10 Google Search Shortcuts for Traders

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time on simple tasks and stay focused on my trading.

Here are 10 Google Search Shortcuts I recently learned about that can make computing a whole lot more enjoyable, whether you’re a trader or not.

1. MUTE Annoying Websites

Have you ever gone to a website, for example CNN.com, and the videos start playing automatically?  I personally find that incredibly annoying. I want to just read the article.

Another site I like to read (not hear) is Bleacher Report. But when you scroll down a page, the videos sometimes play automatically.

Now with the new version of Google Chrome 64, you can Mute an entire website permanently.  All you have to do is right-click at the top of the tab and select Mute Site.  If you ever want to hear the sound on those sites again you can simply un-mute.

The new Chrome 64 also has updates and fixes for both the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that were announced last month.

To get the latest Chrome 64, open Chrome and click on the 3 dots (aka Settings) at the upper right corner, then click help and about.  This should force Chrome to update itself and ask you to relaunch Chrome in order to take effect.


Did you know you can simply type the words “time” and the exact time will appear?  Sometimes we have customers who call us from other parts of the world.  It is super useful to type  “Time in Sydney Australia” to get their time so that we don’t wake them!


If you are cooking something or just need a countdown timer, simply put the word “Timer” into Google, and voila, a timer appears complete with a chime at the end of the countdown.


Need to time something?  For example, your boot-up speed on your new EZ Trading Computer?  Put the word “stopwatch” into Google and click Start.


You can use Google as a calculator. Type “calc” into the search bar and you have instant access to a scientific calculator including sine, cosine, log functions, and the like.


Have you ever been traveling to Europe and needing to know how much 500 Euros is in US Dollars?  Type “500 euros to USD” into the search bar and get an answer instantly.


If you are like me, you like your desktop computer big and bulky. ( I know, I am a computer nerd.)  Many customers ask us, “How big is the case?”  Often times the manufacturer specs are stated in centimeters. With Google’s measurement conversion you can type things like “32.5 centimeters in inches” and get the conversion instantly.


Want to know all of William O’Neil’s books on trading?  Type “books by William O’Neil” and a complete list will appear.  Even better, try “books by Eddie Z.”


Used to be, you had to open a dictionary website to get the definition of a word or term. Now, just type “define” followed by the word or phrase into the search bar to learn everything you’d want to know.


What if you’re on a website looking for a particular topic, and that site doesn’t have a search box? You can get Google to search just that site by putting “site:example.com” before your search terms (e.g., “site:eztradingcomputers.net ransomware”).


Try a few of these out right now before you forget. I hope you’ll find some of them to be useful. Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference in your day.

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