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Complete Guide to Trading Computers


Getting a quality education is incredibly important to becoming profitable. Trading education can speed up your learning curve and move you closer to being profitable faster. The best trading educators use conferencing software to teach their classes including GotoWebinar and Omnovia as well as others. This software can be a resource hog and greatly bog down a computer.

If you are learning to trade and running this software AS WELL AS running a trading platform simultaneously, you are creating an incredible demand on your computers processor and video capabilities. Underpowered systems will struggle to meet the demands. Understanding exactly what hardware you need as a student of trading is paramount to becoming successful. The Trading Computer Buyer’s Guide will give you the detailed information, in simple to understand language, to help you maximize your trading experience.

In this Trading Computer Buyer’s Guide you will learn:

  • 5 Essential Components of a Lightning Fast Trading Computer
  • How to optimize your Execution speed
  • Secrets of setting up a professional trading workstation

And much, much more!

Eddie Z reveals everything he’s learned over his 27 year Wall Street career about setting up the ultimate trading computer work environment.

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