Tips On How To Use “Have I Been Pwned”

Tips On How To Use "Have I Been Pwned"

This article provides tips on how to use “Have I Been Pwned.” As a trader, you can take precautions to keep your trading data secure. A data breach is a headache for businesses large and small and nothing can stop them. 

In just the first half of 2022, there were 817 cases of data compromises across the U.S. Even organizations with considerable resources like T-mobile, Kroger, Microsoft Exchange Server and Power Apps have been breached.

Pwned Meaning

Pwned meaning that someone has been controlled or compromised.

Troy Hunt, a respected cybersecurity expert, created Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) to help individuals and businesses find out about breach information. It is a reliable site that some government agencies use to monitor their domains. 

Check Your Data

You can check data breach information by entering your email address or phone number to find out if any past breaches exposed your data. Specifically, the information includes breach date, breached site, breached data types, breach discovery, and the number of affected accounts. 

The information can help you figure out the level of danger you could face. For instance, a username-only leak is less dangerous than a username/password leak.

Get Notifications 

You can sign up to get notifications via email about the specific information you provide. It’s a great way to solve issues proactively and keep your trading data secure. 

Protect Your Data 

It allows you to make your breach data private. Additionally, you can use the opt-out feature to remove public records. HIBP will send information about new breaches to your email only. 

Secure Your Data

Have I Been Pwned only tells you that your information has been compromised. It doesn’t mean cybercriminals have already gone into your account. It’s like saying that a locksmith has made a copy of your house key, however, a thief has to buy that key and rob your house. 

That is why this website is a valuable resource. Here are some steps to take if you have been pwned: 


If you see that your account information is available, change the password on that account and any other service that uses that password. You should never use the same password for multiple trading accounts. 


Most websites have the 2FA option and although it might be inconvenient to look up the 2FA authentication code every time you log in; however, it can keep the data safe on your trading accounts. It is harder to get into 2FA-enabled accounts because cybercriminals will need the authentication code and the password to enter. 

Less Information Is Best

Whenever you sign up for a new account be sure to only provide only the necessary information. If a website asks for something that doesn’t feel right, just walk away. For example, it might be unnecessary for newsletter signup to ask for your date of birth or driver’s license number. Furthermore, always be cautious because the less data you provide to a service, the fewer chances of exposure. 

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