Jeff McAllister, VP Education OptionsANIMAL

Hello I’m Jeff McAllister, Vice President of Education at OptionsANIMAL, LLC. In addition to my role a OptionsANIMAL as an educator, I am an avid trader. Options are my vehicle of choice.

With the increasing sophistication of web based trading platforms, my computing needs soon exceeded my computing capacity. First there was a laptop, then a second display, then I needed a bigger computer. I purchased a desktop and an additional video card. Better charting, constant flow of real-time data, and the need to act quickly soon put my latest computer to its maximum performance potential. I realized at this point that I quite simply needed a dedicated trading computer.

Like most of us, I simply began my search over the Internet. I came across numerous websites that were promoting their desktop computers. These were powerful machines, to be sure. With the ability to drive as many as 12 monitors simultaneously, I was impressed. However, I was also shocked by the price tag of these machines. Did I really need all that computing power? My intention was to run three large monitors. I had no interest in driving eight or even 12 monitors. So my search continued.

I happened across an unassuming website, EZ Trading Computers (  The website was clean and straightforward. Two things were significantly different and got my attention immediately. First, was the free buyers guide. I clicked on this and received a complete buyer’s guide entitled “How to buy a trading computer”. Much to my surprise, the guide suggested appropriate levels of hardware as opposed to simply buying the most expensive of each of the components that make up the computer. Further, the guidance was to select the appropriate level of equipment to match my own specific needs. Second, the price. Component for components, EZ Trading Computers were  a significantly better value than their competitors. Intrigued, I decided to place a call to EZ Trading Computers where I met Eddie, the owner.

It turns out that Eddie is quite like me. An avid trader and an individual who is interested in growing a business by providing real value and long-term beneficial support. After we discussed what my needs were for a trading computer, Eddie suggested a much lower-priced model than the one I would have picked myself. Sorry Eddie, but it’s true, you could have had a bigger sale from me! I placed the order and within a few days had my new trading computer.

To say that this computer fulfills my needs is a stark understatement. Using my old computing system, the trading platform would partially freeze. The processing power simply wasn’t there to handle the complexities of today’s trading platform. With my EZ Trading Computer, there has never been an issue with latency. I have, in fact, had three different trading platforms open simultaneously, all running real-time data with no issues what so ever.

I would highly encourage you to take a close look at easy trading computers. In my opinion, they are absolutely the best value for your money and without a doubt, the best choice. When it’s once again time for me to upgrade my system, it will be another from Eddie and EZ Trading Computers.

Jeffrey D McAllister,

Vice President