How to Block Windows 10 Pop-Ups on Your Trading Computer Forever (Hopefully)!

Have you been getting the super-annoying Windows 10 pop-up over and over again? Well, we have, too.  But now we have a simple solution to get rid of it forever!

Last week I sent this bulk email out to my entire list:


Apparently Microsoft has decided to “Use the Force” and literally force Windows 7 and 8.1 users to install Windows 10 without their knowledge. This will happen to you IF you have Automatic Updates set to “Install Updates Automatically.”

This is supposed to happen imminently!

Here is the deal with Windows 10.  It’s absolutely fine if we install Windows 10 on a brand new computer. It works beautifully.

HOWEVER, the Update version for Windows 7 & 8.1 STILL HAS ISSUES!

The best solution we have come up with is to install something called GWX Control Panel. This handy piece of software will protect you from Windows 10 messages, and from the software from being automatically downloaded to your computer, while still allowing you to do Windows updates to your current version!

How to Block Windows 10 Pop-Ups

  1. Watch this video to show you how to configure the free GWX Control Panel tool. It will give you the basic idea of what to do to set up the tool.
  1. Download the tool using the link below. Make sure you read the instructions carefully so you understand what it’s going to do! Especially be sure to read “What it does and how it works.”

GET GWX Control Panel

  1. Launch the tool by double-clicking the GWX icon that appears in the lower left of your browser window. Click “Yes” to allow the tool to install. Complete the Setup Wizard. The GWX Control Panel window will launch to allow you to choose your settings.
  1. I suggest you click these buttons:
  • Click to Prevent Windows 10 Upgrades – to get rid of the pop-ups and prevent automatic upgrade
  • Click to Delete Windows 10 Download Folders – to reclaim some disk space (5.6 GB in the example!)
  • Click to Disable ‘Get Windows 10’ App – to remove the hidden app icon from your toolbar

GWX Control Panel

I installed this handy piece of software on my own trading computer. I was able to use all of the buttons in the picture EXCEPT — as per the instructions — I avoided using the “Click to Clear Windows Update Cache.”

The pop-up went away permanently (so far) and I have been able to resume updates to my current version of Windows.

Note that this tool will also let you go back to your previous settings.

Please use this software AT YOUR OWN RISK. While I have had success using it, you may not if you do not know what you are doing.

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