5 Year Warranty on Desktop EZ Trading Computers

Five (5) Year Limited Parts Warranty with Lifetime Technical Support & Lifetime Labor:


Your EZ TRADING COMPUTERS desktop computer system is covered by an UPGRADED FIVE (5) year Parts, Lifetime Labor warranty, and Lifetime Technical Support. FIVE (5)-year limited warranty on system components from original receipt of system date (system components are defined as all major components inside the case).  EZ Trading Computers will replace or repair any system component for a period of 5 years from the receipt of system date. EZ TRADING COMPUTERS services all manufacturers’ warranties on behalf of our customers for up to FIVE years. EZ Trading Computers does not directly warranty any parts.  If a replacement component is no longer available or is discontinued, EZ Trading Computers reserves the right to substitute the component for an equivalent part, refurbished part or offer an upgrade option.   EZ Trading Computers also will provide technical support free of charge for the service lifetime of the system.  Additionally, EZ Trading Computers will provide Labor free of charge to replace components for the service lifetime of the system.  This 5 Year Warranty is limited to desktop computers as pre-configured on our website (including any upgrades such as memory and hard drives); it does not include laptops, monitors, mouse & keyboard or any other peripheral or software. For fully customized desktop computers (where the customer dictates exact component models to be used such as an exact motherboard, video card, case or RAM) this warranty is limited to the individual component manufacturers’ warranties (usually 3 years).


THE FOLLOWING WILL VOID YOUR EZ TRADING COMPUTER WARRANTY:  Customer or third party installed upgrades or components without the express written consent of EZ Trading Computers. Alteration, adjustment or modification of motherboard BIOS settings.  Having someone other than a certified EZ Trading Computer technician service the computer or component. EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will not honor any third-party repair expense.  If the customer takes an EZ TRADING COMPUTERS computer system to a third-party vendor for repair or replacement, the customer is responsible for all costs involved, and this warranty is VOID. Any type of Physical Damage by the end user. Installation of unlicensed software. Upon payment to EZ Trading Computers (Tulcan Enterprises LTD) you agreed and are bound to every aspect of the EZ TRADING COMPUTERS warranty. EZ TRADING COMPUTERS holds the rights and privileges to terminate this warranty at any time. We may terminate the warranty at our discretion, if we find that the customer is unable to effectively and professionally work with us.


This warranty is non-transferable and covered only by EZ TRADING COMPUTERS.  This warranty is valid in the Continental US & Canada only.  Within the first 60 days EZ Trading Computers will cover all shipping costs associated with warranty.  After 60 days EZ Trading Computers will cover the cost to ship replacement components to customer.  Customer is required to return warranted item being replaced back to EZ Trading Computers and responsible for associated shipping costs to return warrantied item.

*Canadian Customers: EZ Trading Computers will honor all aspects of our 5 Year Warranty, Lifetime Technical Support and Lifetime Labor EXCEPT for shipping costs.

Customers outside of the Continental US and Canada must contact parts manufacturers for warranty support. International Customers are entitled to Warranty service only if they pay for shipping and customs fees for shipping both directions (to and from our repair facilities).


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:  The limitation of liability under no circumstance shall EZ Trading Computers/Tulcan Enterprises LTD, be liable for (A) Any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to physical injury, loss of data or loss of profits, even if EZ Trading Computers/Tulcan Enterprises LTD, knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages , (B) any claim made by a third party or made by You for a third party, AND (C) any amount of damages above the aggregate dollar amount paid by You for the Products purchased from EZ Trading Computers/Tulcan Enterprises LTD,. This limitation of liability applies whether damages are sought as a tort claim (including negligence and strict Product liability), a contract claim, or any other claim and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy. IF YOU ARE HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH YOUR TRADING COMPUTER DO NOT TRADE WITH IT AND CALL TECHNICAL SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY. EZ TRADING COMPUTERS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSSES THAT COULD OCCUR DUE TO COMPUTER FAILURE. USE COMMON SENSE!!!




IN THE EVENT OF ANY FAILURE Customers must contact Technical Support at the telephone number located on the sticker on the machine.  Technical support is available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and via e-mail at [email protected]   After hours technical support problems should send an email.  EZ Trading Computers’ technical support will do our best to get in touch with you regarding the problem as soon as possible.   All warranty periods begin from the date of receipt of system, unless otherwise specified. 


SYSTEM REPAIRS: Due to the complex nature of some computer problems, some system failures cannot be diagnosed by telephone and require the product be returned to EZ Trading Computers’ facility for further diagnosis and repairs. Under no circumstance can EZ Trading Computers dispatch a field technician for on-site diagnosis prior to a repair.  If a problem cannot be repaired or resolved on site via telephone technical support for any reason (via telephone technical support), including when the problem requires additional diagnosis before component failure can be determined, arrangements will be made to ship the system back to EZ Trading Computers for repair. Prior written authorization, via a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is required or the package will be refused and shipped back at the customer’s expense. EZ Trading Computers will pay normal ground shipping fees for RMAs (returned merchandise authorization) issued during the first 30 days from the customer’s receipt of the system. EZ Trading Computers will pay for ground shipping to EZ Trading Computers’ designated repair center and for return back to the customer at the original shipping address only. For RMAs issued after the first 30 days, the customer is responsible for shipping charges and shipping insurance to EZ Trading Computers facilities. EZ Trading Computers will pay for return ground shipping charges back to the customer during the first 3 Years of the Warranty Period. In Warranty Years 4 & 5, customer pays shipping both ways.  If the customer requests faster service, the customer will be charged for the difference in the shipping costs at the time the return authorization is originated. When shipping an entire computer system to EZ Trading Computers, the customer must use the original box AND DOUBLE BOX with peanuts and packing materials to ensure its safety. EZ Trading Computers is not responsible for damage to systems in transit.  Inappropriate packaging may result in uninsured damage that EZ Trading Computers will NOT be responsible for.

The RMA number expires 14 days after it is issued and must be written on two or more sides of the outside of the shipping packaging. If a system is recalled for repair and it is discovered that the problem was caused by the user, software, change of configuration, or any modification of the product, EZ Trading Computers reserves the right to charge fees for labor and possibly void the remainder of the warranty.

REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS OF NON-FUNCTIONAL OR DEFECTIVE PARTS:  An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is required for ANY MERCHANDISE to be returned to EZ TRADING COMPUTERS.  RMA numbers are valid for 14 calendar days from their date of issuance. RMA numbers must be obtained by contacting Technical Support.  Please have your invoice ready – including the purchasers’ name, date of purchase, configuration and description of the problem. 

EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will repair, replace or exchange comparable parts at the company’s discretion.  EZ TRADING COMPUTERS offers Advance Replacement services for defective parts for as long as that part is available.  The customer must be prepared to provide a credit card authorization for any advance replacement.   A refund will be given up receipt of defective component.  Any product needing repair, replacement or exchange must be sent to EZ TRADING COMPUTERS at the expense of the customer.  EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will then ship the replacement to the customer. There will be a minimum charge of $50 for any item found to be non-defective, or to be at fault due to user error, or due to installation of faulty peripheral devices not provided by EZ TRADING COMPUTERS. 

If replacement parts are shipped to the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the service department once the part(s) has been received by the customer. The original part(s) which were replaced must be received back at EZ Trading Computers designated location within 14 days or the customer will be charged for the part(s).  Failure to return said part(s) within this time frame grants EZ Trading Computers permission to charge the customer the prevailing retail price of the part(s).EZ TRADING COMPUTERS policy is to provide a replacement part of similar kind and quality. If the part is not in our warehouse but still covered my manufacturer’s warranty, customer will have to wait for part replacement from manufacturer. An upgrade option at additional cost is available if the original product purchased is no longer available.  OEM parts, special order parts and discontinued items will be subject to limited warranty service at the sole discretion of EZ TRADING COMPUTERS. 

This warranty is a binding contract.  Non-payment, including credit card chargeback or PayPal dispute of any EZ TRADING COMPUTERS invoice for parts, services, or computer systems will automatically void this warranty. 

SHIPPING DAMAGE & GENERAL DISCREPANCY:  If there is a discrepancy between items received and items ordered from EZ TRADING COMPUTERS, including missing or incorrect items, the customer is responsible for contacting EZ TRADING COMPUTERS within SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS of receiving items in question. After the 7 day period all responsibility transfers to the customer, without exceptions. Should a system arrive to the customer from EZ TRADING COMPUTERS, damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired on site by the customer, with parts and instructions provided by EZ TRADING COMPUTERS, a damage call tag will be issued at the discretion of the EZ Trading Computers’ service technician within 21 days of the original shipment, at no additional cost to the customer. EZ TRADING COMPUTERS is not responsible for shipping damages that occur when a customer sends items back to the company regardless of shipping method.  EZ Trading Computers will take responsibility when we ship a product to a customer and shipping damage occurs, however please be advised that EZ Trading Computers is not the shipping company and therefore will not cover any returned shipping costs involved. If shipping damage occurs please contact our customer service department to file a Shipping Claim and get the damaged hardware replaced.  Customers must package the electronics properly for shipment for any return, and are advised to retain and reuse all original packing material.  Insurance and package tracking on return shipments is the responsibility of the customer.


TRADING SOFTWARE, OTHER SOFTWARE & GAMES COMPATIBILITY:  EZ TRADING COMPUTERS advises that all customers utilize the latest operating system software, and exclusively recommends at least Windows 7 64 bit Operating System for all modern computer hardware.  Computer systems will not operate to peak capacity unless Windows 7 64 bit, Windows Server 64 bit, or a comparable UNIX/Linux 64 bit OS is installed. Customers may install any compatible operating system; however, EZ TRADING COMPUTERS cannot guarantee proper operation of any OS below Windows XP Service Pack 3.  Furthermore, EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will not guarantee proper operation of any operating system not sold and installed by EZ TRADING COMPUTERS.  Support of an OS not purchased from EZ TRADING COMPUTERS is limited to assistance with hardware driver installation.  EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will not guarantee compatibility or stable operation of any game or software program.  Software compatibility issues are the responsibility of the customer and the software vendor.


30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE RETURN POLICY:   Retail, fully assembled EZ TRADING COMPUTERS systems have a 30 day, money back guarantee.  All original boxes and disks, cables, manuals, and other items must be in their original packaging condition if the system or parts in question are to be approved for a refund.  Due to a high level of customization, computer systems can be returned for a refund with a 30% restocking fee after the NO RISK 14 Day Guarantee window and within the first 30 days after purchase. A restocking fee will be charged on all parts without exception. Items such as: Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, Mice, Cameras, and Speakers must be serviced through their respective manufacturers and are not eligible for refund.  Once opened, these products cannot be returned for any reason. Software programs that have been opened or registered, including pre-installed operating systems are non-returnable.  Original shipping & handling charges will not be refunded (including original shipping costs when FREE SHIPPING is offered) on returned merchandise.


Any item returned, not accompanied by an RMA number clearly written on the outside of the package will be refused and returned to the sender.   RETAIN ALL PACKING MATERIAL FOR YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM IN CASE OF ANY FUTURE ISSUE!