Google Tips and Tricks for Traders

What’s up everybody? It’s Eddie Z here from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Trading Computer Secrets. You’ll want to check out these cool quick Google tips and tricks that can make a difference in your trading day.

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So check this out. I’m using Google Chrome and did you know if you’re using Google Chrome, you can actually search with your voice? Just go ahead and click this little microphone icon.

Eddie: “EZ Trading Computers.”

I love how fast everything comes up.

Let’s say you wanted to know the score of the game last night. Just go ahead and click the microphone icon.

Eddie: “Miami heat.”

Google: “The Heat won 134 to 129 yesterday against the Wizards in overtime. ”


Here’s another thing you could do. Let’s say you have something cooking in the oven, and it takes 45 minutes and you have some work you want to do on your computer. In the meantime, did you know you could just go to Google, type in the word timer, and set a timer?

So I typed in “timer 45 minutes,” hit enter, and voila! The timer instantly starts counting down and it’ll even make an alarm sound once it’s done. Additionally, it has a stopwatch feature you can use as well.


I know there are a lot of different weather apps out there and we have the weather on our phones, but if you happen to be sitting at your computer or if you’re on your phone using Google, you can simply go to the search box and just type in the name of the city.

So you could just type in “weather Miami.” Without even finishing typing, you can get the temperature. If you go ahead and click through, you’ll get a full weather report. Most people know that one.


What a lot of people don’t know is that if somebody calls you on your phone and there’s an area code that you don’t recognize or you don’t recognize the number, you could simply type that area code into the search box.

So the other day someone called me from 974. I had no idea where that was from. So I type in “974 area code” and boom… area code 974 is in Texas, so that can give you a clue.


Let’s assume you ordered something from EZ Trading Computers or some other company and they sent you a tracking number. Did you know that you can just copy and paste that tracking number right into Google without knowing who the carrier is? It could be FedEx, it could be UPS, it could be the US Postal Service and boom… there you go. Track with FedEx, click right through and get your tracking information right there.


Here’s another cool Google tips and tricks thing you can do. If you don’t know the definition of the word, you could just type in the word “define” and the word. Let’s use the word “dead cat bounce.”

Before I’m even finished typing, it’s bringing me the definition:  a temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall, caused by speculators buying in order to cover their positions. So there you go. That’s how you define dead cat bounce.


Let’s say you have a friend who lives in Sydney, Australia, and you don’t know if it’s a good idea to call them right now because of the time zone. Did you know you could just type in “time Sydney?” Click through and there you go. It’s 4:37 in the morning there. Probably not a good time to give them a call.


Let’s assume you just bought a stock, and you bought 575 shares at $10.62. Just type in “575 x 10.62″. And there you go: 6106, and a whole calculator comes up. So all you have to do in Google to get to the calculator is just type “calculator” and there you go. You have an instant calculator right there.


Let’s say you have a friend coming into town and you want to know if their flight’s on time… if you should leave for the airport. Just use the Google search tips and tricks function and type in the flight number: “Southwest 455.” Boom! Dallas to Austin, and it’s on time. So I know what time to leave for the airport.

So I hope you enjoyed these simple Google tips and tricks, and I hope they make your life much, much easier.

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My name’s Eddie Z. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.