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EZ Trading Computers Referral Partner Program

Do you have students, members, or website visitors who are constantly asking you where to buy a trading computer?

Chances are, you do. Our studies show that 70% of traders are using a computer that’s over 5 years old. Stocks, options, forex and futures traders all need the fastest, most powerful computer to keep up with the massive stream of market data in real time. Because trading is so technology-dependent it’s easy to generate interest in our products. We do all of the work to close and fill orders as well as provide all the post sale support (we offer customers a free 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support). You get to concentrate on what you do best.  

Who is the Referral Program For?

The EZ Trading Computer Referral Program is for anyone in the trading community who wants to offer trading computers and related technology to their own audience. Designed to require no additional work on your part, the Referral Program is great for:

  • Trading Instructors, trainers, live trading room moderators, and others who often have people coming to them for advice on tools to become better traders.
  • Membership-based sites whose members would benefit from educational content on trading computers and related technology.
  • Webinar organizers who would like to host a webinar about the myths and facts of trading computers.
  • …and anyone else who would benefit from learning more about trading computer technology