Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading Part 3



The #1 question I get asked whether it’s a desktop or a laptop is, “Which trading computer is the best option for how I intend to use it?”

This is what I’ve dubbed the “matching process”. It’s important that you match your style of trading and computer use with the correct hardware.

Often, I’ll ask my clients what they trade, which trading platform(s) they use,  and what – if any – other software they’ll typically use throughout their trading day.

My team and I are happy to walk you through this process. You can give us a call at 800-387-5250.

In order to get you started in this “matching process”, take a look at our three laptop models, their unique attributes, and their ideal use.

1. 15.6 Inch Customized Asus Laptop

Light & Fast


Feature Highlights: 

Traders who need lightning fast boot up times and a light weight machine to travel with will enjoy our 15.6 inch customized Asus trading laptop. Weighing in at just 5.73 pounds, it’s the lightest machine in our line of EZ Laptops.

If you are looking for a straight forward fast laptop for trading, this machine fits the bill.

Ideal for: 

Traders who prefer a light weight machine to use while traveling.

2. 15.6 or 17.3 Inch Voyager Z170 EZ Laptop

Fully Customized | Desktop Processing Power | Supports 3 External Monitors



Feature Highlights:

The Voyager Z170 is a fully custom laptop designed by traders for traders. This machine is a powerhouse. It’s designed to create a seamless experience moving from using a desktop to using a portable machine.

This can be used as your primary trading machine or as a super reliable computer to use while you are trading away from your home office. This laptop comes in both 15 and 17 inch options.

Traditionally, most laptops can support additional monitors (typically two directly through display and HDMI ports) and optionally more through the use of additional cords. Uniquely, the Voyager Z170 can support 3 monitors directly through an HDMI port and two display ports. This laptop runs a close race with some of our desktop models because of its unique design. This machine can be used to easily support an entire trading workstation.

With the 17.3 inch version weighing in at 8.6 pounds, its powerful features add a bit more beef to the machine. Yet, for the power, flexibility of use, reliability, and useful lifespan, this trading laptop will satisfy new and advanced traders alike.

Ideal for:

Traders who want all the power of their desktop, and not have to be tied to a desk.

Kick your feet up and trade from your barcalounger. With this bad boy, you will have everything you need to trade easily on a portable machine.

3. 17.3 Inch Customized Asus Laptop

Super Fast Processor | Anti-glare Screen



Feature Highlights: 

At 6.6 pounds, this is our thinnest 17.3 inch trading laptop. While it might not pack the same powerhouse punch as the Voyager Z170, it’s equipped with Intel’s Skylake i7 6700HQ processor and a super sharp HD anti-glare screen. This customized model can support up to 2 additional monitors directly.

This is a brand new model offered by ASUS that our team then customizes to make it trading ready. Aesthetically, this model is super slick with a metallic finish on the exterior.

Ideal for:

Traders who want a large screen with a slightly thinner laptop body.

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