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It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or a new trader. Traders of all kinds seem to make the same mistakes when buying a trading computer. Hi everybody. This

7 Biggest Mistakes Traders Make When Buying a Trading Computer

Learn quick tips on how to diagnose and fix what is causing your trading computer price data lag so you can just focus on trading! This is an issue a

Tips To Fix Trading Computer Price Data Lag

Going incognito or private mode is a powerful tool that should be in every trader’s toolbox. Most people have tried incognito mode on their computer at some time. It sounds

Going Incognito on Your Trading Computer? What, When and How

Traders are risking significant loss not having a secondary internet service provider when their primary connection goes down. There are some computer systems you just never want to lose. Take

5 Ways to Never Be Without Internet Service

Don’t jeopardize your trades by running your trading computer without a UPS battery backup. Learn how to protect yourself! What’s up, everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers,

UPS Battery Backup for Traders

If you haven’t been hit with one of these Internet scams, it could be only a matter of time. Know how to recognize them and protect yourself. We’re going to

Beware of These Internet Scams

Knowing even a little bit about video ports can make a big difference when swapping out monitors or buying a new trading computer. If you’re like me, you probably use

Computer Video Ports: What's the Difference?

Hi everybody! It’s Eddie Z here. I want to show you in this video how you can monitor your PC performance as well as some other useful tricks using something

Monitor Your CPU Performance [For Traders]

I get lots of questions from my clients about what kind of power you can fit in a trading laptop for travel. It’s no secret that laptops don’t offer the

What Kind Of Power Can You Fit In A Trading Laptop for Travel?

If you are trading on a Windows computer, now is a good time to take a look at using Windows Defender for trading computer security. As a trader, you’re no

Windows Defender for Trading Computer Security