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Eddie Z’s Recommended Trading Tools

Dear Fellow Trader,

As a full-time trader and market participant for 34 years and counting, I have seen just about every angle and approach to trading under the sun. One of the most challenging realizations for traders to make is to understand that there is simply no “holy grail” system. Unfortunately, there are way too many “snake oil” salesmen out there selling trading related tools and education that is completely worthless. The only true way to become a good trader is to learn a system, learn how to deal with your emotions and practice, practice, practice. Trading is skill that is developed over time. The cost of a quality trading education will pay for itself 1000 times over and save you much frustration and heartache. Below is a list of the very best in trader’s education, tools and books. I personally have cherry picked these providers for the quality of their products and their high level of integrity. Rest assured know these providers are of the highest caliber.

May the Trend Be With You!
-Eddie Z

The Ultimate Guide to Trading Stocks

In The Ultimate Guide to Trading Stocks, Eddie offers his 25+ years of trading experience and complete Blueprint for day and swing trading the stock market. In this book, you will learn:

► Why trading stocks is easier than trading futures, indexes, or Forex

► What is the “World’s Greatest Indicator” and why it’s (almost) as good as inside information

► Who is really in control of the stock market, and how to figure out what they are up to

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Market Prophets

This book is a priceless collection of stories, anecdotes, experiences, and trading insights from some of the most successful traders in the last 50 years. This collection of experience and know-how represents a combined lifetime earnings of over $100 million dollars and over 100 years of full time engagement with the markets.

The goal of this book is to give you distinctions and knowledge that you just can’t get anywhere else. Let these interviews serve as your personal virtual coach.

I am certain what you read will not only entertain you, but actually leapfrog you up the learning curve. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed interviewing these traders.

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