How to Know When Earnings Are Coming Out

I am going to share with you a resource that you can use to figure out how to know when earnings are coming out for a company, what the projections are, and their whisper number. Hi there. This is Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, and you’re watching Eddie Z’s Tools, Tips and Tricks. In this series, I will show you cool online tools for better computing and better trading.

So here are some really cool tools to find out when your company’s earnings are coming out and what the projections are. So one tool I like to use a lot is a website called

Go to the website and it looks like this. If you want to find out when a company you’re following’s next earnings release is going to be, this is the best place to do it. It tells you the date of the report, and it also tells you what the whisper number is.

The best way to think of the whisper number is the unofficial and unpublished earnings forecast for the next quarter that’s so-called whispered among Wall Street professionals. It’s usually a little bit different than the published earnings forecast.

Get Company Whisper Number

So let’s take a look at a company. Go to the box on the right, and type in a symbol. I’m going to look up Diamond Offshore right here. Then click Get, and here’s what comes up.

It tells you what the consensus estimate is. That’s all of the analysts averaged together, what their estimate is for the quarter—66-cents—and then here’s the so-called whisper number—71-cents. So apparently Wall Street professionals seem to think earnings are going to beat the forecast.

The release date is February 9th, 2015, before the open. And it’s confirmed. That means the company has acknowledged that this is the official release date, and this is the official release time.

Other Helpful Information

There’s also some other interesting information on the page: expected growth and earnings. This is a minus-31% expected annual earnings growth. And so forth.

You can even see analysts’ recommendations, their target levels, where certain options are trading, and other information.

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