3 Warning Signs Your Trading Computer Already Has A Virus

Virus Detected

Getting a computer virus can be a nightmare. Odds are you wouldn’t want your trading to be interrupted, even haulted, by having to deal with a virus on your trading computer.

Often, virus warning signs are overlooked and the problem becomes a bigger issue than it should have been. By knowing what signs to look for and what should be considered red flags, you can save your self a major headache.

If you have ever been through the pain of a major repair on your home or car, you know that after such an event (i.e. expense) you become more alert and aware of the warning signs of a problem. I’ve been through a few of these situations myself.

I’ve become a blood hound for red flags when it comes to maintaining my home. A few years back I had to painfully pay for a major repair to my air conditioning system. Mind you, I could have avoided this if I would have known there was a small issue with the system that was rapidly building into a major issue.  Now, I maintain it regularly and stay alert for issues. I now know what the warning signs are should any of my major home systems need attention.

When it comes to viruses, there is a short list of signs that your trading computer has a virus. The sooner you catch these issues the better. By knowing these signs, you will become blood hounds for computer viruses. Here are three things you should know to look for:

1. Automatically Sent Messages Via Email and Social Media

While a virus’s objective is to take over your computer, it’s also programmed to spread to as many people as possible. Often, you’ll be notified that your email account or social media account has sent messages containing spam. If you are alerted that any of your contacts have received this type of message from you, your computer might have a virus. Complete a system check right away.

 2. Slow Computer Performance

Slow performance can be tied to many other problems on your computer. However, a sign of a virus might be very sudden changes in performance on your trading computer. If your computer was working lightning fast yesterday and now today is incredibly slow, this could be a red flag that your computer has been infected by a virus.

3. Strange Pop-up Windows Or Messages On Your Computer

Another sign of a virus is unusual pop-up windows. If you are experiencing a surge in pop-ups in your web browser or particularly when your browser isn’t open, your computer could be infected by a virus.

These are the most common red flags that something not so good is happening internally in your trading computer. Should you experience any of these issues, run a system check through your virus software right away or call our tech support line for assistance. On a good day, the result might not be that you have a virus, but you complete some needed maintenance on your computer. On a not so good day, you end up having a virus and you catch it before it gets super bad. Either way, it’s worth your time.

Seriously, become a computer virus blood hound. It’s an awareness you should have as a trader.

 Computer Virus Warning Signs


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