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Top 3 Best Practices When Trading Over Wi-Fi

Have you seen the ads lately for wireless routers that are attractive enough to set on a bookshelf in plain view? Yes, routers and modems are generally one of the least attractive pieces of equipment you own. Crafty people have been devising all sorts of eye-pleasing hiding boxes for these little “uglies” for years. For […]

Why Is Windows 10 Suddenly Installed On My Trading Computer?


If this didn’t happen to you yet, it’s likely it will soon. First, you should understand what is going on with Microsoft. The intention behind Windows 10 is very different from any other OS (Operating System) ever built by the company. There are two core reasons that differentiate the most recent OS release that Microsoft […]

Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading


The #1 question I get asked whether it’s a desktop or a laptop is, “Which trading computer is the best option for how I intend to use it?” This is what I’ve dubbed the “matching process”. It’s important that you match your style of trading and computer use with the correct hardware. Often, I’ll ask my […]

Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading


Portability vs. Ability Many traders turn to laptop trading computers in order to have a reliable machine that you can trade on whether you are in your home office or in a remote location. This multi-function approach raises a couple fair questions; -Is portability or ability your main priority in a laptop? -Can you have […]

Complete Guide To Laptops For Trading


Mac or PC for Traders First, we need to get something out of the way. We have to address the age-old discussion – should you use a Mac or PC laptop for trading? If you’re like me, the only thing that matters to you when it comes to indicators, software, and trading computers is that it […]

6 Computer Upgrades For Traders in 2016


Your trading computer setup can often be drastically changed by upgrading your accessories. If your like me, your trading computer workstation comfort and efficiency is super important. I’ve found some super simple and worthy upgrades throughout the years. I wanted to share with you some of the ones that transformed how I work and ways […]

3 Winning Elements of A Great Trading Computer

trading computer winning result profits

I’ve spent most of my career boiling down my trading to a few simple indicators that almost always produce winning trades. In fact, I believe there are only 4 chart patterns that you need to know to make money in the stock market. I’ve been interested in computers since I was a kid. In fact, […]

Everything You Fear About Trading Computer Viruses Is Wrong

Trading Computer Virus Detected

Morgan Freeman died twice this year, according to the Internet. In reality, Freeman’s very much alive and well. He was a victim of the all too common celebrity death hoax stories that often circulate the web. How often do you see people share totally untrue news stories on social media? It drives me nuts! (Here’s a list […]

3 Reasons You Are Hesitating To Upgrade Your Trading Computer

trading computer upgrade

…And why you’re inviting risk into your trading. Me: “Where are my jeans?” My Significant Other: “I threw them out. Wear the new ones I put in your drawer.” I hate new jeans. I like the old, broken-in ones – the pair that I spent five years getting comfortable in. I honestly don’t notice if […]

I Upgraded My Trading Computers To Windows 10 – And This Is What Happened

Windows 10 Trading Computer

You’ve no doubt heard of the television sitcom Seinfeld. We’ve all at least seen one episode, haven’t we? If you are a Seinfeld fan like myself, you remember the episode where Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza present NBC Studios their idea for a TV Series. A show about nothing; George pitched the executives. This reminded me of my […]