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Hi there. This is Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Eddie Z’s Tools, Tips and Tricks. In this series, I will show you cool online tools for better computing and better trading.

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In this video, I want to introduce you to a website you might not be familiar with, which I think is very, very cool. The name of the website is called

So just put into your browser. And this is like one of the coolest free trading platforms because it gives you charts… It gives you information… It’s one of the best free financial sites out there.

Market Summary Bar

Right when you bring up the website, it gives you great information and a market summary right out of the gate. Right on the upper bar, I have the S&P500… the NASDAQ.

You can see the S&P today is down 2.36%. NASDAQ 100 is down 2.78. The Euro versus the dollar… So Forex… It’s got crude oil, gold, Bitcoin… Just about every market that someone could follow is right here on this top bar.

Charting Software

The next thing I love about TradingView is that it’s got great charting software. And this is web-based. You don’t even need a trading platform. So if I go ahead and click Launch Chart, I get a really great trading platform.

So here is a daily chart on Apple. Today happens to be one of the days after the correction in the Coronavirus episode in 2020 where we had the huge rally yesterday, the Fed cut rates today, and now the market’s coming down. That’s why you see this big correction in Apple. And it’s trying to bounce back, but we’re down big again.

But this is a great piece of charting software. You can use candlesticks, hollow candles, a line chart… This has the full functionality of some of the best charting software that’s out there, believe it or not.

Free Account Setup + Alerts

You can even put indicators on here. You can set an alert. So if you sign up for a free account, you can have TradingView send you an alert when a stock hits a certain price. You can even put together a watch list. And it has headlines for the stock, so it even has news.

So no matter what stock you’re watching, this is a great piece of charting software. They also have tools here on the left for whatever types of charts you’re interested in.

Another cool thing about TradingView, which I failed to mention, is that the charts are actually in real-time, meaning the prices are in real-time. Totally free.

Stock Screener Feature

Going back to the main page, another great area of trading view is the Stock Screener. So if you go up here to Screeners and click Stock Screener… today’s a tough day. Right now the market’s down 600 points.

But if I were to pull up this Stock Screener and go over here to Filters… I can go into the filters here and I could actually select something like stocks making a New All Time Low. But what might be interesting is stocks making a New All-Time High or even a New 52 Week High. Let’s do that one… New 52 Week High today.

So these are going to be stocks that are within the vicinity of a new 52-week high. And look at this list. We see Netflix; we see Clorox. Let’s pull up Clorox. We can see Clorox just made a new high here at the beginning of March.

So that’s a really cool feature. So the Stock Screener has dozens and dozens and dozens of different indicators that you can change. So you can filter for the types of stocks that you like.

Different Markets Available

Another cool feature of TradingView is right up here in markets. You can literally follow every single market out there right through this free platform. And believe it or not, my understanding is that the quotes are real-time.

You can watch different markets. So if you’re into cryptocurrencies and you want to see Bitcoin… You want to see Ethereum… You want to follow the different currencies, stocks, indexes, futures, and bonds.

There’s so much in here. It would probably take me an hour to show you everything. But when you get a chance, definitely check out TradingView. It’s a very, very, very cool tool.

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