How Much RAM do Traders Need in a Trading Computer?

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People ask me all the time: How much RAM do I really need? And it’s a really great question.

Well, what is RAM? RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

When you first turn your computer on, your RAM is totally empty. The first thing your computer does is pull the operating system from the hard drive, and then it loads it into the RAM where it’s initiated, and the computer boots up.

Also, whenever you open a program, the computer pulls the program’s instructions from the hard drive and loads them into the RAM.

RAM is where all your programs reside when they’re in use. When they’re not in use, they live back on the hard drive.

So how much RAM do you really need? You need enough RAM to run all the programs that you would use simultaneously.

The programs that are open all the time… Windows 11 by itself will use at least a full gigabyte. Then you add in your trading programs, your browsers, your instant message programs, and antivirus. You can get up to over 8 GB very, very quickly.

If you’re running more programs than your RAM can handle, your computer will start using your hard drive for space. And this can really slow things down.

Years ago, when we first got broadband, most of our computers did not have enough RAM to suddenly handle these huge amounts of data we were pulling off the internet, and it would take a long time for pages to load. The solution at the time was adding more RAM, and that made an enormous difference.

The bottom line is that a safe amount of RAM for the majority of traders these days is 16 GB. If you want to make sure you have plenty of headroom for high performance and future growth, you want to go with 32 or even 64 GB.

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