De-Stress Your Busy Trading Day with These Windows 10 Apps

If you’re like most traders, you tend to get into a rut in terms of the apps (software applications) you depend on to get through your day. You can be so stressed-out and focused on your trading business you don’t even think about poking your head up above the tree line and looking around at what else is out there to make life easier.

Since I already know that about you, I thought I’d share some apps you might not have considered, and maybe aren’t even aware of. Some will make you more productive. And all will make your life just a teeny bit easier and less stressful.

All of these apps are available in the Windows 10 Store, either on your computer or your mobile device.

Office 365

This is the subscription version of the MS Office you probably already know and can’t live without. With an Office 365 subscription, you’ll get the classic Office productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Plus you’ll get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

There are different tiers of plans for home and business needs. With some plans, you’ll be able to install the software on multiple devices. With all plans, you’ll get software updates as they become available. For any trading professional, Office 365 is a must-have.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a modern take on a classic to-do list. It has a clean, easy-to-use interface, and comes with pre-configured folders like Groceries, Work, Movies to Watch, Family, and Travel. You can also create your own custom lists.

As a trader, you’ll appreciate the ability to get enter a task from your trading computer as you think of it, and then later see it on the list on your mobile phone when your work day is done. In the meanwhile, getting all those to-do’s out of your head and recorded somewhere will let you stay focused on your trading.


Microsoft’s Calendar app, built right into Office, is often ignored. But it’s a powerful and full-featured app that can help you stay productive. It allows you to manage Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, and Google calendars in one place. It also integrates with Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant service. You can get a lot of mileage out of this often-overlooked app.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Today we live in a world of images. Whether preparing a presentation for your trading partners or setting up your LinkedIn profile picture, you need a good photo editing tool at your disposal. Adobe Photoshop Express is a free tool that allows you to crop, flip, and rotate your images easily. It’s a small tool with a lot of power.


VLC is a multimedia player that can play video and audio files in various formats. It’s an open-source product, so it’s free. Also, it allows you to stream podcasts and set up your own playlists. If you have a lot of audio and video files stored on your computer, VLC is a great app for you.


If you’re a trader, you already have a brokerage account. But if you’re just getting started or looking for a switch, we recommend TradeStation for both their trading platform and for the additional apps you can get for doing custom analysis and extending the functionality of the basic platform.

Keep track of the markets and your portfolio on-the-go with their mobile and web apps. Get real-time stock quotes, place orders, manage trades, and more, even when you’re away from your trading computer.


In the last few years, you may have noticed that a lot of information is coming from unconventional sources. Reddit has become one of those sources of information. For traders, if you are researching a company to trade on, Reddit can provide valuable insights.

The Readit app helps you navigate Reddit through a more user-friendly interface. And, you can quickly pin Subreddits to your start screen for easy access.


Spotify is a music-streaming app with a free version that’s great for listening to soothing music as you trade. Or whatever else puts you in the trading zone. Create your own playlists, or search for others’ lists, such as “Music for Traders.”


If you are a hard-working trader, you need your playtime. As you may already know, Netflix is a subscription service that allows you to view TV shows and movies on your computer or other device. And they’re really generous about letting you share your account with family members.

While I don’t recommend watching during trading hours, Netflix is a fairly inexpensive way to enjoy a little entertainment when you’re trading day is over.


If you’re in a software rut and could use a little break from the stress of trading, check out a few of these applications today and see how much easier and enjoyable your day can be.

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