Are You Ready For Windows 11?

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By now you’ve probably heard that Microsoft recently released Windows 11, and guess what? I’m pretty excited about it. The main reason I’m excited about it is that it is faster and more efficient than Windows 10. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, so please don’t panic. Windows 11 will not be forced on you the way Windows 10 was just a few years ago. Nevertheless, Microsoft and EZ Trading Computers will still fully support Windows 10 until its official end of life in October 2025. 

Obviously, I am fully aware that Microsoft does not have a good track record when releasing new operating systems. We all remember the debacles of Windows Vista and Windows 8.




The real question is, why would you want Windows 11 now?

The #1 reason that you want to download and install the upgrade to the new Windows 11 is that it is WAY FASTER!


It’s clear that Microsoft has put a tremendous effort into making Windows 11 fast. One of the main upgrades is to memory management efficiency. Essentially this OS is better able to determine which programs you use most frequently and give them a priority. Think how important this is to your trading applications, especially if you are running a ton of indicators over hundreds of symbols.

Even if your computer is busy running a resource hog, for example, Think or Swim, your computer will be able to open new programs without a blip.


With built-in power optimization, Microsoft says that the upgrade will improve laptop battery life.


There are a host of new security features that should prevent malware and viruses.

Ultimately the bottom line is that you will see speed and performance improvements with Windows 11.




Since the release of Windows 11, we have gotten calls from people that have hosed up and correspondingly even crashed their computers just trying to figure out how to download and install this thing. As it turns out, the download and installation can be VERY complicated.

Your computer’s processor, the CPU, might not support Windows 11; and regardless of that, your machine may NOT be properly configured. Without getting super technical, Windows 11 might require several configuration changes to the motherboard firmware, which is called the BIOS. To run Windows 11, many computers will require a BIOS update installation… 

…And this can be very, very tricky. If Windows 11 is not installed correctly on your computer, it can screw up your machine and potentially lose everything on it. In fact, changes to the BIOS can be so ominous that we explicitly stated in our Warranty Document that making changes to the BIOS yourself will void your EZ Trading Computers’ warranty. 




If you’re interested in upgrading to Windows 11, the most important thing you can do right now is download and run the Windows PC Health Check Tool. Click the link directly under this video to download the tool. Next, I will now demonstrate how to install and run that PC Health Check Tool. 


  1. Click the button Get PC Health Check here. You might see a bar underneath your browser that says Windows PC Health Check. The download might be in your downloads folder.
  2. Double-click to get to the Windows PC Health Check setup. Click run on the pop-up box.
  3. Next, you will see the agreement box. After you read through the agreement, click the accept box and hit install.
  4. Then after installation is complete, click finish.
  5. Lastly, on the next screen, it will say PC Health at a Glance at the top. Under the title, Introducing Windows 11, we are going to check and see if this computer is compatible with Windows 11. Will it be able to run Windows 11? If you want to know, click Check Now and your results will immediately show.


Unfortunately, this PC doesn’t currently meet the Windows 11 system requirements. You can see that it is giving me this yellow exclamation point for Secure Boot and a yellow exclamation point for TPM 2.0. If you have a red X next to the statement: this processor isn’t currently supported for Windows 11, your computer is not compatible; additionally, you will need Windows 10 updates until October 2025.

Presently, there is nothing urgent about upgrading to Windows 11. If you do not have any red Xs, that’s a good thing and if you see just these yellow exclamation points, all of these are resolvable.

In my case, this machine, assuming we didn’t have a red X here, we just had all green and then I clicked See all Results. You can see I have some green stuff too. If the results are all green with a couple of yellow exclamation points, your machine is compatible. 

The statements: Secure Boot or TPM 2.0 must be supported and enabled, requiring a visit to the BIOS configuration. 

Your computer is ready to download and install the upgrade if your screen has all green check marks.

If the results have no red Xs and only have some yellow exclamation points, your computer should be compatible with Windows 11.

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Thanks for watching. If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download our Complete Guide to Trading Computers by clicking the link below. This guide is jam-packed with great tips so you can totally optimize your trading experience.

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