7 Firefox Add-ons for Trading Research & Improved Security

7 Firefox Add-ons for Trading Research & Improved Security

If you’re trading on Firefox, installing these top Firefox add-ons can speed up your trading research and improve security.

In a previous post, I highlighted 7 Chrome extensions that can make your trading day easier and more productive. But plenty of traders aren’t using the Chrome browser. So this time, we’ll look at a similar list of productivity enhancers (add-ons) for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Firefox is a great browser for your day-to-day online trading. Choosing between Chrome and Firefox for the best browser for trading is often a matter of which one feels better to you. But it can also become a matter of which add-ons are available to make your work easier.

Actually, it’s good practice to have multiple browsers at the ready on your trading computer. Then if one of them updates and causes a problem, you can quickly switch to another one.

What Are Firefox Add-ons?

Just as Chrome has extensions, Firefox has add-ons (software modules or apps) that improve and expand the functionality of the browser. For example, add-ons can make your trading computer more secure, safeguard your privacy, and help complete your daily tasks faster.

To see what add-ons are available and to install them, go to the Firefox Add-ons site from inside the Firefox browser, search for an add-on, and click the install button.

If you have downloaded the add-on file (.xpi filetype), click on the Hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) on the upper right corner and choose the Add-ons option. Then, go to the Settings menu (gear icon) and choose the Install Add-on From File option.

Hamburger > Add-ons is also where you can enable/disable, remove, or change options for your installed add-ons.

Here are some add-ons you might find helpful for your trading business, particularly in the areas of research and improved security.

Firefox Add-ons to Simplify Trading Research

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a great note-taking application that traders can use to organize research. The Evernote Web Clipper add-on makes it easy to move clipped information from your browser to your Evernote account.

Besides clipping, the add-on also lets you annotate and highlight screenshots and web pages. It lets you share the information with various social networks directly from the interface. And you can set reminders for your notes to make sure your important trading insights don’t get forgotten.

2. Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a free service that lets you create a visual tree diagram of websites to show relationships or the order in which to browse websites. You can share your trees for trading collaboration. The Firefox add-on version helps you collect and organize information from the Firefox browser.

The Pearltrees service can help you research and find trading trends because it’s designed for making connections. Especially if you’re a visual learner, this add-on can give you new ways to figure out what’s going on in the market.

3. Todoist

For Todoist users, the Firefox add-on makes it easy to save a list of websites you want to review later. Each website URL is saved as a task. This is great for gathering a preliminary list of stocks you want to explore further at a later time.

Also, if you open Gmail within Firefox, you can save emails as tasks. This can help you get through your to-do list faster by keeping all the important information at your fingertips within Firefox.

 4. Push to Kindle

If you’re a Kindle fan, you’ll love having this add-on.

Push to Kindle can send news articles, blog posts, and other web content directly to your Kindle. Then, you can use your Kindle device to read the content without straining your eyes or getting distracted by ads.

You’ll be able to get through your reading list while enjoying all the benefits of Kindle, such as nighttime settings and having ready, offline access to your reading material while you’re on the go.

5. Finance Toolbar

The Finance Toolbar add-on for Firefox adds a stock ticker below your address bar. You’ll be able to easily keep track of your favorite stocks right on your Firefox browser.

The Firefox version works similarly to the Chrome version I described in my previous post. The real-time stock information comes from the IEX Trading Finance service.

Firefox Add-ons to Improve Trading Security

6. uBlock Origin

When you are visiting lots of financial sites every day, you run the risk of visiting some that have malware or viruses. And then there are the ads (including pop-ups) that are distracting at best and may even slow down your browser.

The uBlock Origin add-on filters out the garbage based on reputable lists like EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s Ad Server list, and Malware Domains. This add-on keeps your trading computer safe from accidentally landing on a malicious website, plus blocks all that stuff you don’t want to see.

You can also add customized lists to increase the protection for your trading computer.

The best part is, uBlock Origin operates super-efficiently, so it’s easy on your CPU and memory.

7. NoScript Security Suite

NoScript is a Firefox add-on that gives you protection while surfing the internet. It allows scripts to run only from the domains of your choice so you are in control.

Feel confident that you are protected from malicious web content that may be hidden on the web.


The above add-ons are only a sample of what’s available. The Mozilla (Firefox) website has thousands more. New ones are being uploaded almost every day. Start by looking through the add-ons above to understand what might work for your trading business. Then, keep looking periodically for more apps that can take your productivity even further.

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