7 Windows 10 Apps for Traders You Didn’t Think to Look For

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These days, there is an app for practically anything you want to do. Maybe even multiple apps. Problem is, sometimes we get so used to doing something a certain way we don’t think to look around for a better way. This can be especially true for traders who tend to focus exclusively on the markets all day long.

In this post, I want to show you a few apps with the potential to improve your productivity as a trader. Maybe they’ll make a big difference to your workflow; maybe not. But it’s good to pick your head up and look around every so often, just to see what’s out there.

Maybe reading this list will bring to mind another area where you could use some help. Maybe there’s an app for that. Maybe it’s time to do a little browsing in the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store has both free and paid apps. It’s well-organized to make sure you find what you are looking for.

If you just want to see what’s available, try navigating to app specials, best-selling apps, top-rated apps, top free apps, and top paid apps. The featured apps, especially, might draw your attention to something you otherwise would have missed.

But before you go browsing, check out this list of apps that can help you in your day-to-day trading business.

Cloud Storage

Everyone has a favorite among the currently popular cloud storage solutions:  Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Some traders (like me) are using more than one.

Each of these storage solutions has an app option. Their attraction is in being able to get to your documents from any device, as well as to share them. On your trading computer, they offer another alternative to the file access interface of File Explorer in Windows.

The OneDrive app integrates nicely with other Office apps. Plus, it offers a more robust photo search due to automatic tagging. Maybe best of all, it allows you to preview over 100 file types, including PDF, Office, 3D, vector, Dicom, and more.

The Dropbox app is a great way to stay connected to a team. In addition to sharing files, you can enter comments right in the app. With Dropbox for Windows 10 in S mode, you can share files with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Google Drive did have a desktop app called G Drive. It was replaced in 2018 by Drive File Stream (for GSuite users) and Google Backup and Sync (for the rest of us). The mobile apps for Google Drive and the web version stayed the same.

For most traders, the difference is that now Google Drive will act more like OneDrive or Dropbox on your trading computer, rather than only allowing access to files via your browser.

Google News Viewer

For traders who like to keep track of the important news of the day, the Google News Viewer app can be a great time saver. Despite the name, it’s not a Google product. It was developed by Twisted Labs.

This app collects news from 72 countries. It offers the ability to customize your feed. So, whether you need local or international news for your trading business, the Google News Viewer will only show you the most relevant stories.

Copy Space

When you are researching the markets, note-taking can be an essential process. Traders are frequently copying and pasting information from various articles and blogs to get a complete picture.

But copying from one source to another, one article at a time, can be frustrating and time-consuming. Copy Space resolves the problem by using a multi-dimensional clipboard that lets you batch your copying and pasting.

Copy Space also provides ways to categorize, organize, and share your clips. With features like this, it’s a full-fledged productivity tool.

The basic version is free, but there is an in-app paid option that lets you sync content across all your devices via OneDrive.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

PDF files are everywhere. Whether downloading a white paper or a market report, you’ll have to deal with PDFs. It has become the de facto format for sharing reports due to its reliability and popularity.

Most traders have Adobe PDF Reader on their trading computer to read these files. However, few want to spend the money on Adobe Acrobat DC (at $14.99 per month) to get the ability to edit and annotate these documents.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor gives you pretty much any of the functionality of Acrobat that a trader would need, plus some. For free.

Edit, write on, or highlight on PDFs. Collaborate on projects with your business partners using the app’s share feature. Fill in PDF forms and sign documents. Create blank PDFs and start taking notes. Rearrange pages in a PDF. And even create a PDF by taking a photo of a document on your phone.

This last feature is pretty exciting. You could, for example, take a picture of a whiteboard after a meeting, annotate and draw on it, then share it with others…as a PDF.

And it’s compatible with Acrobat and other PDF viewers.

There are a few holes on the desktop app, however. For example, you can’t add or edit hyperlinks and there is no undo/redo. So for hard-core editing, this might be one to try out on your phone or tablet for now, and hope the desktop version is brought up to date.

Bing Translator

When you are dealing with international clients, you might sometimes need to translate documents or emails, or even get help with a conversation.

Google Translate is the current market favorite. But the (Microsoft) Bing Translator app has been steadily improving and gaining ground.

Bing Translator is especially handy for conversation with a cool split-screen mode, allowing you to see the same phrase in two languages. And it’s available for Apple Watch and Android Wear – which could be really neat to have when you’re traveling.

Money Tracker Pro

Money Tracker Pro is a personal finance manager app. But beyond the features you’d find in MS Money, Quicken or Mint, it also lets you keep track of stock transactions. So it’s great for traders who would like to have all that info in one place.

The data is saved on OneDrive or Dropbox, so you can access it offline or sync it across devices. You don’t have to worry about data security since all transactions are encrypted. And you don’t have to give login credentials to a third party.

The app supports calculations in 165 currencies. So, if you are traveling around the world for your business, Money Tracker Pro is a great app to have on your trading laptop.

If you’ve been using MS Money, Quicken or Mint, or you’re considering any of those, take a look at Money Tracker Pro as well. You’ll probably be able to give up your stand-alone investment software in the bargain.

Speedtest by Ookla

Every Windows user should have the Speedtest app on their computer. Whenever you have a slowdown on your trading computer, you can use this app to check the network speed.

In fact, you may already have the Speedtest extension for Chrome on your trading computer. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before. Now you can get it as an app for any of your devices.

The app shows you ping rate, download speed, and upload speed. It can help you determine if there are problems in your network.


Every once in a while, it pays to look around for new things you might have missed. Take a look at the apps here and see if one or more of them could smooth out some rough edges on your trading day.

There are more trading computer tips like this in our buyers guide. Check out our “How To Buy a Trading Computer” e-book. We hope today’s Quick Tip helped you. If you found this helpful, you’ll want to check out the other computer How-To’s I’ve created on this page. You can always call us if you have questions: 800-387-5250.

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