To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?


What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets.

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A lot of people ask me, Eddie, can I just trade on my laptop?

And that’s a really good question, but the single biggest problem for traders is that 99% of the laptops that are out there are optimized for miniaturization and portability. They’re not optimized for power and speed, and certainly not the power that traders need to be successful.

And if you’ve watched my videos, you already know that the computer’s processor, which is the engine of the computer, needs to have a benchmark score of at least 12,000 to avoid slippage. And 99% of the laptops that are out there simply do not meet this requirement.

Also most laptops tend to have lower levels of RAM and extremely slow old school spinning hard drives. Now, lately you may have heard a lot of news about the newest versions of laptops called the Ultrabook or even the Microsoft Surface Pro. Well, believe it or not, not even these new models have the required processor speed for trading.

These ultra-thin machines were designed specifically for your average computer user and students who don’t need a ton of processing power. These types of users just need to be able to browse the web, write documents, send email, and fool around with Facebook.

And another big problem with laptops is that you have to navigate on a touchpad. And I don’t know about you, but I can navigate about 10 times faster with a mouse than on some kind of touch device.

The good news when it comes to laptops is that the latest high-end mobile processors from Intel and AMD are finally fast enough to trade with. I’m talking about the really high-end stuff.

And when you combine these high-end mobile processors with a solid state hard drive, and then you max out the RAM, you actually have a super duper laptop for trading.

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