Best Desktop Processors for Trading Computers

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Don’t forget that, as a trader, you never want to skimp on processing power and speed.

The processor is the engine of the computer. If you’re running around with a four-cylinder engine, you’re going to have problems accelerating onto the highway. The 8-cylinder supercharged engines these days are the very specific, high-end processors that come from both Intel and AMD.

As of this video, the absolute minimum processor for traders is Intel’s 10th generation core i5-10400 processor. This powerhouse has six cores and benchmarks at 13,100.  It has 100% more processing power and speed than Intel’s first-generation core i7 that came out just a few years ago.

Anything less than this processor, and you’re going to run into serious slowness, and something called slippage. And if you haven’t heard yet, slippage is when you enter an order to buy or sell, and the price you get filled at is different from the price you expected to get filled at.

This occurs from trading on a computer that is so slow that it can’t keep up with the massive levels of real-time data we take in today. Slippage is a serious problem for folks trading on low-end computers. It costs traders like you and me a bundle.

So here are my top recommended processors in order: The Intel core i5-10400. That’s the minimum. The Intel Core i7-10700, the AMD Ryzen-9 3900X processor, and the new all-time grand champion of processors, the AMD Threadripper 3990X.

This is, by far, the fastest consumer processor we have ever, ever tested. It absolutely blows away anything that Intel currently has on the market.

A great place to see if your computer is really fast enough for trading is to go to and run our processor speed test.

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