Be Careful Trading With This Type of Mouse

Be Careful Trading With This Type of Mouse

In the past, when you bought a computer for trading, a wired mouse came as part of the package. You didn’t have to think about the mouse as an optional upgrade.

But things have changed. Often the mouse is a separate buying decision. And as the technology has changed, you now have more options.

At first glance, choosing between a wired and wireless mouse might seem trivial.

Wired mice are more reliable. And as a trader, I know you want reliability.

But sometimes that’s not the only consideration in deciding which type of mouse works for you.

Wired Mice

Because traders need things to happen fast, a wired mouse is usually the best option.

A wired mouse has a direct connection to your trading computer. There is no fear of interference which could cause slippage.

Another good part of wired mice is that you don’t have to worry about power. The mouse draws power from your machine. You don’t want to worry about running out of juice during an important transaction.

So I recommend the wired option for most traders.

Mice on the Road

The same reliability issues make wired mice good traveling companions. When traveling, you don’t need the extra worry of carrying batteries for your mouse.

Also, wired mice are dirt cheap. So you can always use a wired mouse as a cost-effective backup.

On the downside, be careful about using an older wired mouse with a PS/2 port connection. You won’t be able to connect this older-style mouse to your laptop. That could be a big problem if you accidentally grab it on your way out the door.

You’re better off to only use the newer-style USB mice. These mice connect to both desktops and laptops.

Wireless Mice

Of course, the nice thing about wireless mice is you don’t have to worry about cables. So no more worrying about how far you’re sitting from your trading computer.

And the good news is wireless mice have fewer problems with interference than in the past. They have gotten so good it’s almost impossible to discern a difference from wired mice.

And, wireless mice now have enough range to use them across the room from your trading computer. This could improve trading productivity.

This could be very useful if you have large wall monitors to display stock information. You can keep the computer and the screen(s) near the wall and still control things from your chair.

USB or Bluetooth?

Wireless mice now come in two versions: USB or Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth type is easy to set up and won’t take an extra USB port on your computer. But your computer needs to be Bluetooth-capable to work with them.

If your computer doesn’t come with Bluetooth, there are adapters available. But the adapters take up a USB port.

Final Thoughts

For trading reliability, wired is still the best mouse for trading. You don’t have to worry about losing connection or running out of batteries.

But wireless mice give you more creative options. You have more freedom to organize your office. Physical limitations don’t dictate where to place your desk or hardware.

So if this is important to you, go with a wireless mouse. But stay a little safer with a backup plan.

For example, keep a wired mouse plugged in and ready at a moment’s notice. Or, maintain a regular schedule for replacing batteries in your wireless mouse.

Remember, the most important thing is being able to execute a trade when you need to.

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