3 Healthy Ideas for Traders Who Sit at Their Desk All Day

To be a great trader, you must be healthy. Healthy traders are more focused and are better decision makers. And to be healthy, you must have healthy habits.

Here’s the trader’s dilemma: you have to be at your desk to trade, but sitting at your desk too long is unhealthy.

Research shows one overwhelming conclusion about sitting down all day: we’re not designed to do it!!!

You’re probably thinking, So what! Who cares!? Sitting too much is a big deal. You should care. One study showed sitting for seven or more hours per day increases your chance of dying prematurely by 61%. Scary!

In addition, prolonged periods of sitting can lead to weight gain, back problems, difficulty in focusing, and even diabetes.

So, how do you stay healthy when you have to be at your desk to trade?

The simple answer is to take a 2-to-5-minute break every hour. Stretch. Take a quick walk. Get your blood pumping.

A University of Utah study showed that hourly 2-minute breaks of “light-intensity activity” (like standing, walking, or light housework) yield a 33% lower risk of death.

If you have trouble remembering to take a break, use an app like Awareness to remind you when you’ve been sitting too long.

The Furniture Solution

But if you’re a day trader, you may not want to be away from your desk for 5 minutes every hour. In that case, you may want to consider these office equipment options. Any one of them can help you avoid the hazards of sitting for too long.

1. Get a Standing Desk

Switching to a standing desk creates healthy habits and increases your focus. Several members of my team use standing desks. They have reported benefits of posture improvement, resolution of neck problems, and weight loss.

These specialty desks used to be expensive. But they have now entered the mass market and are affordable. Even Ikea has them.

Specialized manufacturing startups have emerged like Autonomous. This company is my personal choice. They have high quality and affordability. Prices range from $300 – $400, depending on the options you choose. You don’t have to stand 100% of the time either.

2. Use a Laptop/Keyboard Stand

If you’re a laptop fan, consider this iCraze desk stand I found on Amazon.com for $40. This is a great budget alternative, and an easy way to ease into standing at work without having to redecorate. As a bonus, this stand includes a fan to keep your laptop cool.

3. Try a Hybrid Solution

Another solution is to combine a pair of our dual-monitor stands with the iCraze desk stand to vary how you work. Use the top two monitors when you are standing. Use the bottom two monitors when seated.

The iCraze stand will extend to 18 inches tall. It maintains stability even at this height. This is the perfect height for viewing the top two monitors when they are mounted to our monitor stands as high as they will go.

Place your keyboard and mouse on the iCraze stand to access them comfortably from standing height.

When you don’t want to stand up any more, simply set the desk stand to the side, place your keyboard and mouse back on your desk, and switch to the lower monitors.


Admittedly, stand-up desks aren’t for everyone. Maybe you hate the idea. Maybe you have some physical reason why you can’t stand for extended periods.

Regardless, don’t sit for eight hours straight. Take short walking breaks, or even stand/stretch breaks, every hour or so during the day. Any of these small habits can improve your health.

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