What Can Bluetooth Do for Your Trading Business?

Bluetooth is an often-overlooked resource for improving efficiency in any trading business. For example, traders can connect Bluetooth devices like headsets and cameras to their trading computers. This can transform a computer into a communications powerhouse.

If you have been curious about Bluetooth, the discussion below supplies the basics of the underlying technology. It will also give you some ideas for how to put Bluetooth to work in your trading business.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol (set of rules) for communication. Bluetooth-compliant devices can directly communicate with each other. The only thing necessary is that the devices are within range of one another.

Bluetooth doesn’t use Wi-Fi or the mobile cellular network. The established communication channel only operates between the connected devices.

How Do I Connect Bluetooth Devices?

Establishing a connection between two Bluetooth devices is called pairing.

To pair devices, follow these steps:

  • Power up the target device.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth option on your main device (e.g., your trading computer). In Windows 10, this can be done from the notifications center.

  • Right click on the Bluetooth icon > Go to Settings
  • Click on the name of the target device (e.g., a headset or camera) on the resulting list of available Bluetooth devices.

The pairing should take place in a few seconds.

How Close Do You Have to Be?

Bluetooth devices are designed to operate over different ranges, as designated by these classes:

  • Class 1: 100 mW transmit power, intended for 100 meters or 328 feet.
  • Class 2: 5 mW transmit power, intended for 10 meters or 33 feet.
  • Class 3: 1 mW transmit power, intended for less than 10 meters.

Most traders’ devices will be rated Class 2 (such as mobile phones and headsets).

What Are the Versions?

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) maintains the standard. Initially, Ericsson developed the technology. Today many manufacturers support Bluetooth.

Here are the capabilities of the major Bluetooth versions:

Bluetooth 1.x: The first version of the Bluetooth provided 1 Mbps data rate.

Bluetooth 2.x: Most devices on the market use this version. It increases pairing reliability. This standard also has an optional provision for Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). The maximum data rate of a Bluetooth 2.x pairing is 3 Mbps.

Bluetooth 3.x: This version introduced an optional layer that uses 802.11 protocol for High Speed (HS) data transfer. High Speed can help devices operating heavy-bandwidth multimedia applications (i.e., videos).

Bluetooth 4.x: This version introduced Low Energy (LE) as an optional feature. Bluetooth Low Energy is intended for smart devices that have limited power.

How Do Traders Use Bluetooth?

Your trading business can benefit from Bluetooth in a number of ways. Here are some practical examples:

Hands-free Communication: Use a Bluetooth-compliant headset to connect to your trading computer. You don’t have to worry about wires when listening to a podcast or chatting over Skype.

File Transfer: If your Wi-Fi connection is down or you can’t find a USB cord, you can use Bluetooth to pair devices and transfer files.

Wireless Videos: Videos were too heavy for Bluetooth in the past. But newer specifications allow transferring video streams to Bluetooth-enabled displays. You can use this to organize information displays throughout your office.

Mouse and Keyboard: Bluetooth-enabled mice and keyboards can remove clutter from your workspace and give you greater flexibility in your workspace arrangement.

Printer: Locate your printer wherever it’s convenient without concern for having a long-enough printer cable.

Presentations: Use Bluetooth to show your mobile display on projectors during presentations without needing a cable.

Internet Access: Use your mobile device as a modem to give internet access to others. (Check with your service provider before giving access.)

What Are the Caveats?

Bluetooth connections are not always stable. Sometimes devices might not connect. In other cases, connected devices can terminate connections. Just be aware so you aren’t caught off-guard.


Bluetooth is an underused resource that has a lot of potential within your trading business. Take some time to consider how it can work for you.

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