5 More Ways to Simplify a Trading Day with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is making a big impact in the digital assistant market. In a previous post, I talked about how Google Assistant can help make your trading day more efficient. You can use it for services like voice authenticating, news feed reading, opening applications with your voice, and more.

Here are some additional features of Google Assistant that can help you have a more productive day, especially if you like to keep trading when you’re on the road.

Travel Smarter

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, Google Assistant can help.

If you’re in an unknown city, it can be your tour guide. Ask anything about the city and GA will know. Tell it to show you the way and it will take you there. Don’t forget to ask about the weather before you go out, so you can dress appropriately.

As I mentioned in Part 1, Google Assistant can remind you of things already on your calendar. In addition, it can help you put things on your calendar in the first place. For example, use the Assistant to  find what’s playing at local movie theaters, and then book tickets through Fandango.

Practice a Language

When you’re traveling abroad, the language translation and currency conversion features of Assistant can be an invaluable help. Just say, “OK Google, convert £42 to US dollars.” For quick translations, just say, “OK Google, how do you say ‘bathroom’ in French?”

You can even use GA to practice language skills before you take a trip. Change the settings in your device to a different language, and then try to issue commands to the Assistant. This can help you master or brush up on a language faster.

Get Recommendations

Google Maps is great, but GA is even better.

If you need to find a coffee shop or restaurant in a hurry, use Assistant’s Nearby feature. Just ask, “OK Google, show me nearby restaurants.” You can get more specific results by asking for particular star ratings or types of food.

While you’re getting these recommendations, the artificial intelligence (AI) is learning from you. So the more you use Google Assistant, the more suited for you will be the recommendations.

Stay in Control

Google Assistant lets you control other devices in your home or office.

Suppose you just sat down in your office and realize you can’t remember if you locked the door at home. If you have Nest or August smart locks, you can check the status of your door from your office. You can even open the door remotely from another country if, for example, you need to let in the delivery man or a relative coming to visit.

When you equip your office and home with smart devices, Google Assistant can function as the central control hub. How great would it be to be able to tell GA to turn up the heat at home while you’re still navigating icy roads in rush hour traffic?

Get Busy Relaxing Faster

Google Assistant is great for increasing your business efficiency. But there is a lot of fun stuff here, too, given the proper set-up.

Use it to play games, like solitaire or tic-tac-toe. Ask it to turn on your television and tell you when your favorite show is coming on. GA can not only play your favorite music, it can even play selected songs from a favorite artist as a wake-up alarm.

Whenever you need a break from your trading work, Assistant can provide some great options to let you chill out and re-charge.

And More is Coming

At the May 2018 Google I/O event, Google demoed a feature in development that will enable Assistant to handle conversations for things like setting up hair appointments or reserving tables. Expect to continue to see new things from GA to help make your life a little bit easier.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy today and find at least one new way to incorporate Assistant into your trading day. Once you get comfortable with it, you’ll find yourself delegating more and more tasks to your new digital assistant. All the while, you’ll be increasing your productivity as a trader. And isn’t that the goal, after all?

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Photo by Bence ▲ Boros on Unsplash