purchase, easy to assemble and everything works perfect. I will buy my next one from you. Thanks. John bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Don P, WA writes: I am happy to say that the education and customer service, both before and after the sale, have been outstanding; exceeding my expectations (which doesn’t happen much these days). I had been struggling for some time deciding what computer specs and components to look for. I had been held up for some time. When I discovered your buyers guide, and then spoke to you personally, my questions were all answered. What a relief! You can’t pick up the phone and call the “big name” computer sellers. Don bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Jim, CA writes: I am very satisfied with my business with you. The trading computer I ordered arrived quickly, and works great. It was substantially less expensive than the two competing models I was looking at from other websites. Worked great out of the box. I understand you have a lengthy warranty, but so far I have had no reason to use it. Jim bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer

Matt, NY writes: As a member of Larry Levin’s Trading Advantage course, EZ Trading Computers was highly recommended by traders who understand the need for a quality computer. Before I upgraded to my new computer, I was trading on a laptop and I soon began to notice that there was a lag in the execution of my market orders. I realized I was missing out on real money when trading in a trending market. That’s when I called Eddie Z and he helped me upgrade to the computer that was right for me. My new computer was delivered to my home in no time at all. The setup was easy and it was truly “plug and play”. Eddie’s a great guy and is always available to answer any questions. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely order a trading system from Eddie Z. Matt bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer

Tom, WI writes: Thanks Eddie, for the excellent computer you provided me with! It made a BIG difference in my trading. At first, I thought my old Dell computers where still sufficient; however I felt the need to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. That’s why I decided to order my first EZ Trading computer. To my surprise, the new computer made huge difference in my trading screen’s stability and speed. That’s why 3 weeks after receiving my first EZ Trading computer, I decided to add some more screens and purchase a second computer from you. What I liked best about my purchases from you was the fact that I was able to customize my computers. I got precisely what I wanted – right down to the computer tower cases, power supply, DVD drives, software, etc.. I loved the fact that while I was waiting for my computers to arrive, I was sent (via email) several video links on how to set them up, fire them up and maintain them. Another thing I really liked was the fact that I didn’t have all the junk software, and all those so called ‘free programs’ loaded onto my new hard drive (like Dell and many others do on their computers). All these programs do is bog things down. Now, whenever I click to open a browser, or make a trade, BANG… it happens right now – INSTANTLY! I checked around and your computers are priced well below your competitors and your service and attention to detail is excellent. I’m sure my new computers will pay for themselves in short order. Thanks Eddie for everything! Tom bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer and customized it.

Mark, OH writes: Everything has arrived in good condition and OH. MY. GOD. !! AWESOME is highly overused, but seriously – IT APPLIES IN SPADES! Computer boots fast! Monitors are CRISP! Even small charts are far clearer than my previous set-up. You are Good! You have been EXTRAORDINARILY helpful and you have been good to your word and suggestions. Mark is a money manager for a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Mark bought an IROC EZ Trading Computer.

Tim, VA writes: I read several testimonials and they’re all true. I bought my system back in May 2011, it runs fantastic (I wish the markets worked half as good). I had a few minor glitches with the configuration when I first received it but I want to rave about the service of Eddie Z and his company. What a great experience! I talked to knowledgeable people that weren’t going off a script. They all spoke clear English, and they fixed the problem. If all companies worked this well we could have avoided the depression we’re in. Thank you Eddie Z. Tim bought a Customized Mega EZ Trading Computer

Rick G, TX writes: Eddie, I have had my ULTRA ZR1 computer for a few months now and could not be happier. I shopped around for pricing and no one came close to what you had to offer. The most impressive thing that I can say is that Eddie’s customer service is second to none. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns, whether it was by way of chat, email or visiting over the phone. Eddie’s you tube emails were also very educational and helpful in making my selection. My order arrived in a timely fashion and it was a breeze to get up and running. If you are looking for an excellent experience from start to finish with no BS, there is no one better. I highly recommend talking to Eddie if you are serious about a trading computer. Thank you Eddie! Rick bought a ZR1 EZ Trading Computer

Daniel, TX writes: Hi Eddie, I wanted to thank you for your help in building the computer that I needed to take the next step in my trading career. I had a million questions and you were kind enough to answer them all to my satisfaction and you even made a few suggestions that saved me money, so I thank you for that as well. Installing the computer was very easy and my two biggest concerns have not materialized: too much noise or heat from the computer. It runs quieter than my other PC and any heat has been negligible. I enjoyed the video series that you have, it’s been awhile since I purchased a new PC and I am way behind on all the latest components and technology that are being used today. Your video series helped answer the questions. Thanks again. Daniel bought a Radical Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Brett, KY writes: EZ gave us great service. They spent time with us on the phone before and after the sale. And the prices were excellent. We will definitely buy from them again. Brett’s trading group bought 3 Mega EZ Trading Computers

Blanton, WV writes: It was a pleasure to deal with Eddie Z at EZ Trading Computers. He uses top components, and will gladly accommodate you if you want to make changes to his standard packages. Their set-up info is helpful, and support and shipping is prompt. Highly recommended. Blanton bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Scott, CO writes: My experience with EZ Trading Computers was top notch. Eddie answered my questions and helped me choose the best set up for me. The computer was delivered promptly and has performed exactly as promised … lightning fast with no lag. I shopped a lot before making this purchase and EZ Trading Computer was by far the best bang for the buck. I recommend them highly. Scott bought an Ultra ZR1 EZ Trading Computer

Grey, MI writes: If I were to be honest, I guess I could be called a ‘high maintenance’ customer. I’m highly discriminatory and a bit paranoid. I’m a day trader…enough said. In short, I value competency above all – you don’t have to be nice (though it’s easier that way)…but you REALLY need to know your stuff. After you’ve bought /purchased the product/service…you have to live with that choice (forever?) so I tend to be a stickler about quality. My experience with Eddie and EZ Trading Computers meets all of this criteria…he answered all my question (I had many) AND was always courteous…but most important the computer answered all my needs. And was a fair price. This is a quality product…thought out from the ground up to address a particular niche market and it shows. I would recommend to anyone looking to address their trading needs to take a hard look at Eddie and EZ Trading Computers…ask him some questions…put him through his paces you won’t be disappointed. Grey bought an Ultra ZR1 EZ Trading Computer

Dennis, FL writes: I was very impressed with the service I received from EZ Trading Computers. Eddie was very good at responding my questions and recommending the best setup for my needs. The computer works great and Eddie and his staff exceeded my expectations. I would definitely buy another computer from EZ Trading Computers. Dennis bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer

Don, MS writes: I found “Eddie” at EZ Trading Computers to be very helpful and quiet knowledgeable about computers. He assisted me with the computer I needed. The computer is as represented and the followup has been more than satisfactory. I will consider EZ Trading Computers in my next purchase. Don bought a Mega-LD EZ Trading Computer

Wayne, NY writes: I’m more than pleased with the new computer. I have the Mega with four monitors and digital hard drive. It’s extremely fast, and what gave my other computer fits uses less than 7 or 8% CPU on the new one. Assume! I ordered it on Monday, asked for a rush and had it on Thursday. I recommended you to the head trader (Dan) @ Trading Advantage and discovered he got his from you too. I called your service tech once for some advice and he was great. He walked me right trough what I needed to do. Eddie, I’d strongly recommend you to anyone looking for a computer! It’s truly been a pleasure doing business. You can pass on my email address if you’d like.

Robert, NJ writes: This last computer I bought from you was my eighth trading computer. I have found you to be always available for questions and help besides being patient and capable you always answer your phone yourself, amazing in today’s world. In addition the computer works flawlessly and I saved a good deal of money. You’ve got my business from now on. Robert bought an Ultra ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Gary, CA writes: I’m more than happy with my trading computer and monitor setup. This machine rocks and its performance would be the envy of a hard core gamer. This is certainly the best machine I’ve ever owned. Trade on! Gary bought a Radical Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Karel M, CA writes: I bought a MEGA EZ TRADING COMPUTER from Eddie in August 2011. It came with Intel Core i7-2600. The computer is dedicated to electronic trading. It works very fast, which meets its intended and expected purpose. Due to its very large memory, it never freezes during trading. I am very satisfied with its performance so far. Eddie is very courteous in addressing my questions.

Alex, FL writes: The computer works great. Your prices blew everyone away. Thanks again. Alex bought a Radical GT EZ Trading Computer

Rebecca W, IL writes: As a trader, I know little about computers and don’t want to put the time in to learn all about them to get a trading set-up that WORKS. Eddie Z knew exactly what I needed because he is a trader too! Today I’ve got great speed, dependability, and six 23″ monitors for all my charts and systems. Couldn’t be happier………and it all happened with one call to Eddie Z. Rebecca bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer

Corky, FL writes: My experience with EZ Trading Computers has been phenomenal. The customer service, customized trading laptop along with monitor setup, and some follow up troubleshooting from associates relieved plenty of anxiety as I have proceeded to enhance my trading operations. I highly recommend anybody serious about trading to examine your products (great value) and to explore ‘’ for further trading education. Your book, ” The EZ Breakout Method”, has filled a void in my trading activity and added a new dimension to my own proprietary methods. Corky bought a Customized EZ Laptop Trading Computer

Reggie, WA writes: At first I was a little skeptical but I needed the computer and I liked the computer from Eddie’s site. It was the best price I found searching around; everyone else wants to charge an eye for their computers but not Eddie, so I made the call told him what I needed, and he hooked me up with my computer (he answer the phone himself, not a machine) it has been a couple of months and I’m happy with my trading station. Thank You Eddie! Reggie bought an EZ Trading Advantage Computer

Alan B, AZ writes: The computer runs great, I am able to load tons of data and charts. Glad I made the purchase. Worked once with tech support – very helpful. Alan bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer

Rick K, CA writes: After six months my computer is still working great as the first time I turned it on. Eddie has been very responsive to my questions. Rick bought an Ultra XI EZ Trading Computer

Art, CA writes: Eddie Z delivered as advertised on a smooth functioning 4 monitor set up & excellent technical advice & help when required all at the lowest available pricing. Art bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer

September, 2011 – Douglas, MA writes: …No wonder I am hearing about you (Eddie Z) everywhere I go! Your prices are excellent, you ship extremely fast and you even answered my email on a Sunday less than an hour after I sent it. I have purchased several trading computers in the last 12 years and I can honestly say this was the best overall experience. I have already recommended you in my online trading chat room. (Douglas bought the ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)

September, 2011 – Bob, TX writes: Eddie- I have yet to hook up 4 monitors to my Ultra EZ Trading Computer. However, it’s speed and responsiveness have brough t me joy and renewed productiveness! I couldn’t be more pleased.

September, 2011 – Donnell, NC writes: I was refereed to Eddie Z by the Oil Money, and I gotta say WOW! I’m truly impressed with THE ZR-1 EZ TRADING COMPUTER!! So smooth and fast and makes my futures day trading a lot more effective. Also, I was very happy with the fast delivery of my machine. Eddie’s customer service is outstanding, he gave me a date the computer would be delivered, and it came 3 days earlier! He under promised and over delivered! I’m very happy with my new machine and I look forward to doing business with him in the near future! Thanks Eddie Z.

August, 2011 – Peg, IL writes: Hi Eddie, Thanks for all your help and suggestions during and after my computer system purchase. When the monitors, stand and computer arrived, it was a breeze to set up. I was online in under an hour! I did a great deal of research before buying a system. The computer is fast, the monitor screens are crisp and the stand is rugged. You also simplified the process, suggested the best package and offered great pricing. The only concern I initially had was with tech support, but it wasn’t long before I needed to ask you a question and your answer was only minutes away! That kind of customer service is hard to come by. Again thanks for all your help and your generosity in talking me out of the most expensive system. The one you recommended is perfect! I’m glad I found your website! (Peg bought an Ultra EZ Trading Computer)

August, 2011 – Elliot, CA writes: I have now purchased two computers from EZ Trading Computers. Both times my experience was excellent. Customer service was brilliant. Computer was delivered ahead of time. So much power and speed, my Ultra ZR-1 is truly awesome. If you want a great trading computer, buy from these folks.

August, 2011 – Alan, PA writes: Eddie- I just finished my first week trading my new ULTRA ZR1 EZ multi-monitor screaming banshee! As I said on the phone: from push-button-cold-start to ready-to-trade in 45 seconds! Thanks for all the great chat and phone advice choosing the exact (custom) configuration for what I need, and thanks for saving me about $1200 bucks. Five year total warranty and lifetime tech support not too shabby, either. It is a joy to see all my charts and quotes at one time, right NOW. No more swishing windows popping up and down. And the blue lights on the machine are cool, too. (Alan bought an Ultra ZR1 EZ Trading Computer)

July, 2011 – Pete, CA writes: Hi Eddie; Just a quick note to say thanks again for your great service. Been running the Rad (Radical Ultra) desktop you built for me all weekend and it is amazing. Even had a quick question for tech support this morning, and it was such a pleasure to not jump through a million hoops on the phone just to speak with someone, but instead to have a brief, informative chat with a live technician (based in this country no less). You offer a rare service at a great price. I’ll do my best to spread the word. (Pete bought a Radical Ultra EZ Trading Computer)

July, 2011 – Bill W, Toronto writes: Hi Eddie, I have worked with your computer with 6 monitors for two months now. I am delighted with the way everything is working. There has not been one trouble spot to date. More impressive were your instructions, warnings and advice on getting things from the shipping carton to working order. Many thanks for your consideration and help from my first question to my present happy satisfaction. (Bill bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer)