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Complete Guide to Trading Computers


Forex trading is a 24 hour a day endeavor. Global news and financial events happen unpredictably and can rattle markets in a moment’s notice. Monitoring world events 24/7 is difficult for humans so Forex traders rely on highly automated trading algorithms and robots to make decisions. Forex traders need ultra reliability coupled with tremendous processing speed to take advantage of currency moves. Since Forex trading is so highly leveraged, a tiny mistake can destroy an account.

Understanding exactly what you need as a forex trader is paramount to making money in these markets. The Trading Computer Buyer’s Guide will give you the detailed information, in simple to understand language, to help you maximize your trading experience.

In this Trading Computer Buyer’s Guide you will learn:

  • 5 Essential Components of a Lightning Fast Trading Computer
  • How to optimize your Execution speed
  • Secrets of setting up a professional trading workstation

And much, much more!

Eddie Z reveals everything he’s learned over his 28 year Wall Street career about setting up the ultimate trading computer work environment.

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